Narendra Modi: The issue is human rights of his wife

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

What would be the response of Election Commission to allegation of Congress against Narendra Modi in matter of his affidavit on his marital status is a politico-administrative action to watch.

But on the basis of confession of Mr. Modi that he has married and abandoned his wife after two months of marriage, the issue is human rights of his wife.

Conjugal rights of a married person is a vital part of his/her human rights. Mrs. Modi’s conjugal rights are totally violated as Modi has abandoned her after two months of marriage.

For violation of human rights of any member of human society, the society has always insisted upon action against contravener of human rights and the Human Rights Commission has also taken action.

Therefore, the BJP’s assertion that marriage being a personal matter of Modi, the nation has nothing to worry, is not tenable.

It is a fit case for National Human Rights Commission to initiate action against Modi on the basis of his confession in the public that after two months of marriage he has abandoned his wife, such abandonment having shattered Mrs.Modi’s human rights as a married woman.

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  1. Hello BJP! you are 100% right in saying, ” …….. Marriage being a personal matter of Mr. Modi …. ….. …. ” but in the later part of your declaration YOU are EQUALLY or EVEN MORE than 100% WRONG in saying, ” …… the nation has nothing to worry”. It is not tenable.

    Because soon after the marriage formality is done with ; the WHOLE AFFAIR gets in to the Public / Social Domain, hence, it becomes a matter of great concern not only of the society but at large of the Nation (Mr. Modi being PM Candidate now ) as to what happened in the family of the wedded couple, thereafter, as the orissamatters has tried to bring into FOCUS .

    So, Mr. Modi has a LOT TO EXPLAIN NOW ; since, our country is a family cantered society.

  2. Sir, I regularly follow your articles. For me Modi’s declaration of his wife’s name on affidavit is not much of a national debate. As on your mention of NHRC, is the said commission dependable?

    We must first ask Mr. Manmohan Singh for his last Rajya Sabha nomination paper where he had mentioned of his wife’s name. Must ask Ms Sonia Gandhi of her source of income, must ask Mr. Navin Pattnaik of his failure on governance.

    The nation needs leadership and don’t need somebody’s personal affairs which is consensual. I strongly oppose BJP if the remarks are true as you mentioned. BJP spokespersons also need to be careful and not show up such aggression which demoralizes our own Bharatiya parampara….

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