MUFP Demands Public Apology from Minister

The Media Unity for Freedom of Press ( MUFP )has, in a statement today, expressed deep shock and surprise over the incident involving a cabinet minister’s assault on media persons on duty on September 15, 2006 inside his secretariat chamber. The Minister Mr. Bijayshree Routray seems to have forgotten all ethics and manners while dealing with press persons. Media persons in Orissa have been in the target of wrong doers for quite some time. Not even a month has passed since media persons were attacked and seriously injured by hired goons inside KISS and KIIT campus and the police have yet to take necessary action against the assaulters, a minister has personally attacked a media person on duty.
The MUFP demands unconditional public apology from the erring minister and calls for serious introspection within the media fraternity to find out reasons for growing attacks on media persons who are just doing their job of digging out truth for public sharing. The MUFP also appeals the Chief Minister to take all such issues seriously and initiate appropriate action against the attackers so that freedom of expression in the state is duly protected.

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  1. this eunuch should be shown exit as soon as possible. doesn’t know odia. dull, eccentric, addict, chain smoker, pessimist, impotent, dependent but doubts each, psycho navin spoiled odisha and innocent,little bit foolish odias see him from distance and catapult him to power paving the path of destruction of odisha. he doesn’t find road from navin nivas to the secretariat. his driver drives him to office. he can’t go by walk. absolutely disinterested in our people and our state; only needs the power. And we vote him blindly! Ours is a state what can be termed as the 8th wonder. I bet, navin can’t recognise his MLAs, can’t address to a gathering without a prepared text even in english or hindi. doesn’t know our history, geography, politics, ethics, ramayan,mahabharat, buxi jagabandhu,madhu babu, utkalmoni. even i doubt if he had known Lord Jagannath before the year of 2000. largest shame of modern world. odisha is the only kingdom in world, king of which doesn’t know the language of his subjects! irony of fate…..

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