Misrule Galore: Girl Student Attempts Suicide under Frustration over Shifting of HSC Exam

This is a girl student of Chakradhar High School, Singiri Dahisahi. She had registered for High School Certificate Examination and her roll number was ACC003077. She is in a serious condition with 90% burn injury as she attempted to commit suicide by immolating herself under frustration over shifting of HSC examination to uncertain future after theft of questionpapers in all the subjects except MIL was known.

Doctors of S.C.B.medical College, Cuttack are trying to save her life as the Orissa Government failed to save the examination from the underworld.

HSC examination is the gateway to higher education. About 5 lakh students had registered themselves on payment of fees for the same. The Government could not keep the questionpapers secret and as their leakage spread, instead of conducting the examinations with the alternative sets of questionpapers – to keep which ready for use in such exigencies, fees are also collected from the students – the government stopped the examination and shifted it to a future day not yet decided, though it is just being aired that it may take tentatively three weeks to have the alternative sets printed.

One examination center covers many High Schools and as such are usually so distant from the home of majority of students that sufficient ahead of the date of examination, they arrange their accommodation, often with difficulty, in the place where the center is situated. Cancellation and shifting of the Examination has forced them to suffer the loss mentally, physically and financially.

Around five lakhs of students, dreams shattered, are subjected to this suffering.

BSE Malpractice Designed to Handover HSC Exam to Mafia: AIDSO

Orissa Government is deliberately mismanaging High School Examinations to handover to the avaricious mafia the entire staewide gateway to higher education, alleges the Orissa State Council of All India Democratic Students’ Organisation.

The Board of Secondary Education has become a citadel of corruption in questionpaper setting, printing and leaking. From Crime Branch investigations to commissions of inquiry have acted eyewashes when the Board has remained incorrigible. Theft of questionpapers and manipulations in examination marks by Board officials to help children of powerful persons has remained its trademark, despite a minister in its charge, Bishnu Das, having quited cabinet on eviction a couple of years ago on exposure of this syndrome. The Board had executed all the despicable methods to help the son of the minister bag higher marks.

This year, theft of questionpapers was so deliberate and devastating and so widespread that the entire HSC Examination has been ruined, shrouding total uncerainty on the student community in pursuing higher education as this examination is the basic milestone one is bound to cross to proceed ahead.

Thousands of students have demonstrated today under the banner of AIDSO in front of the Orissa Assembly against this crime perpetrated on them by the State, that has deliberately stayed nonchallant on offenses of the Board. The state has pushed at least five lakh students to debacle by cancelling the examination after exposure of the theft and machanically shifting the exams to undecided future.

The AIDSO is emphatic in its suspicion that examination fund being of hundreds of lakhs of rupees, operators of private capital have been using the State Government to defame the examination system by repeated theft of questionpapers as the administration is busy in paving the way for the avaricious mafia to take over the Board, starting from examination management. This evil design must be thwarted, the organisattion has underlined in a statement issued after the demonstration.

It has demanded that the entire cost of examination shifted to the unscheduled future for no fault of the students community be borne by the government.

It has demanded stern penal action against the culprits including every person in control of the Board and its examinations.

It has demanded infrastructural development in Schools, specifically the High Schools to create strong academic environment that may diminish dependance of dull children of well-to-do persons on advance knowledge on questions and act a deterant to questionpaper theft.

It has demanded discarding of fee enhancement in the guise of improvement in exam system.

A delegate from the demonstration spot has handed over a charter of demands including these demands to the Minister of Mass Education and to the Chief Minister.

The organisation’s Sate unit President Akhsaya Das, Vice-Presidents Subas Nayak and Ganesh Tripathy and Secretary Shivashish Praharaj led the demonstration.


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