OBSS shifted proposed agitation agenda as governance of Orissa in Oriya is on anvil

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Governance of Orissa in Oriya language being already put on the anvil, Orissa Bhasa Sangram Samiti (OBSS) shifted its re-agitation agenda which was to commence today.

OBSS Press Meet, 17.8.15

OBSS convener Sankar Parida told the press that on evolution of a Joint Action Commiittee (JAC) comprising five ministers representing the Chief Minister and seven language activists representing the OBSS has decided to promulgate a set of Rules for working of the Orissa Official language Act, 1954 along with a Language Policy.

Program is accordingly drawn to discuss the Language Policy and the proposed Orissa Official Language Rules in the next meeting of the JAC to be held in the last week of this month. The minutes of the JAC would be placed before the Chief Minister under whose desire the JAC has been formed and thereafter, official steps shall be taken to accord necessary status of law to the Policy and the Rules.

OBSS is in frequent touch with the Ministers of the committee in this matter and on August 15, in an informal discussion with OBSS leadership, the Industries, School and Mass education Minister Sri Debi Prasad Mishra, who heads group of Ministers in this specific matter, has also indicated the government’s positive mind.

In view of this, the re-agitation agenda of the OBSS has been shifted sine die, Sri Parida informed.

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  1. This is problem with all Indian languages. We are so much English oriented that we think first in English then translate it into Oriya or Hindi. Ironically, teaching of local languages as a subject is harming them. We avoid classical texts of Pancha Sakha and promote new authors of each region. We do not read Sanskrit which is base of words of all Indian languages including Tamil. In fact older words of vedas are in Dravida region. But without knowing grammar and word formation, it is assumed to be unconnected language on which Sanskrit was imposed later on. People have stopped searing own language and copy only what was ordered by British. If it was so, why 35 vedic words are used only in Oriya?
    Same trouble is with teaching of Sanskrit in English medium. Most professors are unable to read Sanskrit, understanding is still farther. Without searing any original book, PhD thesis in History, philosophy, Sanskrit are awarded in bulk.

  2. The positive symptoms give rise to a hope for the long awaited implementation of The Act . I pray and hope the best . The timely and tactful posting has sufficient reason to justify the noble cause .

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