Kalinga TV presents Bhasha Andolan Chief Subhas C Pattanayak in Capital Khati

Bhubaneswar Bureau People of Orissa, including its political and bureaucratic communities should watch this video to see how ‘Bhasha Andolan’, the world’s unique linguistic revolution is arousing the people against the government’s deviltry in matter of their mother tongue. The … Read more →

Congress in Orissa: Revival possible if Legislative Wing is brought into discipline

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak With resignation of AICC member-in-charge B. K. Hariprasad (BKH) after debacle of the Congress Party in Panchayat elections in Orissa, its legislative wing heavyweights have started calling out for resignation of PCC President Sri Prasad Harichandan, against … Read more →

Prime Minister of India must not remain the tea-boy of Gujarat

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak Prime Minister of India must not remain the tea-boy of Gujarat. Mr.Narendra Modi should now try to improve. Air traveling the world to meet country heads, bragging before uninformed, misinformed, motivated, cultivated, curious foreigners and non-resident Indians … Read more →