Assembly Suffers Abortion of the Session As Opposition Unveils Corruption

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Hon’ble Speaker of Orissa Legislative Assembly allowed the Government an abrupt abortion of its winter session as the Opposition was seen determined to unveil corruption in mining and land grabbing by the mafia during continuous incumbency of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik.

To layman’s comprehension, Navin is not accepting the Opposition demand for a CBI inquiry into the ongoing loot of Orissa mines lest the corruption comes out.

But what the State Vigilance has disclosed to have discovered is no less than description of unprecedented loot, even though the volumes thereof estimated by the official agency looks like mere tip of the iceberg.

No wonder, premature termination of the session was the only option readily available to the Government to escape.

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  1. This is indeed a black day in the Hon’ble Chief Ministers’ third term that has just started.

    He has often quoted that the house should proceed with the “democtaric” function in press but this step is notjing but undemocratic. To display utter disregard for the opposition — which also has been “democratically ” elected is very authoritarian. A full majority should not be used as brute majority.

    Perhaps as you say this was the safest way to escape the growing questions and demand for answers in the mining scam

  2. Truly a sad day in the history of Odisha politics. First resistance to CBI and now escaping the growing questions on his involvement in the mining scam. The Chief Minister should come out clean and the Vigilance instead of being a mere instrument under political bosses should question the now and earlier ministers who handled the mining portfolio.

  3. Never in Future these Leaders should get elected. It is my only wish. ….
    1. I don’t feel safe as my Democratic rights are of no Use when our Leaders do not understand the real meaning of Democracy and utilizes the system as per their wish as if it is their Father’s Property.

    2. They only love money and position of power and don’ t even have a minimum respect to the sentiments of the People of Orissa.

    3. They don’t know the real way to make the people of Orissa richer or they don’t have the intention at all as they redirect all progress in the name of incoming companies to get their pockets full and let other parties struggle to buy votes. e.g. ” What is the use of having a university by a company [ after all having the most prestigious institute IIT, AIIMS (to be opened) and along with 100s of Technical Colleges ] of which the state and the people of the state are not going to get any thing but definitely loose a lot and the company is to do all sort of business in the near future, for which it has cleared its intentions by asking for permissions for not to be questioned any day…? WHY in a beautiful and scenic place ….? “

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