My Pride as an Indian did not allow me to vote

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I did not vote yesterday. My pride as an Indian did not allow me to vote, because thereby plutocracy could have earned my approval, when I have been opposing it to the best of my ability.

I am happy that, many people are not voting. Most of them are averse to voting, because by voting, they are not getting any good government. In fact, plutocracy never gives a good government.

People mistake plutocracy as democracy, as both the systems are based on votes.

In plutocracy, political parties are led by the rich; the rich and/or agents of the rich get fielded as candidates by the parties of the rich; elections legally become too expensive for the poor to aspire for a seat in any house of representatives, as a result of which only the rich or the agents of the rich represent the poor and on capturing power, act against the poor, as governance under such representatives is set to support and serve only the rich, not the poor. The rich take to their ownership the natural resources of the nation by using the state power; displace people from their habitats and life-sustaining lands for private industries and the rich by using state terror; loot the exchequer for multiplication of their properties while throwing tiny amounts like orts at people in the grassroots in the name of their welfare; force the workforce to digest the ignominy of thriving on subsidized cereals like a-rupee-per-kg-rice, on a bid to survive slow-starvation. And they continue to do this by planting a set of the rich and or agents of the rich against another set of their own, making election a Hobson’s choice that continues the rule of the rich.

This plutocratic design is to be defeated.

And, it can be done, only if the method of occupying power by the rich – the elections – is shunned.

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    • Thanks for the kind reaction.I know, by not voting, I am not going to defeat anyone. My aim is also not to defeat anyone. My action is addressed against a system.And, the system is plutocracy. Participation in a plutocratic election is the same as becoming one with plutocracy. I am really happy that you have paid kind attention to the issue raised. Thanks again.

  1. My idea is not that you have proposed. As a first step, looking at people’s mood against corruption, we should support a candidates who believe in rule of law ,transparency and accountability amongst them because the intent of the majority of the voters for vote someone in this election as their representatives. The change is no coming in a day. So APP is the best option at this moment.

  2. When I was in class VI I started wearing KHADI till the last day when I left India for higher studies in US (1970). I also had a ‘Box Charkha’ even in the days of my studies at BHU. All this happened may be due to my association with some of the prominent personalities of ‘Bhudan Movement’ including the revered Vinobha ji (I had opportunity of spending some days with the Noble one too).

    While en-route to New York I overheard cabin crew politely explaining the nonavailability of liquor on board to the citizens of other countries traveling in the then ‘ Maharaja Service ‘ i.e. the AIR INDIA flight (taking the name of the Mahatma too) and the Govt policy etc, thereto .

    Well, now after 44 years, cutting the long story short ;

    1. Today you go to any Khadi Bhandar you will find NO stock almost and the salesmen just whiling away sitting on their chairs or gossiping merrily. These must be Govt. funded shops……………………. ??? Then take time out go to other Khadi Bhandars and you will find varieties and may be more than you desired……………….Are not they sudo-Khadi mixed with textile materials including synthetic threads mixed in different %ages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ????? They are mill products of Capitalists for sure.
    2. One day I thought of buying a Charakha to spend time like my good old days. I visited the Khadi Bhandar in Market building near Kalamandir while my wife was on her purchasing spree. On my enquiry of a Charkha two of the salesmen came together with light smiles on their lips ….. received me very cordially and lead me upstairs into a humble office room like (later came to know that it was the Manager’s Office) and introduced him and informed him of my intention and disappeared ……….. while we were in conversation after about 4/5 minutes I was almost ‘Gheraooed’ by another 8/10 people, employees of course, and I became a show piece. With lot of laughs and happy comments (with) tea on the table …….. they were so happy that they expressed in no uncertain words that it’s a great day for them to see a person in BBSR coming to them and asking for a Charakha in their decades of salesmanship. We had a very good time in discussion when suddenly my wife appeared after being frustrated. Then she also spent some time with us ……………… when I was informed Sir, if you put the ORDER we will be able to procure one for you in about 6-months. With a polite smile, I also informed them Sir, don’t worry I have changed my mind, I would rather order one AGNI-IV with a 3-kg nuclear war head instead that I will reach me in 90-days.
    3. Then comes the TONICS of the General Election Euphoria : Today Govt Owns Breweries and opens up pubs and other models of out-lets and even for convenience produces pouches (hell with all the families going to dogs for the drunkard males/bread earners of the household). More so the INNOVATIVE WAYS TO TRANSPORT THE TONIC TO THE DOOR STEPS OF VOTERS IN AMBULANCES AND as I read in News PCR vans carrying bundles too. IS IT THE SAME INDIA THAT I WAS BORN INTO in 1947 ? MAHATMA SHOT AT ?

    Finally, I am also one who did not go for the Voting…………. I am not feeling proud but am still pondering over as to if I had any other honorable EXIT ?

  3. Bribing The Voters

    Retired Chief Election Commissioner , S Y Quraishi , is all set to release his book ,

    ” The Undocumented Wonder : The Making of the Great Indian Election ”

    Talking to DNA ( 15 April 2014 ) he listed some 40 different ways in which , Political Parties try to bribe voters

    Some of these are :

    > Cash
    > Depositing money in voter’s bank account
    > Liquor Bottles
    > LPG Cylinders
    > Free Rice / Food Packets
    > Payments of Electricity / Water Bills
    > Mass Feasts
    > Screening of films
    > Laptops / Tablets
    > Bicycles
    > Mangal Sutras
    > Gold Coins
    > Buffalos
    > Colour TV
    > Mixer – Grinder
    > Unemployment Allowance
    > Waiver of loans
    > Free Houses ……etc

    Political Parties are happy that Mr Quarishi , being an honest / straight forward person , could imagine only 10 % of the ways of bribing voters !

    And who cares that the EC has managed to seize a meager Rs 300 crores worth of cash so far during the current season , when all of the Rs 40,000 Crores worth of black money ( @ Rs 5 crores per candidate * 8,000 candidates ) , has escaped un-noticed ( looking other way ? ) by ,

    > Income Tax Department
    > Enforcement Directorate
    > CAG / CVC
    > Election Commission…..etc

    Even the almighty Supreme Court seemed helpless , when it held recently :

    ” Although promises of distribution of freebies may not technically constitute corrupt practice , under the Representation of People Act , they vitiate the electoral process by influencing voters and disturbing the level playing between contesting parties ”

    And since there is no difference of opinion between the political parties when it comes to exploiting the poverty of 400 million BPL ( Below the Poverty Line ) voters , I would not be surprised if the next government at the Centre , introduces a ,

    ” Bribe ( given ) Politically ( is ) Legal Bill ” ( for BPL people ! )

    in the very first session of 16th Lok Sabha !

    Expect it to be passed unanimously – and without a debate !

    Political parties are firm believer of what Kaushik Basu ( onetime advisor to PM ) once said ( – although in a different context ) ,

    ” Giving bribe must not be treated as crime

    Ordinary citizens are forced to give bribes when they are denied , service that is legitimately due to them

    If they are held innocent , they will come forward and report all instances when they were forced to bribe bureaucrats

    Only bribe-takers must be punished ”

    * hemen parekh ( 28 April 2014 / Mumbai )

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