Happy News to Share: My View on Biju Tomb Clicks after 8 Years

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
Government of Orissa have decided yesterday to remove the Biju Tomb from Swargadwara, Puri. I consider it a victory of what I had underlined eight years ago in particular and 14 years ago in general.

Esteemed visitors to this site may appreciate that words of conscience withstand a phase of time to succeed. For perusal:
Swargadwara Must First Be Freed From Biju Patnaik’s Posthumous Encroachment

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  1. Of course, the last line of this posting is NOT ONLY RIGHT BUT CERTAINLY IS OF VALUE.
    Having said that, due recognition also at the same breath to the ” SON ” – CM for his realization though late yet commendable decision considering the sentiments of THE ODIYAS. ……………….. ” BHASA ANDOLAN ” for Punishment of non-use as Adm. Language Act will be the Master Stroke of the SON-CM OF THE SOIL-SON; will it be ?

    • Thanks for the speaking comment. It would be better for the CM to heed to your just advice.

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