RPF must have to return the Cassette; prompt punishment to Inspector must be a must

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

RPF authorities have suspended their Bhubaneswar Inspector Sanjay Kumar Swain, who deserves to be prosecuted for hooliganism and attempt to murder, besides dismissal.

After the suspension order was issued on the spot last evening, people have allowed trains to move with effect from 9 PM. But, now, the department must move to dismiss him with retrospective effect.

Puri-Durg Express train, which was to reach Bhubaneswar at 6.40 PM on June 28, reached on 29th at 10 AM almost 16 hours behind the schedule. As is railway’s wont, the passengers were fed with announcement of short duration delay throughout the entire period, as a result of which, leaving the platform for refreshment was not even possible for them. It had ignited acrid protests and being informed of this, media had reached the Station to cover the matter.

When Kanak TV crew was recording police misbehavior to railway passengers that were expressing their natural discontentment over the harassment they were subjected to, Inspector Swain was found leading a rowdy pack of railway police in intimidating and attacking the victims of railway irresponsibility.

He was even misbehaving with the lady protesters and was found pulling their cloths, oblivious of where his unruly hands were touching their bodies. All on a sudden he marked that his ugly manners were captured in Kanak TV camera.

He rushed to the cameraman like a mad dog, thrashed the cameraman and snatched away the cassette from the camera, causing severe damage to it in front of him and the reporter. As they protested, he asked his accompanying pack of RPF Jawans to drag them to their PS. In addition to the two, the RPF dragged 10 passengers to the police station, where the two TV journalists were mercilessly beaten up.

Bhubaneswar scribes and general public rushed to the railway station seeking their immediate release. As Swain refused to respond, public resentment metamorphosed into track blockade, forcing cancellation of trains such as Chhatrapur-Bhubaneswar, Dibrugad-Chenai, Bhubaneswar-Palasa, Bhubaneswar-Jagdalpur etc.

Rowdiest conduct of Swain continued to aggravate the situation and the major Station drowned in total chaos. RPF authorities had to put the hooligan Inspector under suspension with immediate effect.

Chief of Eastern Media Ltd that owns Kanak TV, Sri Soumy Ranjan Patnaik has demanded for return of the video cassette taken away by Swain.

To us, not only the cassette must have to be returned, but also the damaged camera must have to be replaced with a new camera of its original make.

But, should the matter end here?

We advise the administration to review if a hooligan like Swain should continue in suspended animation even.

We strongly suggest, he should be subjected to prompt investigation to find out what other punishment should be given to him over and above dismissal from service.

His offenses are witnessed by the authorities before putting him under suspension. No other mode of prosecution is necessary. The only necessity is punishing him with dismissal as his hooliganism calls for his ejection from police service. What other punishment he deserves should be determined by way of further action, so that other goons in uniform should learn how to stay orderly.

Oriya would be taught in English Language! What a mad Government!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

If documents can say how Orissa is being administered, this document would show how mad has become administration under Naveen Patnaik.

govt order for making English the medium of education

Orissa Assembly’s Standing Committee on Higher Education discussed with departmental Secretary Sri G. Dhal and his team officials on 23.02.2015 on how to improve higher education in Orissa. The Committee resolved that for betterment of the scenario, “English language should be mandatory in College” (Point No.7) and wanted implementation thereof. In elaborating the point to Government, the Assembly wrote at item No.11, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities be asked to print the text books in English language”.

It is a mindless recommendation of the committee comprising MLAs namely Tara Prasad Bahinipati (Chairman of the Committee), Sashi Bhusan Behera, Bibhuti Bhusan Harichandan, Anubhav Pattnaik, Surendra sethi and Basanti Mallick. None of these members is a linguist and/or a known educationist. When they resolved to make English language “mandatory in college” they should have summoned language experts and educationists to the committee to take their considered views on what would be the impact of making English the mandatory medium of teaching in colleges. If the MLAs who do not possess didactic excellence or acclaimed expertise in language study, could not visualize if English becomes the mandated medium of instruction, what would happen to Oriya, what was the sabjanata IAS officer that represented the Higher Education department as its Secretary with his pack of officers doing? Why did he not assist the Assembly with the necessary advice that impact study of the promulgation of English as the only medium of teaching in colleges should be taken up before adding Assembly insignia to the proposal?

However, this mindless recommendation of the Standing Committee is not yet put before the Government and the Cabinet has not been made aware of this proposal, even though the matter breaths disastrous consequences. But the Secretary seems to have implemented it. Otherwise, the order posted above could not have been issued.

The desk officer who has issued the order is a Bengali namely S.K.Ghosh.  He is the Deputy Secretary by way of promotion from the rank of a clerk in the secretariat. He should have raised the issue of impact study of making English the only medium of teaching in the Colleges. He should have placed before the departmental Secretary that,  as very serious dislocations would be created in teaching if the mindless proposal of the Standing Committee is implemented, collective wisdom of the State Cabinet should be invoked.

When required to report on “action taken” on the Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary could have told the Committee that expert opinion was being taken or language impact study was being conducted or the Cabinet was being apprised of the recommendation or the Cabinet was considering on it, for example. But the fertile IAS/OAS brains in the Higher Education department, without Government (The Cabinet) approval of the Standing Committee recommendation, have implemented it as suggested by issue of instructions to all the Principals to report how far they have implemented the order.

The “Action taken note” the Higher Education Secretary has placed before the Standing Committee on 17.6.2015 at 3 PM shows that all the Principals have been “requested to furnish action taken report” as per the office order posted supra that mandates, “English should be made the medium of teaching in junior and degree colleges. University authorities to print the text books in English language”.

This means, Oriya text books shall be printed in English and Oriya language shall be taught in English. What nonsense!

Naveen Patnaik has been reading his Oriya addresses through Hindi or English alphabets typed in his PRO office for all these years. So, perhaps, the fertile brains in Higher Education department are sure, Oriya can be taught in English language with the text books in English.

This nefarious design must be quashed.

A decade ago, when Naveen Patnaik Government had conspired to eliminate Oriya as a subject in higher education, we had exposed and foiled that mischief. Now the same conspiracy having returned more menacingly, I am giving links to some of my discussions in ORISSA MATTERS in those days to say that this conspiracy is culmination of a decade long hidden agenda. Peruse these links, and wake up. We are to save our mother tongue from this mad government.

A renewed Bengali conspiracy: Thwart it. Thwart it. Thwart it.

Orissa Govt. plays its nastiest tricks against the Oriyas

The Lingua-Benga Minister be shacked

Lingua-Benga design defeated: Oriya nation wins

Not enough, National humiliation must be avenged

Forgery in the Samaja: Trade Union’s FIR registered Against SoPS Members and IAS (Rtd) Suresh Chandra Mantry

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The forgery committed on Gopabandhu’s Will having been exposed, President of Utkalmani Newspaper Employees Association Sri Deviprasanna Nayak had put the information before the IIC of Cantonment Police Station, Cuttack on May 12, 2015 demanding criminal action against the members of the Servants of the People Society as well as a retired IAS officer Suresh Chandra Mantry and a former Editor of the paper Sri Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, for use of the forged Will despite knowing that the same is forged. After inordinate delay of around three weeks, the IIC has registered the FIR on May 31, 2015, under sections 420/465/467/468/471/34 IPC, which are the major penal provisions against the crime of forgery. The punishments under these sections are very stiff.

Section 420 stipulates that “whoever cheats and thereby dishonestly induces the person deceived any property to any person, or to make, alter or destroy the whole or any part of a valuable security, or anything which is signed or sealed, and which is capable of being converted into a valuable security, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Section 465 mandates, “Whoever commits forgery shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.

Section 468 provides for life imprisonment or imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years and fine. Under this section whosoever is not give life imprisonment, shall be punished with imprisonment up to ten years with fine. Its language is: “Whoever forges a document which purports to be a valuable security or a will, or an authority to adopt a son, or which purports to give authority to any person to make or transfer any valuable security, or to receive the principal, interest or dividends thereon, or to receive or deliver any money, moveable property, or valuable security, or any document purporting to be an acquittance or receipt acknowledging the payment of money, or an acquittance or receipt for the delivery of any moveable property or valuable security, shall be punished with *[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 26 of 1955, s. 117 and Sch., for “transportation for life” (w.e.f. 1-1-1956).

Section 468 provides that “Whoever commits forgery, intending that the *[document or Electronic Record forged] shall be used for the purpose of cheating, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine”. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000)

But Section 471 is for users of forged Will. The fellow who uses a forged Will shall be punished with imprisonment and fine. It says, “Whoever fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any *[document or electronic record] which he knows or has reason to believe to be a forged **[document or electronic record], shall be punished in the same manner as if he had forged such **[document or electronic record]. * Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document” (w.e.f. 17-10-2000). ** Subs. by Act 21 of 2000, sec. 91 and Sch. I, for “document forged” (w.e.f. 17-10-12000)

And, Section 34 provides punishment to gang of criminals. It says, *”When a criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone”. *Subs. by Act 27 of 1870, sec. 1, for the original section.

So, the criminals in the forte of the Samaja and SoPS are now to face the law that calls for imprisonment and fine.

The two fellows who had forged the Will of Gopabandhu – former ministers of Orissa and editors of the paper, Radhanath Rath and Lingaraj Mishra –  have died before their crime was detected. Another criminal Manu Bhai Patel has died recently. Another accused – Santosh Kumar Muduli is also dead. Udaynath Sadangi whose name is in the written information is also dead. The trade union shall demand for posthumous punishment to them as they were individually and collectively perpetrators and users of the forgery.

Some other fellows who have been named in the FIR, but not shown as accused, will hopefully come to books by the time the charge sheet would be ready.

The accused enlisted by the investigating officer, pending final updatation of the list, are: (1) Manubhai Patel, (2) Raj Kumar, (3) Deepak Malviya, (4) Vimsen Yadav, (5) Prasanna Vadan Mehta, (6) Onkar Chand, (7) Niranjan Rath, (8) Kirtibhai Pandya, (9) Ajay Kumar, (10) Gopalkrushna Mohapatra, (11)Suresh Chandra mantry, (12) Santosh Kumar Muduli and (13) Lingaraj Mishra. The first and the two last accused persons are, as mentioned supra, dead.

(Note: The 12th accused is not an accused in reality. He is one of the victims of the offenders. The IIC has inadvertently mentioned his name and prefixed it with a nonextistence mark, in place of, according to him, late Radhanath Rath.)

The living culprits have a gang of hounds from the pull of retired IAS officers, IPS officers, and Judges in their service as advisors, who are lobbying for killing of this FIR. They have also a powerful ally in Chief Minister’s Office, who, despite being a junior officer is being regarded as ‘Super Chief Minister’ from whom Cabinet Ministers and Secretaries including the Chief Secretary are getting instructions as if from the Chief Minister. His protection to Samaja hijackers is a great obstacle in action against located culprits that stay safe in the ramparts of the Gopabandhu Bhawan. The inordinate delay in registration of the well documented FIR is because of their pressure.

Book CoverWe in orissamatters.com have regularly investigated into and detailed the crime and our book “The Samaja in Maze of Forgery”, very ably compiled by Sri Deviprasanna Nayak is a highly well documented book of rare meticulousness that has become an instant seller. The first edition is at the verge of necessitating a second edition, according to its publisher Sri Pabitra Mohan Maharatha. The reports of orissamatters.com are being posted by the ‘Save the Samaja Forum’ in savethesamaja.com and the ‘save the samaja’ page in social media: Face book. It is noteworthy that the page is getting ever increasing ‘like’s everyday, which indicates that the people all over Orissa have been keeping alert eyes on this matter and appreciating the exposure.

So, despite lobby by the pack of hounds – former IAS, IPS, IFS Officers and Judges – the case cannot die sans action.

With this case, a new chapter in the history of mass action against crime by fellows, who have been dazzling under the arch of journalism misusing the media power of the Samaja, is going to be written in golden letters.

Orissa, keep watch.

Sankaracharya had no Business in Snana Yatra

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

With the help of caste-supremacists in administration, Sankaracharya and his troop stepped on the bath podium of SriJagannatha on Snana Yatra. But except posing for the TV cameras, he had no business to perform in the podium.

When the State is run by a chief minister who does not know the history of her social evolution and of how and why Buddha became Jagannatha, administration is bound to bow down to religious chauvinism; and that happened.
Adi Sankara had established Gobardhana Matha with the sole villainous purpose to train the Brahmins how to vitiate the Bouddha-Vajrayanic worship of Jagannatha with Brahminic worship system. For this, the Brahmins were being trained in the Gobarddhana Matha by Sankaracharya.

Through impudence the Brahmins were trying to impose the Vedic system of worship in Sri Jagannatha temple. To confuse the people scriptures were created to say that SriJagannatha’s worship should be performed not only in the method of Bouddha Tantra, but also by using Vedic Mantras. Verses, such as “Amnayagamavedaya Shuddha Buddhaye Te Namah” were used to justify transgression of Vedic system into the Buddhist system of Jagannatha.

As Adi Sankara was stressing upon Govinda, with the help of the patron kings of Brhminism like Purusottama Dev, attempts were made to transform Jagannatha to Gopal Krushna and, to people of Orissa to whom Jagannatha was Kali (Nilardrou SriJagannatha Sakshat Dekshina Kalika), Sanskrit verses were created to convince the people that Dakshina Kalika is non but Krushna; such as Kalou Kali Kalou Krushna Kalou Gopala Kalika (In Kaliyuga, the redeemer is Kali who is also Krushna and Gopal who is Krushna is none but Kali) and against such shrewdly created confusion, VijaMantra (preamble of worship) with which Jagannatha was to be invoked was made pregnant with Brahminic mischief such as “Om Gopijana Ballavaya Namah” and when people sternly protested, it was amended to “Om Klim Krushnaya Govindaya Gopijana Ballavaya Namah” thereby showing the people that “Klim” representing Kali is also Krushna, Govinda, Gopijana ballava” whom worship was being offered.

Such acts of impudence and tricks were being taught to the Brahmins in the Gobarddhana Matha of Sankaracharya.

People had revolted against this and partially succeeded as a result of which the Sankaracharya’s role as trainer of the Brahmins had been done away with.

Under consistent protest of the people of Orissa, Sankaracharya had been divested of whatever role he was having in worship of Jagannatha.

We gather it Prof. K. C. Mishra, who in his famous book Cult Of Jagannatha has noted,

“The priests of Jaganntha temple learn the art of ritualistic worship from this Matha (Sankaracharya Matha). That is, this Matha is responsible for the education and training of the priests in respect of worship to the deities. After obtaining sufficient training at this Matha certificates are issued to the priests. They are then, by an order of the king, entitled to enter into the priesthood. The system is no longer in vogue in the temple” (Cult of Jagannatha, Firma: K. L. Mukhopadhyay, Calcutta, 1971, p. 125)

Thus, Sankaracharya has no role in Jagannatha temple. Nowhere in the Satwalipi (The Deed of Right), has he been allotted with any service in the Jagannatha temple. The High Court verdict he has been citing to transgress into Jagannatha system has no relevance to his self-proclaimed authority on Jagannatha.

The judgment has not gone into social history of Orissa that has brilliantly recorded the deracination of the statues of Adi Sankara and his first chela Sankara from the Ratnasinghasana of Jagannatha by the people of Orissa in the regime of Divya Singha Dev in late 1700s. The judges have not reflected in their verdict any view on whether or not SriJagannatha is Buddha and whether or not Buddhism and Hinduism are different. The said Judgement is an instance of non-application of mind to the real issue of whether or not Sankaracharya has a specific role in affairs of Jagannatha that would entitle him to the privilege he has been claiming. The said Judgment is a judicial intervention in religious matters that supported Vedic religion oblivious of how would it affect the Bouddha Tantric / Savara Tantric heritage of Jagannatha.

However, it is seen by all, that, despite invitation generated by the caste supremacists, the Jagannatha system has not allowed Sankaracharya to perform any service on the Snana Mandap yesterday except he and his troop posing for the TV cameras to show how impudence become a religious achievement by the standard of Sankaracharya.

In allowing him to step on to the Snana Mandap with religious egoistic fanfare, the temple administration has cooperated with his impudence, to the detriment of the uniqueness of Buddha, the son of the soil of Orissa, being worshiped as Jagannatha.

CBI may Note: Paradip Port celebrates Modi’s 1st Office Anniversary with the Exultation of Compradors!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Paradip Port authorities have celebrated first anniversary of Mr. Narendra Modi’s regime with the exultation of compradors in matching manner. They have shown how urgent transaction of the Port could wait till the comprador’s choice is ready to be entertained in contravention of rules and norms. When promulgation of land ordinance is being repeated to help favorites step into their grazing grounds in absence of a regular law, why not urgent and participated tenders be kept inoperative under repetition of notices in Paradip Port, the seat of the Modi Government on the Orissa coast?

The Port, which had invited tenders for three Harbor Mobile Cranes (HMCs), has resorted to blatant manipulation to favor a particular firm that had no qualification to be considered. The entire matter is so murky that a CBI investigation is essential to locate why the Port has acted so motivated.

The Port Trust called for tender on revenue sharing basis for three HMCs vide Tender Enq. No. EM.WS.Tech-06 /13 dated 12.08.2014. The participants were: M/s Orissa Stevendores Limited with offer of 4.5% revenue sharing, followed by M/s Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (CS) Ltd (3.79%) and M/s ACE Commercial & Company Ltd, which was disqualified under the Technical terms of the Port Trust. The tender was discharged by on 04.12.2014.

The tender was re-floated by the Port Trust vide Tender Enq. No. EM/WS/Tech – 06/13 (Vol-I) Dt. 04.12.2014, the same day for the same three numbers of HMCs on the same term of revenue sharing. The two firms – M/s Orissa Stevendores Limited and M/s Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (CS) Ltd. participated again with offer of 4.5% and 3.79% revenue sharing respectively. OSL even offered to increase its revenue sharing to 5% from 4.5%. The tender was discharged on 13.02.2015.

But, immediately thereafter, on the same day, under mysterious pressure, as if the Port Trust was waiting for another firm to participate, the tender was floated again vide Tender Enq. No. EM/WS/Tech – 06/13 (Vol-II) Dt. 13.02.2015.

A surprising stipulation was added to the extent that the participants each shall install one crane only.

This time, four firms participated as against the same three notified requirements. They were: (1) M/s Orissa Stevendores Limited with the highest offer at 9% revenue sharing, (2) M/s ABC Trans Carries Pvt. Ltd. at 8.8%, (3) M/s Viable Infrastructure & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. at 8.7% and (4) M/s Bothra Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. at 8.5%.

Bothra was thus at the lowest position and three firms positioned above it – in view of the added stipulation that one crane would be allowed to be installed by each one of the participants, Bothra should have been dismissed from the zone of consideration. But that did not happened. The Chairman of the Port Trust asked it to enhance its offer to the level offered by the H1: Orissa Stevendores Limited. Other two firms were also asked to do the same which they complied with. But the smoky tricks of rendering the earlier two tenders inconsequential became clear when Letter of Intent (LOI)  was issued to all the four participants in blatant disregard to the fact that the Tender was floated for three HMCs only.

The surprise beneficiary is: Bothra Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd, which was the lowest in percentage of offer (8.5%).

Curiously, when the process of procuring an HMC from Germany takes at least six months, the Bothra Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd took only about 20 days and the ship carrying its crane was given priority passage and berthing despite a long wait-list of vessels. The whole issue appears predetermined to serve the Bothra.

Whether or not any ruling political top brass has acted a comprador for Bothra needs be investigated into. And, whether or not the conduct of Paradip Port Trust Chairman in giving Bothra the order for the fourth HMC, when tender was called for three HMCs only, is unauthorized and arbitrary, motivated by payola, needs also be investigated into.

It is incumbent upon Modi administration to locate the comprador, as the matter depicted here makes it clear that the favor shown to Bothra Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd is certainly not a normal transaction.


(Sri Tusarkant Satpathy, a former Banker, is a noted name in both print and social media. His observations on Mr. Modi’s first year on chair is considered very relevant for the general public as well as administration. Therefore, we devote our pages to the same.)

Tusarkant Satpathy:

[Let not a stand-in-comedian star in a full length movie: If, according to Modiji, Dr. Manmohan Singh was a Maunmohan Comedian at the behest of Madam Soniaji, HE(MODIJI) himself is not less at the behest of Nagpur House.]

On 26th May 2014, Modiji had taken oath as Prime Minister of India and assumed official charge of the same w.e.f. 27.5.2014. He started his functioning with an ORDINANCE for appointment of the Principal Secretary in PMO, Sri Nripen Mishra and completed 1st year of his rule on 26th May, 2015 with Land Acquisition Ordinance. Meanwhile he has undertaken “31 U-Turns” as below.
Before last general election, Modiji had thundered “We will pursue Dawood inside Pakistan the same way like USA targeted OSAMA BIN LADEN”.
-But on 05.05.2015, Minister of State, Home Affairs said in the Parliament “We do not know where Dawood is” Which was, exactly told by Congress on 07.05.2013 (So, is there any difference between both of them, Congress and BJP)
The handing over of even one square inch of Indian Territory would be violation of basic structure of the constitution.
As we know from Keshabananda Bharati case, the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be altered. How then it is being altered now with “yes” to land swapping by Modiji? India will lose 10048 acres of land more to Bangladesh spread over 111 enclaves in comparison to 51 enclaves of Bangladesh.
–Why such U-tern?
“It will reach the age of the Finance Minister” (then Sri Chidambaram).
“Whose Age it will reach now”?
-And how the Finance Minister Of State Sri Jayanta Sinha told that “Rupee at 63/64 Vrs Dollar Is good for Economy”
India Born Richard R Verma, did not object when Indian Govt. served Notices on 9000 NGOs because none of them were funded by The US Entities. His indignation surfaced when US Outfits came under scrutiny
-Why Not such outburst by Sri Verma is being taken up by Modiji with his friend, to whom he had very fondly addressed as “Barrack” during the latter’s Delhi Visit , even without the customary Pre-Fixing of “ Mr.”?
Prime Minister Modi is himself the recipient of unprecedented, even Fawning Media Coverage (No National Leader in the past has had his Speech and Mega Events like In the Madison Garden Spectacle Broadcast In full by the Channels) said the other day “The Media has taken upon itself the Responsibility of spreading Lies against me”. That is an unkind outburst, especially when armies of Cyber Activists are ever present to demolish Modi critics in various Sites ( By Sri TJS George In The New Sunday Indian Express Dt 10.05.2015 -The Express Group is Out And Out BJP Supporter)
-Why Such Somersault?
-Oh Mediawale, Kya Ho Gaya.
The RSS and BJP might well have taken the position during Manamohan Singh years that there should be no Dialogue with Pakisthan but Modi as PM is wise enough to recognize merits of Diplomacy.
-Was there no Diplomacy then?
Thirty six Rafale planes from France are to be bought by India directly and rest to follow suit. But during UPA rule, It was decided that 18 numbers would be purchased and rest 108 Numbers would be assembled at HAL in India with France Technology ,which has been given a Go Bye In the present Agreement.
-Is it Patriotism and “Make In India” Syndrome?
8. MAHARASTRA STATE AGRICULTURE MINISTER SRI EKANATH KHADSE On 09.05.2015 Sri Khadse denied the claims of his counterpart in the Centre Sri Radha Mohan Singha (Agril. Minister at Centre) that only 3 Farmers had committed suicide in Maharastra since January 2015 ( Under BJP rule) saying ‘He had submitted a detailed report on farmer deaths’. He further said “I had personally handed over a detailed report to Sri Singha in New Delhi . Only he can say, why he said so” Khadse said. (The New Sunday Express dt 10.05 2015)
-Will any answer emerge as to why the figure was lowered abysmally?
(1) The above is a very good slogan but how come the Union Home Secretary advises over telephone the Governors of States to resign?
(2) How a twice charge-sheeted person like Salman Khan is chosen as an Icon of Swachha Bharat programme of the Prime Minister and how was he a 1st row invitee of the P.M.’s swearing in ceremony ?
(3) How the Prime Minister congratulates Ms. Jayalalitha on the same day of her acquittal pending scope for appeal by Karnataka Govt. in Supreme Court? Would it have not been proper if such congratulation would have been extended after her taking oath as Chief Minister? Is it to garner support in RAJYASABHA for the Land Acquisition Ordinance to get passed?
(4) Why Modiji is reluctant to initiate CBI inquiry in respect of MINES SCAM in Orissa though he is empowered to do so as per recommendations of the Shah Commission?
(5) An IAS Officer has been served with ‘Show Cause Notice’ by Chhatisgarh Government for having put up a Sun Glass while meeting the Prime Minister.
-If these are not symptoms good Governance, then what are?
When the UPA-II had introduced this Bill, Sri Yasawanta Sinha, (Finance Minister in Mr. Vajapayee’s time), being a BJP MP in Opposition had vehemently opposed the same. But most surprisingly, his own son Sri Jayanta Sinha, as Finance Minister of State in Modiji’s Govt. introduced the same and got passed with help of Congress. This led to comparing the action with Hindi song “Papa Kahate hein bada Naam Karega – Beta Hamara Yesa Kam Karega” By Trinmul M.P. Derek O. Brien.
-Why such U Turn ?
During UPA-II Bill on the matter, Sri Rajnath Singha as BJP President and Madam Sushama Swaraj as leader of Opposition had wholeheartedly supported the Bill which was also cleared by the present Speaker of Lok Sabha and the then head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the matter Smt. Sumitra Mahajan. Now, taking a complete U-Turn, Mr. Prime Minister, who as Chief Minister of Gujarat then had not opened his mouth is saying “Our support to the bill then was a mistake”. Is it to teach both the above mentioned leaders a lesson, because at some point of time, they also had eye on Prime Minister’s Chair. He is also not caring to the demands like ‘consent clause / social impact’ of his own RSS outfits like Bharatiya Kishan Sangh and Swadeshi Jagran Manch.
-When own people are ignored for the interest of Corporates, who cares for the demands of poor farmers!

Our Finance Minister Sri Arun Jaitley and the third member of the MODI-SAHA-JAITLEY-TROIKA (As per Sri Arun Shourie) on 14.05.2015 has said ‘The indirectly elected Upper House Members are obstructing passage of Law passed by the directly elected Lower House Members .Bill after Bill, Session after Session, India’s Parliamentary Democracy is facing a serious challenge. Article 110, dealing with Money Bills, is the Constitutional remedy for such a situation. BJP had also objected to UPA-II’s allocation of important Ministries to Rajya Sabha Members as they are not directly elected by the people.

-But how Modiji has allotted most of the important portfolios like Finance, Defense, Education, Power, Oil etc. to Rajya Sabha Members ? How Sri Jaitley himself, being defeated for a Lower House Seat was holding the posts of Defense and Finance portfolios initially and now holding Finance and I & B Ministries?
As leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Jaitely had thundered on “China War Report” not being made public. But he, as Defense Minister had told “It cannot be disclosed”
– Is this not a U – Turn?
They cannot be declassified, said the present Modi Govt. But the same BJP leaders had demanded disclosure of the same while in Opposition. On 23.01.2014, (before last Parliamentary elections), Sri Rajnath Singh, as BJP President had declared in Netaji’s birth place at Cuttack “To declassify the Files”.
Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Sri Haribhai Parthibhai Choudhury had said on 17.12.2014 that ‘It is sensitive nature and bringing it into the public domain at this juncture is not desirable from the point of view of India’s relations with other countries.
-Why such opposite view now?
BJP leaders had demanded for disclosure of the names while in Opposition but in power, declared “Names can not be released because it would violate International Treaty”, the same thing told during UPA time. If, it is not U-Turn, then what is?
When in Opposition, the scheme was dubbed as wastage of tax payer’s money by the BJP leaders. But in power, the scheme is being continued.

BJP had demanded abrogation of the clause, while in Opposition but pleaded for continuance of the same in Supreme Court while in power in a case filed by an activist Ms. Sneha Singhal.
-Why so ! (Of course, the Supreme Court struck down the clause in spite of Modiji’s Government’s desired to Continue with the same.)
BJP – while in Opposition – NO – and now – in power – YES – It is most ideal scheme. -Why such divergent views. Is it because “Role of opposition parties to oppose only, including very ideal ones”?
Then critic of UPA- II’s “Total Financial Inclusion Scheme” but now adopting the same scheme with name change only.
Then critic of “Nirmal Bharat” of UPA-II but now the same scheme is operation with name change only.. The difference is “A twice charge-sheeted and once convicted person is its Icon”. -Is it symbol of SWACHHA?
As Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modiji has objected tooth and nail to the same bill of UPA – II.
-Why ‘No’ then and ‘Yes’ now!
During Sri V. P. Singh’s rule, the present Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir was Union Home Minister. He, as Home Minister released some terrorists in lieu of his daughter, Dr. Rubiya Sayed, who was abducted by terrorists. Then he was called a “Deshadrohi” by the same BJP which has embarrassed him now.

Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as Foreign Minister under Sri Moraraji Desai had to come back from his China visit as during his presence there, China had invaded Vietnam. But ,when Modiji was in close embarrass of Chinese President there, the Indian map released by China was showing Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmiri as parts of China.

Our P.M. declares E-VISA to Chinese Tourists where as China issues stapled Visa to our Arunachal Pradesh residents. Sri Amit Shah, BJP President cancelled his meeting with H.H the Dalai Lama before Modi’s visit to China.

Mountain Strike Corps of 90000 personnel proposed during UPA Rule to act as a counter to the expending Chinese Military Capabilities, down sized to 29000 soldiers by the present Government before Modi’s visit to China.

India claims Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK) as its territory where as China is investing hugely there.
23. 60 YEARS Vrs. 60 MONTHS:
Before election, Modiji, at the top of his eloquent voice shouted “You have given them 60 years – give me 60 months”. The 60 months period ends in May – 2019. But why all the targets now are aimed at 2022 and beyond!
-Was the pre-election rhetoric a complete hollow (JUMLA) one?
24. PRAFULLA PATEL – Down – Down – S. C. GUPTA – Up – Up:
Senior Minister during UPA-II, belonging to NCP, Mr. Prafulla Patel is the “Bidi King” of India. BJP was shouting at its top voice for no restriction on Tobacco use by UPA-II. But now, its own M.P. Sri S. C. Gupta from Allahabad, a BIDI King is also a member of “Parliamentary Standing Committee on Narcotics” for which, the ex-Health Minister Dr. Harshavardhan’s assurance that “80% of cigarette / Bidi packets would be covered by Statutory Warning from 1st April – 2015” is not getting materialized.
-What type of politics it is!
When UPA Govt. was allocating more funds for poll bound states, that was a “SIN” as was being told by BJP. But now, adoption of the same practice is a “VIRTUE”.
-Does it justifies our Oriya Idiom, “Kahi Deuthanti Paraku – Budhi Na Disai Gharaku.”?
The “SARAL” format made more “JATILA – cumbersome” by the high sounding Govt.
– Less Govt. and more Governance indeed !
While in Opposition, BJP promised to end the culture but in power, continuance of the same is the reality. Even the Civil Aviation Minister took match box in his pocket to Aero plane and boasted of the same.
– Is it the symptom of ACHHEDIN?
When in Opposition BJP was opposing cricket match with Pakistan. SHIVASHENA Party, its longest ally even dug cricket pitch in Mumbai in order not to have a cricket match between the two countries. But the present Govt. appears to allow cricket match between the two countries some time in DEC. 2015which is a matter of concern. Is it to save the Pakistan Cricket Board from bankruptcy?
-Will our money not be utilized against us as the same may be channelized to the accounts of terrorist groups!

The BJP does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. So, this time it is not possible to bring a motion in Parliament to make Law for the construction of Ram Temple.
He also refused to clarify if the Modi Govt. would bring in a law for Ram Temple construction once the party has the numbers in Rajya Sabha.
-(i) Will ever a bill be brought by any BJP Govt. with all the seats in both the Houses?
-(ii) Will another Advaniji emerge for a Rath Yatra in the fear of the Tea Supplier in that Rath pushing the Rama of the Rath to oblivion?
Lokpal Andolan of Shri Anna Hazare was instrumental in Modiji coming to power. BJP leaders had promised” We will do immediately”.
Where is Lokpal ? Why CIC/CVC and many important posts are lying vacant?
-And what about bringing back the BLACK MONEY stashed abroad and crediting 15 lakh rupees to each family account as was promised by Sri Rajanath Singha , the then BJP President in an election rally on 03.11.2014?
YOGAGURU Ramadev ji, who played a vital role in making Modiji PM of India, had suggested some economic formulae so as to give away all tax systems (sales tax, income tax, excise tax etc). But unfortunately, no such proposal was incorporated in the last Budget. Rather, though his name was not in the “PADMA AWARD” list, the Guru declared “I am not interested”.. Now he is crying “PADMA AWARDS” are bestowed through lobbying and corrupt practices.
-What a tragedy indeed.
‘Demand of Retrospective Tax on Corporates by UPA Govt. was bad’ but the ‘same by him now (while he is in power) is good’.

And the only difference between Congress and BJP is “In comparison to UPA-II’s last year advertisement expenses depicting photos of Madam, Dr. Manmohan and other Ministers, the Modiji Govt. in 1st year of office has expended 40%’ less’
–Oh, what a great achievement ?
Henceforth, ‘according to the honorable Supreme Court’s verdict at 13th May – 2015, all the Govt. advertisements will be MODIMAYA only. Of course “No photo of other Ministers” was objected to by the Attorney General of India which the Supreme Court overruled. NAVEENMAYA PAGES with Govt. funds are over. The learned judiciary has taken over all the elements of Administration, from Mosquito eradication to Coal / Spectrum auction. Would it not be better if political and executive wings are abolished for their inaction?
In BJP ruled State of Madhya Pradesh, 8 people linked to Madhya Pradesh professional Examination Board (MPPEB) scam have died mysteriously. It is reported that even one student having failed to pass Class-12th Examination (Rahul Yadav) secured admission to MBBS course because he is linked to an IPS Officer’s son-in-law involved in the scam
The much hype about allocation by the 14th Finance Commission on 10% extra allotment (32% to 42%) of funds to States is a hyperbole in as much as the reduction in Plan Allotment to States is upto 6% and thus the actual increase in allocation is 4% only. This has been clarified by Sri Abhijit Sen, member of the Commission.

The outbursts by the Prime Minister in foreign lands that ‘we were a corrupt nation prior to my taking over the charge, people were leaving the country then and the trend has reversed now etc’ are not expected of a head of the Administration of the Country.

Ten years after RTI was passed by Rajya Sabha on 12.5.2005, activists face hurdles. Transparency is under cloud. No Chief Information Officer, No Manpower, Missing of Files, Diluted Laws are the orders of the day.

When FUEL prices came down heavily due to International reasons, our P.M. roared ‘It is due to my good luck’. While the benefits of sharp decline in the cost were not passed on to the customers satisfactorily, the price of petrol has gone up by Rs. 7/- during the first fortnight of May, 2015 and by Rs.18/- from February, 2015.

Observing all the U-Turns, has the sociologist Mr. Dipankar Gupta quipped “Never let up a stand-in comedian, star in a full length movie or else it will hurt every time you laugh” ?

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SBI forces Bengali Language on Oriya speaking people

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In whole of India, Orissa has a very unique place in history as not only the land of Kalinga war, but also as the land where British had not dared to set their ugly feet till the rest of the sub-continent had come to their control. The last soil to have been annexed to British India through treachery, Orissa was the first to have raised her sword to oust the British from her soil. In acknowledging this, he British historian G. Toynbee has said in his book A SKETCH OF THE HISTORY OF ORISSA , t“It was not long, however, before we had to encounter a storm which burst with so sudden fury as to threaten our expulsion, if not from the whole of Orissa, at least from the territory of Khurda”.

This heroic land, however, due to conspiracies of non-Oriya neighbors, had to succumb to British subjugation. The matter is elaborately discussed in orissamatters.com. Yet, for ready reference it may be recalled that, afraid of Oriya “disposition” (Magistrate W. Forrester to Commissioner Robert Ker on 9 September 1818) the British had divided the Oriya speaking tracks to four parts and merged the divided parts with Bengali, Hindi and Telugu speaking provinces to demoralize the Oriyas by reducing them to linguistic minorities in those rival areas. Exploiting this situations, some low-breed fellows managing their livelihood by working as pimps in red-light districts in those neighboring states had arbitrarily taken over Oriya lands and emerged first generation Zamidars. Those non-Oriya native servants and allies of the British were so savagely looting Orissa the thenBritish Collector of Cuttack Mr. W. Trower had described them as “scourge” in his report dated 23 May 1817(Revenue Administration in Orissa).

When people of Orissa raised a movement for amalgamation of all the Oriya speaking tracks so that they can collectively obstruct the loot of their land and assets by the non-Oriya servants and helpers of the British, the Bengalis started vomiting mad and maddening avowals that is a part of their own and hence Oriya speaking tracks annexed to their province were their own. Hindi and Telugu speaking provinces followed suit.

This claim of non-Oriyas had been taken up in Linguistic Survey of India the finding of which was given the words by G.A.Grierson. “The Oriya language can boast of a rich vocabulary in which respect neither the Bengali nor Hindi nor Telugu can vie with it”, it declared. The Bengalis got a great slap when their jewel linguist Suniti Kumar Chatterjee said, “It may be said without travesty of linguistic truth” that Oriya is much senior to Bengali and is Bengali’s elder sister”.

So, in language issue, the Bengalis know where they stand. Yet, they have been trying to inject their nuisance in villages of Orissa near to their provincial boarder. The language issue has remained the sensitive issue between the two linguistic rivals.

What was the necessity of telling this? This is because, the State Bank of India, running its LCPC Branch in Kolkata, has played a new mischief of forcing Bengali language on Oriya speaking customers of SBI in Orissa under guise of a RBI guidelines.

This is criminally offending to the people of Orissa. I would like the SBI and RBI national authorities to explain their positions to people of Orissa and beg unconditional apology publicly for the mischief the LCPC branch of SBI, Kolkata has played. Here below is the corpus delicti:

SBI forces Bengali on Oriya people


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