Tears on the Republic Day: Cry dear all with Purna Chandra Das

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Meretricious tears of the President on this Republic Day giving words to wishful thinkings that resembles Gandhiji’s ‘Theory of Trusteeship’ is what is expected of a government that has grabbed and ruined India.

When in the Raj he heads, only 1% individuals have amassed 73% of the country’s wealth in 2017 according to the latest published study of OXFAM, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in its report has said that, in 2017 India ranked 100 amongst 113 hunger-stricken countries in the Global Hunger Index.

The Government dancing to the tune of big business in policy-making that leads to utter minimization of workers salaries for maximizing the returns to the shareholders/owners has precipitated this pathetic condition of hunger, says the surveyors. But this is what is ‘development’ to the Government the President spoke for.

Against this backdrop, on this Republic Day, I recall how Dr. Ambedkar had painfully confessed in the Constituent Assembly on third reading of the Draft Constitution that overwhelming presence of the wealthy class in the Drafting Committee as well as in the Assembly had not allowed the purpose of the Freedom struggle translated into unavoidable compulsoriness in the Constitution. rather, its scheme had allowed the rich to enjoy fundamental right over property, where the same right over property given to a poverty-stricken wage-earner would not help him escape the economic inequality that was so rampant even at that moment. The Constitution would bring in contradiction by perpetuating the rich-man’s independence to expand his empire of wealth while pushing the poor man into further imperilment on the uneven level of earning.

“We must remove the contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy which this Assembly has so laboriously built up”, Dr. Amdekar had helplessly wished that day (CAD, Vol.XI,p.979).

The OXFAM report read with the GHI report referred to supra clearly establish how continuous rule by the rich-men has ruined India as post-independence regimes have blatantly failed to remove the contradiction discerned by the makers of this Republic.

So, where is the Republic that we celebrate today as a matter of animal habit?

A very young poet of my land (Tigiria), Sri Purna Chandra Das had wondered in 2016 as to how the immortal Mahatma and all the freedom fighters that had made their supreme sacrifices to free us from the British yoke and had given birth to our Republic should feel to see this India, if, perchance, they come back one day, in a song he had authored. Adyasha Productions, compiling the song into an audio CD had given me the opportunity to inaugurate the same on 7 Feb.2016. Sri Das has sent me a video clip containing the song and its launching event.

With his permission I have uploaded the same to YouTube. Sri Shailendra Patra his co-lyricist, has sung it. And, I deem it proper to share the same with you all this Republic Day.

Listen it , dear all. And if possible, cry your heart out with it, so that the vacuum to be created shall be filled up with determination to wipe out the inequality that imperils our motherland.

Dear all, listen the song and cry, if you can, with the young poet and lyricist. Your Republic , your beloved Motherland, is certainly in the worst possible hands as the two above noted reports say. Celebration of the Republic Day should no more be mere animal habit, it must have to be the celebration of a lively nation free from the contradiction that has kept us eclipsed in the same domain of exploitation, to free us from which our martyrs had sacrificed their lives.

Orissa under severe grief over the rape-victim’s suicide: Media should have shunned Naveen’s self-propaganda Ads; it failed

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a shame that newspapers of Orissa could not stand with the gang-rape victim of Kunduli, who, oppressed by the State, committed suicide on Monday, as they allowed their palms to be greased with high-priced multicolored full page self=propaganda ads of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, which mocked at the grief of the people and overshadowed the sad news.

The minor girl, a student of class IX, while returning from school, was gang-raped by four uniformed armed personnels on October 10, 2017.

The State under Naveen Patnaik’s constant misrule used various tricks to hush up the offense, as armed uniformed men need be kept aboveboard. On the bed, where she was struggling to survive, she had told the Press how a senior Police Officer had even offered her bribe to withdraw her allegation.

After the gang-rape, brutally injured, she was brought to a hospital, her painful cries piercing into the hearts of the television viewers.

The doctor who had attended her had told on camera that she was brutally raped.

He had advised for her immediate admission to any higher level hospital, where her suspected inner injuries needed specialist intervention.

With Police reaching the primary hospital, Tv channels surprisingly blacked him out and since then his first impression has never figured either in any discussion on the channels or newspapers.

Instead of finding out the culprits, Police labored hard to make innuendoes audible that wanted people to take her as a psychopath.

Public resentment mounting, usual hoodwinking tools like crime branch investigation, judicial inquiry were used by the State. But the lackadaisical treatment under intimidating Police eyes, had driven the child from bad to worse.

When newspaper banners and TV telecasts made every individual have it that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, under whose misrule the helpless victim of gang-rape perpetrated by armed Jawans was so ignominiously suffering, was going to be declared the “Ideal Chief Minister” of India by a remote-controlled body styled MITWP Univ of Pune, she decided to end her life, sure of no justice ever to come under the regime.

As if nothing happened, sycophants from all over the State were drawn to Bhubaneswar to celebrate the so-called ideal brand bagged by Naveen and full-page multicolored ads with the State symbol were issued to every newspaper that mattered.

Had Naveen Patnaik an iota of concern for the victim, he could have shunned the celebrations. And, had the avaricious newspapers of Orissa had any commitment to the readers, they should have refused to publish the ad.

In this ad, Naveen Patnaik with a a remorseless face, mocking at the sorrow of the people, has been planted over the world famous Wheel of Konark.

Konark carries a celebrated saga of how a father (Bishu Maharana) had preferred his clan to his son (Dharmapad), the boy that had succeeded in erecting the top of the temple and had finally settled its center.

Against this saga of sacrifice by a father of his beloved son for the society, projection of Naveen Patnaik, who prefers nothing but self to the nation of Oriyas, as witnessed in Bhasha Andolan running its Black Flag campaign for last 650 days for management of affairs of the people in their mother tongue, has given history to note how media in Orissa has fallen in hands of fellows that can surpass any prostitute in entertaining anybody for money.

We deem it proper to ask the Chief Minister to immediately take to state possession of every television record since October 10, 2017 till date so that living history of this most menacing misconduct of armed personnel cannot be extinguished and tampered with. These records are essential to determine the crime.

Oriya Nation is ashamed of MITWP Univ projecting an Anti-Oriya Naveen Patnaik as Ideal CM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In bordering areas, in mining areas, in matter of water resources, Orissa is in deepest ever quandary due to incompetent and nonchalant conduct of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. More than 70% people are admittedly under constant slow starvation, where almost entirely subsidized rice at the rate of rupee one per Kg. is the only source of their survival. Orissa has become synonymous with migration of daily wage earners that seek livelihood through drudgery in neighboring States. Farmers suicide, mothers distress sell babies. Police enjoys fabulous pleasure in unearthing sex joints in increasing numbers that speaks of distress sale of bodies. Drug hubs rampant when women, organizing anti-wineshop campaigns are being subjected to police action! The mana of Oriya nation is in ruins, as discernible as darkness in the night.

The precipitator of all these and much more menacing harm to Orissa is projected as “Ideal Chief Minister” by a non-Oriya body called MIT World Peace University of Pune! None of the fellows that branded Naveen as ideal CM has ever visited Orissa and studied the reality on the spot vis-a-vis propaganda orchestrated by the exploiters of Orissa.

It is a shame that these non-Oriyas have projected the anti-Oriya Naveen as “ideal chief minister”. Oriya nation is ashamed of this unacademic mischief of an academic establishment that carries an university tag.

When in 2006 media assessment showed his popularity in sharp decline, he had gained over a non-Oriya TV channel – ETv – to conduct a popularity test wherein he was to be shown as the mot popular person (Priya Oriya) of the State. The test was named ‘Priya Oriya Contest’. ETv arbitrarily pitted Buddhia Singh – the illiterate 4 year old marathon runner – against him and as in all the rounds, Buddhia won, ETv resorted to the trick of mobile-phone-voting and declared Naveen the winner. Naveen had rushed from New Delhi to receive the award from that non-Oriya entertainer in a very grand ceremony held at Bhubaneswar. Exposing the mischief in my site I had written, “It was a surprise that the Chief Minister rushed down from Delhi to receive the felicitation given to him by ETV in a grand ceremony at Bhubaneswar, for having vanquished the four year old illiterate and ignorant boy Buddhia Singh in popularity contest. Had he not been personally eager to bag such a title as PRIYA ORIYA, could he ever have allowed himself to accept such a felicitation in such a manner?”

Lest the boy challenges the so-called victory of the CM, he was smashed through the Child welfare minister, his mentor Biranchi Das prosecuted and eliminated under yet unclear circumstances.

Similar celebrations were held, when another non-Oriya media awarded him the ‘Best Administrator’ prize in August 2017. Exposure of unprecedented mining scam apart, the unique ‘Black Flag Campaign’ of Bhasha Andolan demanding provision of punishment to whosoever fails to work in Oriya in the offices of Orissa by amending the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 had put his credibility in sharp decline. After long 400 days of the Black Flag Campaign, after his stooges Dr. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak and his gang including former MP Baishnab Charan Parida failed to foil the Bhasha Andolan, he had invited the leadership of this unique movement, but no solution materialized as movement had no other demand than the single one. Clearly, the Bhasha Andolan is proving him incapable of giving an ideal administration inasmuch as the Official Language matter, he is proven averse to fundamental rights of the people to official service in their mother tongue. It has been proved by Bhasha Andolan that he is a mindless dancing puppet in the hands of non-Oriya bureaucrats.

Under his constant misrule, his non-Oriya private secretary was adjudged more powerful than the Chief Secretary of the Sate in a media survey.

Thus exposed, he was eager to repair his declining image in which the non-Oriya media outfit Outlook was used. Bhubaneswar had to suffer the ignominy of witnessing monumental celebration over the ‘Outlook Speakout Award’.

Bhasha Andolan has refused to be hoodwinked by tricks in the matter of governance of Orissa in Oriya. The way the people of Orissa are joining the ‘Black Flag Campaign’ , he apprehends to have been disadvantaged politically.

The province was created with the sole purpose of managing its affairs in Oriya. So Bhasha Andolan that has been conducting the world’s most peaceful movement to ensure governance of Orissa in Oriya has exceeded 600 days, putting the CM in fidgets like never before.

Therefore, a remote-controlled award has been generated in questionable circumstances in MITWP Univ to bail out the anti-Oriya Chief Minister of Orissa. The celebrations mooted by his sycophants make the hidden agenda discernible.

Honor to Naveen: credibility of MITWP UNIV under serious question

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Propaganda galore that Sri Naveen Patnaik has been adjourned the most ideal Chief Minister in India. A non-Oriya private organization – MIT World Peace University – is giving him the honor.

It puts the credibility of this organization as well as its juries that selected Sri Patnaik under serious question. A man who has signed on dotted lines for the entire period of his tenure is an ideal chief minister?

For those fellows, who have sans qualms branded him as ideal chief minister, I am placing here a clip from YouTube, that shows how he makes habitual farce in reviewing official projects. Let them watch it. It is a KanakTv production. Young and upright journalist Laxminarayan Kanungo deserves all praise for having captured and compiled this record. He enters the hall where Secretaries and all concerned functionaries keep waiting for the review; he then starts reading out from a paper prepared by his hidden directors and leaves the room. Review over!

Ladies and gentlemen, whose choice is Naveen Patnaik for MTWPU’s brand of ideal chief minister may please peruse the video and tell the world, if this farce is in their judgement the model of an ideal chief minister!

Orissa was created at the summit of an epoch making agitation of the people for the sole purpose of management of their affairs in their mother tongue. In 1954, Orissa Official Language Act was promulgated that mandates that “for all and every official work, Oriya shall be the language in the State of Orissa.”

Naveen patnaik has constantly been contravening this Act and the people’s demand for governance of Orissa in Oriya, espoused by Bhasha Andolan, Orissa, is not being heeded to despite a very unique and peaceful ‘Black Flag Campaign’ for at least last 640 days in Bhubaneswar and other nerve-centers of the State. Is it the evidence of ideal quality in the chief minister?

He does not speak Oriya. He does not know Oriya. He has no love for the language of the people. He has been adding his father’s name to all official projects to mislead the people into belief that all those welfare projects are the gifts of his father that he executes!

He treats Orissa as a fee simple inherited from his father, not the motherland of Oriya population.

For his nonchalance, Orissa has suffered severe setbacks in bordering areas , as West Bengal and Andhra have transgressed into the geographical limits of the State, putting inhabitants there in total jeopardy. If the State is facing crisis on Mahanadi, Banshadhara, and Mahendra Tanaya, to tell the least, it is because of Naveen Patnaik’s blatantly nonchalant attitude.

Is nonchalance the evidence of ideal virtue?

When he has ruined Orissa, it is astonishing that non-Oriya organizations are bestowing upon him epithets like ‘Priya Oriya’ , ‘Best Administrator’ and ‘Ideal Chief Minister’. These cultivated epithets may confuse the gullible voters, but never be helpful to our ailing democracy.

Dedicated Members Try to Save Utkal Sammilani

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Dedicated members of Utkal Sammilani, the namesake of the organization that had created Orissa, deeply disturbed over ongoing illegal activities in the registered society by persons, who were office bearers two and half years ago, have constituted an organizing committee to prepare a valid voters list and to organize the long awaited election in April this year.

This new Committee shall function from the central office of the Sammilani situated in Unit 2 of Bhubaneswar. The Committee comprising Dr.Rabiranjan Sahu, Bichitranand Sahu, Gajanan Mishra, Prasanna Kumar Nanda, Purusottam Biswal, Basanti Singh, Gobind Chandra Subuddhi and Manmath Padhi is headed by Dr. Rabiranjan Sahu.

Here is the Press note issued by the Committee:

Oriya Language created Orissa and therefore Orissa must be ruled by Oriya Language

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik seems to have developed a wrong notion that governance of Orissa in Oriya depends upon his mercy. His press-note of December 17 and full page display advertisement in major broadsheets of today force us to arrive at this apprehension.

In his December 17 press note it was declared that he had held a meeting with the five members of the ministerial committee on that day for the purpose of “strictly implementing the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 in official and non-official level” to facilitate which a website has been floated by the government. In the full page multi-color advertisement in broadsheet dailies today, this is intriguingly missing.

The advertisement is designed to tell the people that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has taken historical steps to save and develop Oriya language, and has enumerated the steps he has taken. This is blatant lie. Neither he nor his government has executed any single item claimed to be “historical” in the official advertisement. The entire advertisement is nothing but false propaganda. What a shame it is, that, the people of Orissa are taken for granted by their Chief Minister! Read more →

Navakalevara: Legends and reality

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Legends are the most misguiding mischief aimed at superimposing lies on reality so that indigenous people of an occupied land are kept too dazzled to see the dark face of the rulers and the class of exploiters can keep its victims subjugated to its authority, while forcing them to forget the heroic history of evolution of their own philosophy of life, their own splendid spiritual realizations, their own socio-economic uniqueness, their own ancient culture, their own valorous past, their own way of social integration and their own civilization.

We see this mischief galore in the context of Navakalevara of SriJagannatha.

So, here, we are to rip apart the legends and bring the reality of the Navakalevara to light, as thereby alone we can reach the lost uniqueness of the people of Orissa.

We will use Puri Sankaracharya’s self-proclaimed authority over Navakalevara to proceed with our purpose.

  Read more →

Samaja in Maze of Forgery: Two former Ministers of Orissa – Lingaraj Mishra & Radhanath Rath forged the WILL of Gopabandhu; Both benefitted till their death; SoPS continues to Loot

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Oriya daily SAMAJA founded by late Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das, to which, out of their love and reverence for the great humanitarian leader, the people of Orissa had and have been giving their financial and moral support, is in a menacing maze of forgery and loot.

Sadly, two of Gopabandhu’s trusted men – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath – who, because of being known so, had the opportunity of becoming cabinet ministers in Orissa, were the masterminds and/or makers of the forgery from which the paper is yet to be salvaged.

Both of them – Lingaraj and Radhanath – had partnered with each other in forging the last WILL of Gopabandhu to grab the Samaja, which being Gopabandhu’s paper was of superb credibility and the greatest political instrument of the day. They had performed this crime behind the screen of and in nexus with Servants of the People Society (SoPS), of which, while breathing his last, Gopabandhu was the Vice-President. Read more →