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BJP leader L.K.Advani and media organization CNN-IBN have preferred Hindu sectarian leader Laxmanananda’s posthumous misuse against Leftist ultras through premature assertions that Naxals have killed him, when, his own organization Viswa Hindu Parisad that is supposed to know where the shoe really pinched has declared that it is the Christian fanatics who are the real killers.

Both the assertions are premature and irresponsible specifically as the matter is under active investigation by rightful authorities.

We have earlier discussed that religious revivalism that has ruined the peace and tranquility of tribal belt is meant to counter Naxal influence by pushing peoples into the labyrinth of fate so that they can tolerate economic exploitation by accepting their wretchedness as the result of sins they might have committed in previous birth. So religious revivalism, conversions and counter-conversions and acrimonious sectarian quarrels practiced by both the Hindu and Christian chauvinists are not meant for making peoples religious but are promoted by Indian capitalism and American imperialism to stop evolution of exploited peoples’ conscious rising for their economic rights by blocking the spread of Naxal influence. In other words, rival religion practitioners are not their enemy; the real enemy is the Naxal organization. Therefore, Advani was quite eager to attribute Laxmanananda’s annihilation to the Naxals only.

Naxals are known as politically aggressive advocates of wretchedly poor and blatantly exploited peoples’ economic rights. Therefore to oppose them is a clear act of exploitive political activism. Advani is an exploitive political activist. When peoples of Orissa had raised the first ever Indian mass movement against deliberate price rise by profiteers and hoarders and blackmarketeers in the early eighties, Advani had instigated marwadis to observe Diwali as ‘Black Diwali” in protest against the Orissan movement. So there is nothing unusual in his attempts to make propaganda that Naxals have killed Laxmanananda. And he has not done any wrong by that, because that is the right way in pursuit of his political creed and nothing other than that is expected of him. In doing this he has just extended the mission of Laxmanananda in a political way that he is supposed to do as a right wing politician.

But why a media organization like CNN-IBN has ignored the minimum professional discipline needed in such cases and shown so eagerness to use Laxmanananda posthumously against the Naxals?

Conduct of this organization in cash for confidence vote matter exposed recently is yet alive in mass memory. Therefore it attracts suspicion in matter of its motive in trading this most premature but prejudiced propaganda that Naxals have killed Laxmanananda, the master craftsman of counter-conversions so dear to Hindu ultras.

Advani and this media organization look like close collaborators in frustrating the peoples who love democracy, peace and tranquility and want inequality to honorably end.

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    Apropos of the news of Orissa unrest, the unfortunate happenings in Kandhamal and brutal slaining of SWAMI LAXAMANDA- a locally revered Community servant running an orphanage and study Centre for poor local tribal students with no motive of inducing religious conversions, and elsewhere has its origin in the perpetual mass conversion program of innocent tribals by Christian missionaries at the behest of their alien masters by inducements, deceit and exploiting the poverty ridden populace, with enormous clout and vast material resources at their disposal. The religious conversions have resulted largely in making the natives, aliens one in behavior and overall thinking, gradually. The demographic character has culminated in the total changeover of the culture and perceptions and has fueled the alien behavior in the converts. The total unrestive, rather Anti India feeling has craved in the North East and the areas under the Church dominance. Several Western Diplomats, Analysts including Ex CIA Chief have written books revealing their strategic design of destroying Indian culture and strength by conversion programs undertaken by Christian Missionaries at their behest through resources and budgets made available by them. The British Parliament has passed Resolutions in the past condemning US and their organs of supporting such programs In India and making genuine missionaries suspicious. While native groups supported by VHP and other Local Social Groups have awakened, undertaken reconversion programs and getting people alienated, rejoining the National Mainstream, the murderous attack in connivance with Anti National outfits(including Maoists, Naxalites) harbored and fueled by such Missionaries to weaken Indian ethos and culture, are engineered against these Nationalists groups. But the time has come when such heinous acts have been resented by the Local Populace. The time has ripen when the Local populace is continually rising against such dubious activities that are weakening India with tacit support of the pseudo secularists for whom anything against National and Hindu ethos and Culture is pride some. The Indian Press has been extremely partial, in reporting (textual and visual), while no depiction of the slain Swami and desertion of his Ashram inmates Press has extensively reported the plight(in the aftermath) of the Christians, fuelling the common man sulking, hence playing the perpetrator of the Crime. All sane and Nationalists must support the Local movement (AND to retaliate the move of POPE for daring to interfere in Indian Matters) lest the situation slips to create another Kashmir and North-East like situation where the writ of Muslim Separatists and Churches are run respectively, and another Arundhati Roy and Vir Sanghvi may advocate its alienation from India.

    8/3, ROOP NAGAR,

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