Orissa faced the Hudhud: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik surely did his best

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The cyclonic storm Hudhud was not that cruel for Orissa. It was not supposed to be in view of pronounced observation of the weather scientists. Yet, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik deserves unreserved praise for having meticulously prepared the administrative machinery to face every eventuality.

I will do wrong if I do not note the excellent leadership given by the Chief Secretary Gokul Chandra Pati to the Executive Government in preparedness for the threatening catastrophe, which Orissa narrowly escaped under the magic of nature.

Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra and Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, the Special Relief Commissioner and Energy Secretary respectively, along with their determined staff, deserve gratitude of the State for the exemplary readiness to meet Hudhud.

Lacunae here and there may have stayed. But the reality is that, despite political calling in Kandhamal, and the chilling rocking of the State under waves of unprecedented corruption, the Chief Minister has offered matchless leadership to management of the State’s approach to the devastating wrath of nature and in the climate of alarm created by television media, the above mentioned officers had made a perfect team of functionaries that for any such danger in future shall offer a sample of how to save the State from calamities.

It is also true that the State Administration had gained a great strength to meet the situation from the unreserved, unconditional and reassuring support of Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.

We are sure, our people will be, with equal concern, brought back to their normal avocations by the government that has to defeat the debacles, which post-cyclone floods, damage of crops, collapse of houses, and corresponding ruinations may bring in.

It would be most welcome, if Orissa now contributes her might to revival of normalcy in Andhra Pradesh too.

Lowest Revenue Officer fined under Right to Public Service Act: But is it the Solution?

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Thirty days (excluding the period taken for disposal of objections, if any) is fixed for issuance of caste certificates by the Tahsildars, under the Orissa Right to Public Service Act, 2012. The Act provides for punishment in case of delay.

Tahsildar of Bolangir has been fined by the district Collector on allegation against non-adherence to this time tag in case of nine applicants.

This is the first such penalty awarded under the Act, when in Bolangir, as many as 14,984 applications under the Act are pending by today.

When Balasore has the highest number of 138,705 complaints pending under the Act by now, the second highest numbers of 116,344 complaints are pending in the district of Mayurbhanj. Similarly, in Dhenkanal the numbers of pending complaints are 80,772; in Sundargarh -60,429; in Cuttack-52,807; in Bhadrak – 49,926; in Nayagarh – 38,922; in Jajpur- 30,728; in Koraput – 25,283; in Puri – 25,050; in Jagatsinghpur – 22, 097; in Subarnapur – 22,082; in Ganjam – 17, 300; in Rayagada – 16,891, in Kandhamal – 15,642; in Kendrapada – 14,396; in Gajapati- 7,176; in Nawarangpur- 5,781; in Anugul – 5,007; in Nuapada – 4,708; in Bargarh – 3,970; in Boudh – 3,182; in Deogarh – 2,778; in Malkangiri – 2,627. In Jharsuguda there are also 1,319 complains pending by now against contravention of the ORPS Act.

When the Act was promulgated we we had observed:

“Despite this law, there shall be delay in delivery of services. All the government offices are presently suffering from severe shortage of staff. When workload is highly increasing, the executive is shrinking in size. Sanctioned posts are not being filled up. Recruitment is rare. Without adequate staff, it would be impossible for the severely minified executive to comply with all the requisitions in a fixed time. Threatened with legal prosecution and penalty for delay in complying with requisitions, the staff is bound to feel demoralized.

In fact, it will shift the responsibility for misrule from the politicians in control of administration to the lower executive and give boost to a climate of litigation against the employees. So, it will help the compradors in power to escape public wrath for their misrule, when attention of the suffering public will stay focused on inability of lower executive to deliver good governance.

Therefore, instead of acting beneficial, this Act will cause a lot of harm to administration. Firstly, it will convince the people that the employees are means of misrule, and secondly, the provision for penalty in this Act, will keep the employees constantly intimidated”.

And, the Bolangir district Collector’s order, even if it is just and proper, needs cogitation in this light.

For clear perception of the syndrome, our breaking observation may be perused at:

The Orissa Public Services Act, 2012 will demoralize the minified Executive and create Chaos.

SoPS in offense against Utkalmani: Orissa digests, as a semiOriya rules the State

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Before Gandhiji was killed, his killer Nathuram Godse had come to him, had said “Pranam” and had pumped in the bullets to his heart in cold blood.

The word “Pranam” used by Dipak Malavya as the title of a signed editorial in the front page of the Samaja of today reminds me of that gory crime.

Malavya has projected himself as executive secretary, ‘Samaja’ board of management.

‘Samaja’ board of management is contrived and promulgated by Servants of the People Society (SoPS) of which Utkalmani Pt. Gopabandhu Das was the Vice-President before he was pushed into death in absence of timely treatment because of treachery of his servant Radhanath Rath, has illegally occupied the paper by using a forged will, which has been exposed in orissamatters.com. Rath had, in nexus with Lingaraj Mishra, prepared the forged will to grab the Samaja under cover of SoPS. And, that forgery had helped them both bag editorship of the paper and political positions like ministers.

After this reporter exposed the felony, the employees of Samaja were deeply worried over legitimacy of their employers. The shroud of doubts over legitimacy of SoPS as their employer was needed to be removed. So the Union of the employees asked the SoPS to clarify on the issue of the forged will of Gopabandhu. SoPS did not dare to answer. Repressive step were taken against union leadership to cause so much panic in the staff and to keep them intimidated that the State labor Laws implementation authorities are now flooded with industrial disputes.

Alert citizens, admirers of Pandit Gopabandhu, journalists who pride over their pursuit have formed a collective body styled Save-the-Samaja-Forum that has moved the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI) to take action against SoPS for having illegally occupied the icon paper of Orissa. When the RNI was conducting an inquiry through the ADM of Cuttack to find out the truth, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s office forced the said officer to drop the inquiry midway and send a report to RNI supporting the SoPS claim. It has lead to W.P.(C) No is 11286 of 2014 and SoPS has not yet dared to counter the allegations.

Taking possession of Samaja by using a forged will of Gopabandhu, the SoPS has forced his unique Jatiya Vana Vidyalaya into starvation death and had raped and ravished all that values Gopabandhu and his famous friends of Satyavadi – revered as Panchasakha – had stood for.

Even the birthplace of Gopabandhu is criminally ignored and the famous Vakula Vana that was their seat of activities housing the open air school on the lap of nature has been thrown into elements.

All these chronic offenses against the immortal iconic leader of Orissa have been brought to attention of the Chief Minister by the SSF as well as by the Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association (UNEA).

Had a semiOriya made by accident the Chief Minister not been protecting the criminals that have occupied the samaja by using a forged will, Malavya and his team should have been in the jail by this time.

They have been trying to hoodwink the people of Orissa by engaging event managers to project themselves as legitimate owners of Samaja and worshipers of Gopabandhu since last year on occasion of his birth anniversary, after being exposed threadbare in these pages on their felonious offenses against Gopabandhu.

And, even out of this venture, pocketing money in the name of Gopabandhu appears to be a strong design. At least, one understands it from the press note released by the UNEA yesterday. Fidgeted by its impact, the so-called editorial titled ‘Pranam” has been enforced in the front page of the paper that Malavya and his gang have illegally occupied.
We give below the photocopy of the Employees’ press note and urge upon the chief minister to ask the police to act against forgery committed on the iconic leader’s last will. He has so far behaved as a semiOriya despite in power for 15 years. It is time for him to graduate into a real Oriya.

Press Release_UNEA1Press Release_UNEA2

No heart for the handicaps; High Court of Orissa grants Conditional Relief

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Physically challenged 19 years old Narayan Sahu of village Karatali under Chhatrapur P.S. of Ganjam district defeated his deformities in pursuit of education and made first division marks in the examination of Council of Higher secondary Education. He also bagged ranks in Orissa Joint Entrance Examination-2014 that made him eligible for admission to degree course in Ayurvedic Medical Science (BAMS) or Homeopathic Medical Science (BHMS).

Section 39 of the “The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995” provides that “All Government educational institutions and other educational institutions receiving aid from the Government, shall reserve not less than three per cent seats for persons with disabilities”.

But despite clear availability of seats, he was not included in the qualifying list for counselling to take admission as per his rank. On being subjected P.C.Board investigation at SCB Medical College, Cuttack, he was identified as physically challenged to even greater level as the limit as defined under the guidelines.

Eminent advocate Bibhu Prasad Tripathy has taken up his case in the High Court of Orissa. In a writ petition he has shown that the selection procedure adopted by the Chairman if OJEE depriving the petitioner to take admission in the BAMS/BHMS course , besides being a blatant violation of the established principle of law including the Section 39 of the “The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995” is violative even of the guidelines prescribed in Information Brochure of OJEE- 2014. It speaks of total indifference and apathy towards the Physically Challenged candidates as they have not taken a single candidate from the PC category who had attended the PC Board.

The High Court has issued interim orders for inclusion of Sahu and others in his category for counselling to take admission in their preferred BAMS/BHMS courses, while making it clear that the finality of their admission shall depend on its final verdict.

Hoarders and Black-Marketers Rule Orissa; Supply Secretary blames the Media: What a Govt!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

As long as Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is not rejected by the people, how much massive may be allegations against them, they shall continue to govern Orissa, assert the tainted ministers sans any shame.

But Supply Secretary Madhusudan Padhy has made it clear that hoarders and black-marketers de facto rule the State at the moment. He has blamed the media for creation of this situation, as according to him, the publicity given to the approaching cyclonic storm has precipitated panic purchase and resultant black market.

The Supply Secretary’s statement has two confessions: one, media activism in making people aware of impending dangers is not appreciated by this government and two, hoarders and black-marketers are having their heydays in Orissa.

Mark what various Oriya newspapers have headlined today on hoarding and back-marketing.


The words used and style applied are different, but what they convey has no difference. These headlines are on one specific item – potatoes.

This is the most sought after staple vegetable that has disappeared from the market. Whosoever can afford, get it from the black market at exorbitant rate, all these newspapers say.

The ruling party has suffered the demise of its MP from Kandhamal Lok Sabha constituency and therefore, winning the ensuing by-election has become the worst ever experience of challenge to it, in the aftermath of its co-founder and former finance minister Prafulla Ghadei’s scathing attack on Naveen Patnaik’s probity and political acumen . In order not to lose the election, Naveen is depending on money and ministers as a result of which a dozen of ministers including the supply minister are camping in Kandhamal constituency area. Money is to flow into the constituency from as many sources as possible.

When political parties need money to expose the ruling party’s misrule in election times, the ruling party needs more money to overcome the impact of its misrule and, everybody knows, coffers of a ruling party can get the desired flow only if black markets are allowed to swell.

And, that is what exactly is happening now. And, if this reading is not incorrect, there is no possibility of any leash on black market till votes are sealed in EVMa in Kandhamal.

What a government!

Police a scourge: State Silent!

We have received the following information from Rabi Pradhan, which in our view deserves serious attention of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. This report confronts him with how in his regime, the Police has become the scourge. We will welcome his response. Below is reproduction of what Mr. Pradhan has posted in http://cgnetswara.org and preferred us to share:

Police took my brother 18 months back, We suspect they killed him, Pls help…

Rabi Pradhan is talking to Mahesh Samrath from Naranguda village under Tandki Panchayat, Korukonda block Dist.Malkangiri, Orissa, who says police picked his brother in April 2013 and he has not returned home since. The person who was picked with him tells that his brother Tularam was killed by police.

Here hear the audio.

He appeals to Human Rights defenders to help them by giving a call collector@9437030223, SP@9438035100 to tell them about his brother. Rabi@ 8895541417
– See more at: http://www.cgnetswara.org/index.php?id=47639#sthash.Tin4PKaO.dpuf

In the matter of Asok Mohanty, CBI owes an explanation; and the Supreme Court too

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A person’s right not to be victimized by law is of utmost importance; and more important than even the Supreme Court.

It is the matter of immense solace for people of Orissa that the Supreme Court has ordered for and monitoring the CBI inquiry into chit fund felonies that have played havoc with lives of lakhs of our people. So, if CBI creates an environment where viewable discrepancies whip up doubts in public mind on impartiality of investigation, not only the CBI should owe explanations, but also the Supreme Court, on ground of why more questionable persons are left untouched when persons in accidental connection with an offense are thrown into rigors of law.

This site was the first to have posted the breaking analysis on a property transaction between a High Court Judge – Justice Laxmikant Mohapatra and a Chit fund offender – Pradeep Sethy. Core information for the analysis was picked up from input supplied by RTI activist Jayant Kumar Das, whose search for allocation of CDA plots from discretionary quota had revealed how Justice Mahapatra had bagged such a plot by cheating the CDA and had subsequently handed the plot over to a  chit fund mafia.

The judge had used the High Court letterhead to bag a monumental plot for residential purpose and before getting the lease deed executed in his favor, had de facto handed the same over to the chit fund cheat behind back of the CDA, while asking the CDA to allow the transfer, as he had, by then, already received Rs. 1 crore from Sethy in full satisfaction of the negotiated cost thereof, which was more than ten times of the amount he had paid to the CDA while accepting the plot.  He had told the CDA that the “negotiation” with Sethy over the plot “was because of my legal necessity”.

Interpreting the sequences, it was my firm fear that Justice Mohapatra had acted a conduit for Sethy in getting for him this major plot, which the later could never have got from CDA; and, therefore, I had stressed upon a judicial inquiry to find out why the “negotiation” with Sethy was Justice Mohapatra’s “legal necessity”. This may be perused at:

Judicial Enquiry Essential to determine if Justice Laxmikanta Mohapatra did not act a conduit for a Chit Fund Mafia

The discernible conduct of Justice Mohapatra not being becoming of a judge, Sethy appeared to me like a man who can make the judges dance.

As I looked deep into the matter, I found, despite having taken the plot de facto to his possession behind back of the CDA, and despite having transferred the same to his name from the name of Justice Mohapatra before the lease deed was executed; Sethy did not press on execution of the lease deed in his favor also, which legally and normally he should have done.

At this stage, Advocate General Asok Mohanty, as he then was, emerged on the scene. He took over the plot from Sethy at a cost of Rs.1.01 crore, even though the lease deed was not executed in his name.

Much ahead of CBI taking up investigation into this matter, in my breaking animadversion on the particular issue, I had noted, “A sitting Chief Justice of a High Court and an Advocate General of a State Government forming the triangle with a chit fund mafia over the plot in question, an enquiry by the Supreme Court of India into this scandal seems essential to cleanse the judicial system of misusers of their privileged positions. And, the sooner it is done, the better.”

It is good that under orders of the Supreme Court, the CBI has taken up the investigation. It has arrested Mr. Mphanty, interrogated him repeatedly even by taking him on remand from the court and has got him surrender his passport.

The CBI’s action so far,  as observed, does not suggest that he has been booked for any of his role as Advocate General of the State vis-à-vis the chit fund offense.

The CBI has taken him to task, as far as known so far, for his role as a purchaser of a house standing over the plot, which Sethy had purchased from Justice Mohapatra.

As we have noted from CBI version, there is discrepancy in the statement of Mr. Mohanty on payment of the cost of the building to Sethy. Even if one buys that, is purchasing a house against an amount of money which is not substantiated by bank accounts a crime for which the purchaser’s right, as a citizen, not to be victimized by law can be ignored?

I have not only posted the breaking discussion on this subject in these pages, but also have repeated my remarks, wherein Mr. Mohanty has been shown a vertex in the triangle of scandal drawn on the discussed plot.

But my question is: Why Justice Mohapatra’s role is not being investigated into? Is Mr. Mohanty being deliberately subjected to CBI action so that Justice Mohapatra may stay away from screening eyes of the public?

CBI owes an explanation on this issue and so also the Supreme Court, because, Justice Mohapatra, who is basically involved with Sethy in this matter, has not yet been subjected to investigation.


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