Writings on the walls be read instead of finding fault with the police

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Police is being accused of laxity in Chief Minister’s security after students and youth leaders hurled eggs at him in course of a black flag demonstration when he was on his way to Utkal University today to attend a function.

The demonstration was so sudden that the Police Commissionerate could not have the slightest smell of it. Who is responsible for the lapse is being investigated into.

But the fact is fact. The Chief Minister had to face the wrath of the people, howsoever marginal that be. Elements of Congress are claiming credit, but that does not matter. The demonstrators were carriers of public displeasure over continuous misrule. It is relevant to note that hundreds of young educated unemployed persons were demonstrating today against government’s blatant failure in keeping its pledge to feel up vacant posts. A striking allegation was that during the last ten years, the government has failed to hold competitive examination for State Civil Services or for Government Colleges. Naveen Patnaik is eager to serve avaricious interest of private industrialists, but has no mind for providing employment to Orissa’s educated youth, they were crying before the cameras. In such a climate, hurling eggs at the CM might have come from somebody such affected.

Even ruling party members today came down heavily upon Naveen babu’s government that has subjugated governance by people’s representative to overlordship of bureaucracy. Clealy, the administration is collapsing. Public wrath is increasing.

Misrule is giving birth to anarchy.Police security to CM and action against some police officials for laxity in his security will not end the anarchy. Today’s black flag demonstration and egg hurling have inscribed handwritings on the wall. The same should be read before it is too late.

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  1. It is a perfect post-mortem report. The Chief Minister, if so alert should make an introspection instead of witch hunting by State Police Administration. The anger of youth is well ventilated to the State administration through its legislative head.

  2. Agreed 100% with the interpretation of the EGG-incidence.
    Time to stop thinking in the line of POSCO-like out fit. Rather the classical Gandhian Path of ‘SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL’ holds the key to future survival of the fittest or perish -Mankind- i.e. heavy encouragement/PRIORITIES BE GIVEN to ‘VILLAGE INDUSTRIES’.

    The Academics both Technical and Non-Technical need drastic corrections from INSIDE OUT without reservations.

    To have a control over the spiraling cost of living and the uncontrollable Inflation let the Govt. initiate and promulgate necessary (REVERSAL ECONOMICS) laws by which definitely the market force will be controlled automatically. Needs further contemplation to work out the process.

    And the field of Politics need a HEAVY ACIDIC CLEANSING, of course.

    Then only the future generation will be at peace or else……………………

    • Thank you Ashok Sir, let the Government learn. But as long as Naveen rules, Gandhiji’s concept of village industry will not be sponsored. Because, practically the BABUs are ruling the State, who are yet the followers of the British policy.

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