India Should Seek Nobel for Dr. Asoka Kumar Misra

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak More than the end result, methods invented by scientists to fetch results of world importance at the end have formed the crux of consideration for Nobel Prize this year. This should inspire India to seek Nobel Prize for Dr Asoka Kumar Misra, whose invention has given birth to a new era of controlled application of electricity in manipulating matters into a desired state of world utility. Misra’s technique was first published in the referral journal of United States of America, ‘The Metallurgical Transactions A’ in 1985 and subsequently his final version was published in February 1986 edition of the same journal. He obtained United States of America Patent No.5253696 in 1993. We have in these pages given hint to how after publication of this patent, bearing details of his method, several persons and concerns have started using the same method and how several claimed inventions are based on the method invented by Dr Misra. If controlled application of electricity in metamorphosing matters into desired state of utility in the sphere of metals to medical science and beyond is treated as the new era of technological evolution, Misra should certainly be acknowledged as the father of this era. That, he is not yet considered for the Nobel Prize, is because of the fact that, forced by circumstances to stay at Bhubaneswar, away from the global mainstream, he is not able to stay focused in the world of science. I know many of thinking minds that visit this site. My appeal to them is that they should peruse the links given in this post to appreciate how original is Misra’s contribution to creation of matters of global utility through the method of controlled application of electricity. If creativity in science keeps any meaning for the Nobel Prize, Dr Misra is the man, who should be the best choice for the same. And, India should espouse this sans any delay.

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  1. I pesonally feel that Dr.AKMishra should be recommended for Noble Prize for Physics.
    Government of India should take necessary initiatives for the same at the earliest.

  2. Dear Ashok Bhaina,
    I personally congratulate you for your work and am proud that you are such a great personality.
    May Lord Jagannatha help people like us.

    • Dear Dr Ram Chandra Rout :
      Thank you for your heartfelt comment in the orissamatters. I hope you are doing well with your family and friends. Please write in my email asoka.misra@gmail for further discussion.
      Asoka misra

  3. Government of India should please consider this matter and recommend the name Dr. Misra for Nobel in physics

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