Amateur Snake Rescuer Amulya Ratna Das Marries Rachana, His Inspirer

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When he first met Rachana, he found in her a source of inspiration. Active in environmental campaign, she epitomized noble thinking and love for the animals.

Love for animals was inherent in Amulya. His grand father Managovind Das, resident of Mohanty Pada under Kafla out-post of Cuttack city was a distinguished citizen profoundly respected in the locality for his concern for stray cattle. His father Chitta Ranjan Das was marked for his kindness to stray dogs and his mother Bijay Laxmi’s simplicity and concern for every living being was inspiring.

Amulya became attracted to an environmental society called Earth Care Organization with which Rachana was also associated. It’s Secretary, Bibhudatta Jena is active in conservation of snakes.

Snakes are highly endangered in Orissa as people – afraid of bite – kill them the moment they are found. Jena was trying to create awareness on the need of conserving the snakes. To Amulya, Jena was in a noble mission.

He joined Jena and started learning how to catch and conserve the snakes. Love for the snakes was the first lesion to learn.

He is happy that since his entrance into the mission, he has rescued every snake from danger from the ignorant public whenever any such instance has come to his attention.

Rescuing a snake from imminent cruel death in a place to where it had innocently forayed into in search of food and releasing it into its safe environment is too fabulous a pleasure to be weighed against the risk involved, says Amulya.

Rachana, his inspirer has now become his life partner. They have married in a solemn ceremony at Cuttack on 11 September 2010, the day of Ganesh Puja.

We congratulate the newly weds and wish them best of partnership in life and society.

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