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  1. In view of acquital of 11 other accused basing upon the evidences of the witnesses,no conviction can be sustained in respect of other accused persons on the self-same evidences of those witnesses. Further in absence of clear and cogent evidence against the accused he can not be convicted in a case punishment of which is for life. Hence Dara deserves an order of clear acquital from the Hon’ble Apex Court.

  2. i agree with sri mohapatra. as subhas patnaik had earlier indicated, there is enough ground to believe that graham staines and his two sons might not have been even killed. the three charred bodies migh belong to the three adivasis who are missing since that day of staines alleged death. by killing the three adivasis and putting their deadbodies in the vehicles, staines might have escaped to australia giving christianity a great publishity through the sympathy cultivation. a dna test might have established the truth. it is surprising that such a test could not be done in such a sensitive case and the judiciary pronounces it verdicts!

  3. Hello, I intimately followed Sri Sri Mentu Maharaj from 1971 onwards.
    This took place in Buckinghamshire, England.
    Mentu Maharaj’s spiritual achievement was inconceivable by the normal dwarfed
    vision of mortal man.
    Outwardly to many, he was a cross between a politician, a social worker,
    general counsellor, campaigner for world peace, and many, many worldly/spiritual
    roles. But to those that knew him intimately and had the fabulous privilege
    of staying or living in his presence, he was a literally an unimaginable
    amount more!
    If anyone would wish of me, I could recount stories and concepts that,
    assuming I were believed could only inspire the reader/seeker to strongly
    reconsider that the, almost long forgotten idea of the fantastical
    ‘spiritual master’ either does or did exist. Oh, I know many devotees of
    many so called masters will now say, ‘oh yes, my guru was like that’. I
    reluctantly have to suggest that Mentu Maharaj was virtually unique.
    With no hesitation or false modesty whatsoever, I have to say that Mentu
    Maharaj did not reveal his more mythical side to many. But he did to me.

    William Bryant

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  11. Orissa govt. want to have the cake and eat it too.That is the story of reforms
    in orissa.The commitment (made in the Orissa power sector development policy
    in 1996 which paved way for reforms) to introduce professional management and grant of
    autonomy to powercompanies like GRIDCO and OHPC has been systematically
    thrown in to wind by a set of burocrats feel threatned if professionals
    take over poer sector.The adminisrators who manage power sector without
    having basic knowledge of electricity are only bsy to satisfy their ego.
    The systematic negelect of the sector will spell doom
    for the people of orissa.

  12. Your effort is praiseworthy.Please send this to
    CM & chief secretary and to news paper for
    publication. Request to highlight Orissa power sector development plicy and it’s fallout in the next
    kind regards
    br mishra

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  21. Dear Ed.
    A article beset with patriotic muse.PM’s reference was unnecessary.
    But,British rule which has a shameless trail is a fact we have to gulp!
    Thanks a lot.

  22. As a friend of Rupashree’s from her early days and entrance days at Jamia Millia Islamia I want to congratulate her profusely for the work she is doing. I would like to be able to contact her if it is possible.

  23. Somebody should attract attention of Mr. Manmohan Singh to this article
    so that the Indian Prime Minister can know where he erred. And he can also know that India refused to be one with him in his praises for Britishraj.

  24. I don’t agree with Mr. Dash
    Mr. Dash explains: “Lord Jagannath is not only our God, but also our friend, philosopher and saviour. Moreover, He is our identity. So an Oriya community needing a cultural space tries to establish it distinctively by building a Jagannath temple.”
    There are many non-oriyas who visit this temple regularly.Shri Krishna is one of the most popular deities and everyone knows the phenomenon of Lord Jagannath,Balbhadra and Subhadra. We request Bijay Dash, vice-president of Sri Neelachal Seva Sangha to amend the provisos. Greatness of the sea is so, as any number of rivers can join it. Concur to conquer!
    Rama Saxena


  25. Dear Mr.pattanayak,
    can I hmbly request you to start an noble effort to write first e-book about our beloved ‘ORISSA’and its
    history & culture.I assume you have sufficient insight and patriotism to take up
    this work.Your article on ‘LORD JAGANNATH’ showed the history of worship in a authentic new angle
    thanking you,

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  33. This nation has ignored the might,accomplishments and contributions of the Oriya
    settlers(esp. in SAsia,SEAsia) and the maritime empire to which Orissa,Oriya
    Kings gave name,in its NCERT textbooks.Why does’nt Emperor Kharavela and the rout
    of Patliputra(Magadha)find mention in the cultural mainstream?!!

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  41. Sir,actually it is pity to express the condition of those families .this struggle will continue till the existance of life,your way of presenting is highly appreciated . i am from my core thanking u .swati

  42. Dear Subhas babu:
    We have succeeded in making heros without informing why they are and what they are famous for. I am sure every body in Orissa the name of Veer Surendra Sai and yet are unaware of what he is famous for. Deification is a trait in us, which was probably clearly menifested in our acceptance of the man as hero, adding them to the pantheon of 330 million deities. It does not endanger status quo and yet if the values he lived, fought and died for are very discrete. Every one knows of VSS Medical college and very few about VSS’s life and suffering for the cause of Freedom.
    Best wishes,
    PS: Can you forward me the .pdf files you referenced in your recent write up to Arjun babu?

  43. Rule of law is the first requirement of any civilized society. This is hampered when private gratifications and considerations are allowed. This process is aided and abetted by non-computerization. I request the CM and his law minister to take note of this and ensure early implementation of computerisation of the Orissa High Court. After all it will increase transparency and reduce corruption, what are his avowed goal.
    This should be implemented post haste before end of 2005.

  44. Dear Subhas babu, such injustices/oppressions are built in to the core of our society and societal values. And our elite are not only oblivious but supportive of the status quo – since they don’t wear the shoe that pinches – so don’t know where it pinches and that it needs to be discarded.
    You will be surprised to know Utkalmoni Gopabandhu Das, wrote his name as “DAS” where as every brahmin of today’s Orissa writes
    “DASH”, to distinguish himself or herself from others.
    Where as Late Manmohan Mishra, discarded the sacred thread in his youth, all his progeny – all very educated – are today wearing them.
    Recently I met Dr. Prasanna Pati of Oregon, whose elder brother Dr. Prafulla Pati was a very eminent man. He complained to my wife and wrote to me that his two daughters Anita and Kamala were not allowed into Puri temple in March 2002. We can imagine the condition of ordinary, no bodies?
    On social front there has been a clear reversal in Orissa, which is noticable. I must commend you for writing on these issues, which are necessary to be raised and discussed, so societal advance and progress can happen.
    Thank you and best wishes,

  45. Dear sir,
    thanks a lot!This crisp but comprehensive article is enough for this generation of fast track oriyas to get to know our ‘HEROS’.I request you to continue the series with further contributions .Uncle Dasverma’s views are OK,but he is asking too much!
    yours truly,

  46. Well, it is a new addition to my knowledge.
    Being a student of history I have made a noting of it.

    However, I would like to add that another Young martyr was
    Kartar Sigh Srabha. He was arrested during 1914 along with
    Gadharists. He was later hanged. At that time, he was hardly 14 years old.

    • thanks for the nice response.

      please be pleased to post the details of kartar singh srabha.

      nothing can make us more proud than the immortal memory of the young martyr.

      please share everything about him with the readers of these pages.

    • it has been tremendous ,that a young boy was so vivly,enthusiastic to fight against wrong…..nice to read the article. Actually i didnt knew about this. My father told me to read about this young martyr. So hats off …….also thanks to Mr subhas Pattanayak for posting such a beautiful article…

  47. 1. Higher education and research institutes have a lot of local impact. An IISc
    in BBSR would have had tremendous impact on Bhubaneswar. See details in

    2. Bhubaneswar has nurtured two fine institutions.
    XIMB http://www.orissalinks.com/#ximb
    is ranked 8th in India in one of this years ranking.
    Institute of Physics (IOP) has had a big impact on not only
    Orissa but on Indian Physics. See what IOP graduates are doing
    at http://www.iopb.res.in/~alumni/members/members.html

    3. Yes, air connectivity to BBSR is less than Kolkata and we should improve it.
    But thre are fine instituitions (IIT Kharagpur is an example,
    University of Illinois Urbana, Penn State Univ, Texas A & M) which are not
    well connected, but are very goo and have tremendous impact
    on the state they are in.

    4. For more arguments about why NIS should be in BBSR see

    5. For more detail on this whole issue see

    6. Finally, Kolkata is a fine city and
    having an NIS/IISc in Kolkata is no problem, as long as
    the one announced in BBSR is also established.
    Please join the letter writing campaign.

  48. For quality of IOP, please check
    and especially

    If you check its faculty and alumni
    vita, you will find some have joined IOP after being in an IIT.
    IOP is well respected in India and abroad.

    ILS is new but stil pretty good.

    See http://www.ilsc.org/publication.htm
    for their publications, many are in International

    In Oriya we have the saying `ghara kania singhaninaki’.
    Really, IOP has always been a top notch place for research in Physics,
    and it shows Orissa can sustain and nurture an NIS/IISc.
    IOP has been a stealth performer, and has focussed more on research
    and less on publicity. Perhaps because of that many of us do not
    know how good it is.

    Until I looked up their website, I also had doubts. But now-a-days
    with most things available in the web, we should no make
    assertions without doing some checking first.

    The problem is besides the political angle, many other decision makers
    may have had thoughts similar to Mr. Mohapatra without checking the facts

    best regards

  49. Beyond IOP and ILS following is a quick highlight of research
    (some top notch, some locally focussed, which is important also)
    at some of the other institutiions in BBSR.

    RRL publications:


    RMRC publications:

    (page 123 – 125)

    CRRI accomplishments: http://crri.nic.in/accomplishments.htm

    CIFA research:

    Research with practical use at

    The research at http://www.ilts-utkal.org/
    is pretty ok. A Princeton scientist saw me reading Sambada in
    the web, and came up to me and talked to me about
    her collaboration with a faculty from ILTS.

  50. I have very little knowledge of Odissi or its history.
    It would be nice if you could add references to various points
    made in your article. I realize that most journalists do not do that,
    often because of lack of space in a newspaper or a magazine.
    But since yours is an web article, i don’t think space
    is an issue. Thus I would suggest that
    you give references and qoutations (in a proper context)
    to various points made in the article.

    best regards

  51. Mahasaya,
    we oriyas are shocked to know the careless outragious dis-service done by the ‘ELITIST DANSEDUE.
    The govt. of orissa should immediately withdraw the publication & We demand aunconditional apology from the Author and the publishers.
    yours truly,

  52. Mahasya,
    you have rightly highlighted this social stubborness of our time.This has to go as the social classifications have exceed its relevance.
    We should not force or coerce our fellow human beings to carry on the burden of a outdated custom for ever.This is morally and ethically incorrect,But,my only concern is this cleansing should be gradual and should have positive support of our State administration.
    Then only We Oriyas can claim as the true ‘Bhaktas’ of LORD JAGANNATH.
    I pray for HIS blessings for this noble purge
    Jai Jagannath!

  53. Dear,
    your observations and analysis is praise worthy.But, let us see how the new set up work in accordance with the NEW constitutional provision.I request the journalist comunity to wake up and take this editorial as a first step for keep an sincer watch on the govt in implementing tis new Act .

  54. The editors of Orissamatters.com are well aware of the points of differences among our readers regarding this issue and thank all the readers who posted comments for this news.
    However, owing to personal requests of some readers, we have had to remove another sequence of comments until deemed necessary for them to reappear. We do hope that readers understand this move of ours and continue with the kind cooperation.
    New and fresh comments to this and other posts are highly encouraged.

  55. After a long time I saw the article of Subhas Patnaik. I wish to give warmwishes to him and to his family on the occasion of Dasara and Depavali. Goodwishes to Saswat too.

    I at at Hyderabad since last 4 years. Now heading the News Team of ETV Oriya.

    I will be happy if my message can reach him. Thank you.

    -Nilambar Rath
    Dy. News Coordinator
    ETV News Oriya
    Ramoji Film City

    09391041944 (m)

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  66. sir,
    glad to know this breaking news.
    Hope this is taken up by the legislative representatives accross party lines at the appropriate govt.forums.

  67. I have read *without* much interest your article, because I am not very well versed in Odissi Dance. But here is a factual error that you and your readers should know …

    Ramanand Kanungo is *NOT* Nityanand Kanungo’s son. I should know because I am Nityanand Kanungo’s grandson.

    … and who knows how many more such “innocent” or “not so innocent” errors have slipped into this artcle. But that, as we all have come to realize is an apparent journalistic privilege.

    Let the readers decide ….


  68. I have to retract my earlier message (Oct 27, 8:29 am). There are two Ramanand Kanungo’s that are related to me. One of them is Nityanand Kanungo’s son – my badabapa. Inadvertently, I assumed that the author was referring to the Ramanand Kanungo who is alive and *NOT* Nityanand Kanungo’s son.

    Both Nityanand Kanungo and his son Ramanand Kanungo are no more. So, iit looks like Subhas Chandra Pattanayak can say whatever and get away with it because Nityanand Kanungo and Ramanand Kanungo are not around to defend themselves. Defending one person does not require berating another.

    I sincerely believe that there is no anti-Oriya lobby out there. Oriyas are known to screw each others’ happiness royally. It seems to me that Mr. Pattanayak is a seasoned practitioner of that art. Maybe Ms. Mohanty will be able to provide us a viewpoint that is not represented in this article. I look forward to that …



  69. Babu Shivaraj,
    When did you discover the name of your badabapa? According to you, we oriyas are known to screw each other’s happiness royally. Is that your way of proving you are that kind of Oriya? When you are not even sure of who was Ramanand Kanungo (and if you are actually any relation that you are claiming) and you have to admittedly retract, then why bother with your alleged errors and mislead the public. I dont know much about odissi debate, but I am sure the debate has schools of thoughts already.
    As a reader i am failing to decide basing on your retractions when the “factual errors” are turning out to be yours. i dont know of the journalist babu’s knowledge, but i like the depth of his arguments.
    Tushar, Bangalore.

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  77. mahasay,
    thanks,for bringing this symbolic memorandum to protest against the injustice done to Orissa

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  106. To
    The editor, OrissaMatters.com

    Thanking you for publishing this comprehensive article and also covering the NIS/IISER issue time to time. Although, the reason shown why and how PM and other leaders are cheating Orissa is admittedly genuine, the CM, Mr Patanaik should not be completely blamed. He was simply unable to weigh the graveness of this matter. The more important thing is, we should not make him weak further by accusing for every thing; in my personal opinion, it is rather strategic to apply pressure on him and saying that he is honest for the cause Orissa. By this he feels more enthusiastic to fight for Orissa. The MoU of BPUT and IITKgp/XLRI are seen nice outside and it shows our broadness, even if Orissa is always ignored by central govt. Nevertheless, you have done good job by pointing to Mr Patnaik that he should not be satisfied by any smaller gift (like RCSIS and central university) in place of NIS.

    Another request to you is, please question all are our MPs (from all the political party) and making them smart to fight in the parliament. More important is creating public awareness and making peaceful/ non-destructive protests, this of course media like yours can support easily.

    Thanking you

  107. Thanks for the piece of news. And I really liked the new look of Orissa matters. Good job Saswat.

  108. I am very glad to see this news for my motherland.
    We should fight now and forever and unite together to achieve the best.


  109. The decission of the Orissa High Court is really admirable. I hope Central Government should realise it’s wrong attitude. And at last the HRD ministry should take decission to establish a ISSER IN orissa

  110. This news is great but we have a lot more to do. But something is better than nothing. Justice shall prevail.

    Debasmita Misra
    Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

  111. Mahasaya,
    let us not believe that things will work out as we wish.Our efforts has just put a temporary stoppage to the injustice heaped on us.We need to campaign more and influence the people in power by lobbying more to get back the Institution,and the required beurocratic proactiveness should intensify in getting the central govt.realise its folly.
    Thanking you again & again!

  112. Good news to begin with. Howevrer,We shall not rest till we get NIS/ISSER is established in BBSR.

    Now it is time for our state Government/Leaders to
    pitch in strongly not to let the momentum go out of
    our hand.

    Thank you all
    Bikrant Panda

  113. The decision of the UPA government was quite unfortunate for a state which is already tottering with poverty and underdevelopment. No doubt the state is rich with talents but lacks in having number of Institutions of National and International repute comapred to other developed states in our country. Though late, but this is a good move by the Orissa High Court. Let’s hope for the best.
    Thanks a lot.

    With best wishes,
    Prasanjit Samal
    Ph. D. , I. I. T. Kanpur

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  121. Thank you for highlighting an Oriya Champion, Baji Rout.
    The Oriyas,despite their truest Indianhood, are grossly neglected in the Indian parlance. Who rechristined the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 as the First War of Independence? It is a governmental gratis of the last 70s . Ws not the Paika Mutiny of 1803-17 and Adivast Mutiny of 1926 were not ancient to 1857? There are plenty such discrimination. India has only two identities. One that closer to Delhi and the other, to whom Delhi fears. At this juncture your efforts of publishing Baji Rout is admired without reservation. Baji Rout is an irreplaceable lovely wounded toy in Oriyas’ heart through Sachi Routray. You have offered him a homage of gratitude with which I fully share.
    Rabi Kanungo, Writer. (e mail: rabikanungo@rediffmail.com)

  122. Sir,
    We have to institutionalize this campaign in some form. Create lobby groups, plant articles periodically in the national media. Although I’m not from the media world, whatever I can do as a student — I’d be more than happy to do the same. Last but not the least, we are all inspired by your relentless struggle in keeping the issue in focus. We are all with you Sir.



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  130. Glad to know the news,its an opportunity for ORISSA, now its time to prove ourself both at national and international level, and also an wake up call for oriyas.
    Thanking you,
    with best wishes and regards,
    Smita Pattjoshi,

  131. First of all ,from my deepest heart,i congratulate those respected persons whose sincere effort over last couple of months have yeilded this result.It is really a matter of great pleasure for me, individually and to all the oriyas,generally, as the things are proceeding in right direction.Now i see a ray of hope amidst a condition of hopelessness and frustation,not due to the fact that we are neglected but because of our selfish nature and divided stand.Except establishment of NIS/IISER in Orrissa we also have a lot of other issues where we should fight on a united front,atleast we should put a firm effort on intelletual and legal front. Wishing the best, i will be pleased if i would be able to contribute anything like time, momey, supprt for this movement.

    Nikunja Bihari Dash
    Editor,Kaling Samaj
    IIT Kharagpur
    Mobile no.09932293532

  132. Sir,
    its a collective failure of Oriya intelctuals and leaders at ‘delhi Durbar’;because we lack unity in fighting for the just causes of our State.

  133. Its not only with Orissa. I am an Assamese and I feel the picture is same here in Assam. Our MPs
    can give a run for there money to ypur MPs. All of them are useless guys who goes to Delhi to enjoy the next five years. I have realised this after spending last 6 years in Bangalore. Now I know why
    Blore, Hyderabad or Mumbai is going forwards whereas We (Orissa, Assam, Bihar etc) are going
    backward everyday.

    The difference is the politician. The politician here in Blore really love this place and try to do something abt it, but there we have politicians who cares only about themself

  134. I am eagerly waiting to buy a copy of the CD. I saw the live teleccast of the National Award Ceremony and was verymuch impressed.I was trying to contact Action Aid through their website, however it is under reconstruction. Hence, this request. Hope I will get some replHearty Congratulation.


    Prabhat K. Rath

  135. Really a great news for all Odiya people.
    But still its not the begining, we have to strengthen
    our electronic campaign on this issue and finally to
    Shubhransu Nayak

  136. I know the teachers of Utkal University. None of them have courage to take the matter to the top of the leadershpi. I have see their role in disintegrating students coulncil. I have also see their passive role while two of their teachers were suspened in last year by the then Gov. Mr M.M Rajendran. I know how none of them spoke when govt scraped subjects from colleges. . I aam sure this is an eye washing game.
    Plz publish this article in News paper If possible. yours rudra

  137. Respected Mr Pattanayak,
    In the recent past i have gone through your articls and have lot of appriciation for you.

    Your uprightness in caling a spade a spade in your writing will certainly hammer the readers and may act as a catalyst in bringing back the SWABHIMAN issue in our mind.

    Lalit Mohan Pattnaik

  138. Looks like this will turn out to be a long fight :

    Reasons :

    1. The decesion to force a shift was taken under pressure from
    communist parties (like most of the decisions now). We need to fight on the
    political front, thts the biggest challenge.

    2. The orissa congress has to forget politics and put pressure on Arjun singh
    and Sonia to change the decision (hope they do so)

    3. People will have to fight thru different channels like press, using the
    influence of beaurocrats, and ofcourse courts.

    IBM global services

  139. It is great to see all Oriya people comming together to fight for the injustice
    to Orissa.We should not be keep quiet till ISSER is established in Orissa.And
    beurocrates from Orissa should guide us in this regard.

    Software Engineer

  140. Beautiful site Subhasji ,Thanks for shareing all these great news
    here.I am adding this site to my Fav. I’ll visit time to time.
    I should say here thanks to Renukaji too.

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  150. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NIS / IISER: NAVEEN USES IIT AS A NEW PLOY AGAINST ORISSA

  151. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NIS / IISER: NAVEEN USES IIT AS A NEW PLOY AGAINST ORISSA

  152. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NIS / IISER: NAVEEN USES IIT AS A NEW PLOY AGAINST ORISSA

  153. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NIS / IISER: NAVEEN USES IIT AS A NEW PLOY AGAINST ORISSA

  154. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NIS / IISER: NAVEEN USES IIT AS A NEW PLOY AGAINST ORISSA

  155. Respected Subhas Babu,
    It is a my honour to be a part of a state which has produced
    some of the most brave people in the world.Your article is very knowledgeable and inspiring
    .I myself wasnt aware of most of the events mentioned by you.Thanks a lot for making us all
    aware of the martyr of our soil.
    Thanking you,

    yours sincerely
    Subhashish Mishra

  156. Sir,
    a very refreshing news article.I wish all the best to the organisers through your esteemed site.
    thanks a lot.

  157. While i was working in Otv as a news reporter, i had the chance to have a tete-e-tet with with Mr.Bibhuti Mishra. He was such an amicable soul, he loved to talk on arts and artists.he was dynamic to such an extent that he loved to live as a freelance reporter rather than duty bound newsperson.i had chatted with him for more than a hour.I also did a live shooting of the program of new year carnival with him. while hosting the show i found that he was free mixing,and amicable. I feel i have lost someone who is very close to my heart. May his soul rest in peace.

  158. dear sir,
    i’m told you also carry poetry .could i visit the site pls?
    warm wishes
    manu dash

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  172. Pingback: OrissaMatters»Blog Archive » NISc: ONLY THE BENGALIS IN CABINET DEFENDED THE BLACK DEED!

  173. It is evident that Pranab Mukherjee’s statement in the Parliament was not based on fact that has been
    presented chronologically by GOI or the media. The statement was also an insult to all oDiAs. This
    government has taken a step that will make them repent. oDiAs from all walk of life should stand
    together and condemn this injustice. oDishA has been victimized by the Congress governments in its own
    state in the past. Now such victimization ensues from the national government.

    Thanks a lot for the expose’.

  174. Manmohan Singh has become a true politicians…..
    other like Pranab Mukherjee, Budhadeb and CPI are taking benefits out of it.

  175. Dear Sir,

    It seems like, the NIS issue is losing it’s vigor because of some
    intelligent planning by Non-oriyas (Bengalis and the whole of UPA govt.).
    Let us be alert and thwart such plans.

    (1) We are fighting to set up NIS in our Bhubaneswar.
    Why do we need to explain that we donot have a problem if parallel
    institute comes up at Calcutta.
    (Of late, some of our politicians are doing this!)
    It means We are losing focus, we need to realize this!
    Let us be alert. If we lose focus and start commenting about other aspects,
    we will eventually get weakened.

    (2) As per some reports, West Bengal communist MPs want to support our
    issues of setting NIS at Bhubaneswar.
    My question is why the heck they support us. It is a well known
    how Bengalis hate Oriya guys. Because of them, we have lost out so many things.
    If they are trying to project that they are supporting us,
    it means they have well-thought-out plans.
    This way they will make us to agree that let there be two institutes,
    one in Calcutta and one in Bhubaneswar. If Central govt, okays this plan,
    the Oriyas’ movement for NIS might slow down the agitation and
    as time passes by the Central govt will start ignoring sate of Orissa as
    they always do. They will let the institute come up in Calcutta
    while the Institute at Bhubaneswar will remain on Paper only!
    My suggestion is let us monitor what the Bengalis are doing,
    but we should not be party to what they are doing.
    Let us be neutral to their suggestions.
    Let us thwart any such plans which has potential to jeopardize our movement.
    Let us add momentum to our movement and make it more vigorous.
    We should have confidence and conviction that we will mate it.
    If Bengal MPs have the guts, let them ask Central govt. to cancel the IISER
    and let NIS first come up in Orissa in just 12 months.
    It is high time, we understand the petty politics of Central govt.

    (If you want to make this view public, please ensure that my name and mail id
    never becomes public, for obvious reasons.)


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  180. Dear all oriya brothers and sisters,
    This is a very nice news and I would like to thank all the people who have put lots of effort to bring us till this. Lets not stop here and try to give positiove encourgement to all oriyas staying in and out.

    Thanking you all.

    Panakj Lochahn Khilar.








  188. Dear Subash Babu,

    A nice piece. Please keep it up for your readers.


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  190. sir,
    noted social worker medha patkar said that naveen
    patnaik is ruining orissa.
    it is hundred percent true.

    i think the people of orissa will awake now
    after Medha’s word. the kalinga nagar incident has proved the in-efficiency of the naveen govt.
    the ruling party as well as its allies have no reaction
    towards the present scenario of the state.

    how shameful for us, and how ridiculous for the people
    of other states?

    at last the govt should resign .

    bighneswar sahu








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  205. Titilagarh is such a hottest place in Orissa State.
    Government should take action against this. Drinking water
    problem is also a big problem in Titilagarh. So The Central
    Govt. has to be take against this.








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  220. this particular article seems to be a really commendable one.
    it indeed is an insightful presentation on the sympathetic state of
    sleepy low-profile oriyas. request you to spread this message
    and help each and every oriya realize the true sense of federal politics.
    not only the congress govt at center which used to sideline the rights of
    the oriyas, even the erstwhile NDA played with sentiments of poor oriya people.
    vajpayee no doubt had cheated the oriya feelings.
    it is time we must support Naveen Pattanaik in his endeavour to make BJD as
    one of the strongest regional parties, to survive the quagmire of
    indian federal politics.

  221. your article on dark days ahead in orissa is definitely an eye opener but unfortunately
    it hardly will bother them who must be bothered the most, since they well know
    they may not be here to face the tragedy of the people then. all they are interested
    is today and how many MOUs signed and for that how much is dropped into their kitty

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  285. Mahasaya,
    your coulmn has rightly described the whimisical Minister and his lack of
    concern for Public Health & security.But,why this Minister only?The Present
    administration is to be blamed for this Tragedy.Your Example has showed the
    callousness and sycophancy of Beaurocarts, also.We lack responsible leaders
    at all places in our society.It’s High Time the society as a whole take notice of these kind of mishaps and find out urgent solutions through its human leaders.


  286. Basic economics shows us that the needs and demands of the people are best met through the market mechanism, not via some arbitary government authority. I agree that there are certain externalities associated with drinking (like drunk driving and reckless conduct), government policies should be directed towards curbing these externalities. The enitre “na rahega bass na bajegi basoori” approach is ineffective and immoral by restricting individuals from making a choice. Any sort of prohibitionary policies are ineffective and are usually accompanied with unintended consequences such as increasing the returns to criminals (for eg. compare the impact of American alcohol prohibition on Organized crime).

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  301. IAS officers are all bogus.They are not talented and due to only their luck they are given the steering wheel of administration.One after getting the job thinks that he is the MAALIK means the OWNER of the district.BUT DOES ANYBODY THINK IT IS TRUE??? NO.He is the servant that means the slave of the PUBLIC.And PUBLIC means you/me any citizen.But these public servants do not or are unable to solve or do the work of the PUBLIC.In our domestic surroundings we can order a servant to do his duty,but we(THE PUBLIC)dont have any power to say so.WHY??????One should understand that.This is called PUBLIC AWARENESS.It should be embedded in each heart of the PUBLIC.

  302. Hi Mr. Pattanayak,

    Rather than wasting time arguing on which lingo is better than the rest,
    I would expect self proffesed intellectuals such as yourself to pay more
    attention to the teething problems in Orissa and the rest of the eastern region.
    Right now the Maoists have infiltrated every haven in Orissa and threatenting
    to tear it apart.

    You should understand that people of your generation have divided India on the
    basis of caste and language and have not allowed the masses to prosper. Its
    time you people retired and let others do their own thing.

    BTW, speakers of every language claim that their tongue is the sweetest. The
    irony is that such exalted credentials mostly come from the speakers of that
    language itself. Try coming to Assam and saying Oriya is better than Assamese.


  303. Looks like this is just another anti-bengali propaganda. What do we do with
    the millions of Oriyas who live in Bengal and have usurped every form of trade?
    Do we write stupid editorials like these condemning them?

  304. 1. The DGP has a point ! A regulation has to be brought in related to the opening of Security Agencies. The following aspects need to be considered :

    (a) Only Ex Servicemen or Ex Police Personnel should be allowed
    to open or Run Security Agencies.
    (b) Recruitment Policy needs to be defined ie Age (Minimum 18 years),
    Educational Qualification (Minimum Matric), Voter Card and a Character
    Certificate from Village Panchayat and Police Verification Certificate
    should be made manditory for Recruitment. Except in case of Ex Servicemen
    (c) Pay and Allowances and Service Conditions of Security Guards need to
    be made more attractive and realistic ! Keeping a Security in the Category
    of Unskilled or Semi Skilled labour is not only very derogatory, but also
    attract Genuine and Sincere Loyalty and work output from Security Guards
    and as such would tantamount to SLAVERY in Free INDIA. Violations of this
    should invite Strict Action against the Security Agency Owners.

    2. So far as placing the Private Security Agencies under the State Police is
    concerned, we in INDIA have to first factually and truely understand the
    Track Record of the State Police itself ??? On the contrary, it is recommended
    a Law should be passed whereby it should be made mandatory for the Stete Police
    should provide full assistance to the Private Security Agencies and the two
    agencies as such should work in close cooperation with each other !

    3. Babu Raj or Inspector Raj needs to be curbed ! A system of CHECKS AND
    BALANCES as per the Constitution of India needs to be evolved so as to regulate
    the functioning of all Government as well as Private Agencies ? The Watchdog,
    Media and Legal Systems of the country have to become more alert to ensure
    transparent and result oriented functioning of all Government as well as
    Private Agencies working in this nation !

    Jai Hind !

  305. The presentation of Mr. Pattanayak cannot be termed as anti-Bengali propaganda. He has discussed the threat to Kanika Anchorage. He has placed facts recorded in history. And history has no bias. Pattanayak has cited history to show how Kanika belongs to Orissa. If Dutt feels any tension, he should go to the root and censor the Bengali officers who used media to claim ownership over Kanika.

  306. Dear Subash babu,

    This is an excellent writeup though little lengthy.
    Let us wait an see if Budhia will be sacrificed like
    Dharmapada. I am sure he will flourish because the
    entire Orissa and India is with him. Dharmapada was killrd
    -ed to safeguard the interests of ” Barasahabadhei ” . But
    here none can touch Budhia as the blatant conspiracy
    against him has been hatched by few jelous and vested
    interests. If he would heve been the son of an I.A.S.
    officer, a politician or a celebrity none could have dared to show finger towards him.

    If the State Government is so much worried to safeguard
    the interests of the children from exploitation why they are
    blind towards thousands of children sufferring in the
    streets, slums, railway stations and busstands ? What the
    socalled NHRC or the Asian Hunan Right Committee is
    doing for them ? Is it not their duty to seek explanation
    from the Government about the sufferring and expoitation
    of children in poverty-sticken Orissa ?

    Mrs Pramila Mallick, is the minister for Women and Child
    Welfare. She must be aware that about a fortnight back
    only one sex worker in ” Malisahi ” was identified with
    HIV positive. Now the number has gone up to six. Was it not the duty of the Women and Child Welfare Department to rescue and isolate
    those ladies who have virtually become ” bisa kanya ” for
    the society. Why NHRC is silent regarding giving protection to
    such ladies in distress ? Why they are being allowed to
    continue in the sex bazar and spraed the AIDS ?

    With warm regards,
    Prasanta Patnaik.

  307. Dear Sir,
    I am a youth protesting against reservation. I regret that our medical services are getting affected by protests and common man is suffering. But we have no other alternative, as not even a bug is raising in their ears by our peaceful protests. The so called Honerable HRD minister is not even ready to speak to us though he had promised to do so after elections are over. To make them understand the power of youth we have to shake the infrastructure and this is what we are doing.

    Now coming to the issue of reservation, let me make it very clear sir that we are not against OBCs or SCs or STs and we also beleave that everybody should get education. But look at the effectiveness of this system.About 90% of reserved seat are idle in even the even the best institutions, while it is total injustice that though they are compitent to fill these free seats just because they belong to general category thay can not come.Also is unjust to give oppertunities to somebody by taking them away from others.

    If 59 years of quata can not lift their standards and only 5% took advantage of reservation then how can you assure that 50% reservation will. If even 50% is not enough then will you favour 70%, 80% or 90%.

    Thanks and reguards

  308. how foolishly u make such statemnts.only those
    students whogot through de medicine
    college can only understand the plight of
    their fellow collegues who will soon be part
    of their college.

    ask arjun singh if he and his family promises to be operated in future
    by an obc/sc?

  309. Issues like these make me agree with Arundhati Roy, who makes the claim that India is a country that steals from the poor (land acquisitions etc.) and subsidizes the rich.

  310. Yep, I absolutely agree with you as the doctor(s) should be debrred fom the
    medicl practice as well as they need to be punished (jail) along with some
    heavy fine. Its not a matter of the level of crime whether a small
    crime/bribe but its just the kind of cheating is done being in the profession
    of servicing patients(life). Their (doctors) service – saving lives and
    curing diseases is a real service to god. If they are left on bail then again
    some other doctor wold do that (no doubt that there would be thousands of
    doctors who are practcing bribe now), there ahould be some rigorous
    punishement example to others.
    Our Orissa Govt. need to have some sort of “Lok Ayukt-in Bangalore” who
    could do a spot investigation randomly on any govt./privte aency and suspend
    the culprit and ten hand over the case to court along with publishing in media.
    First of all there are so many fields in which we need to come up and these
    bribing stuffs are definitely a staggering in Orissa’s devlopment in various sector.
    Law and legisaltion and of courst the Govt. need to be more active and
    strong enough to take care of these things.

  311. First of all , there is nobody above the Indian law (orissa law) and if te majistrate or welfare minister can arrange for the arrest by help of human rights commission and the sp who does not follow the rule but just blindly follow the ceniors order (might be officially writen order-what so ever it does not matter) then s/he also need to be punsished for her/his fault. Now where is the Human Rights Commission ??????? ar these people sleeping now ????? unnecessarily these guys(human rights,sport ministry,welfare ministry….) can make out an useless issue out of a genuine truth. well, these people also could not do more than that, its our ORISSA public’s mistake that we have selected/voted this kind of ministry to rule us or say to develop or state…bla….bla…. So we should not expect more from these bodies more than their capacity!!!!! The chief ministry also what else could do when he could not bring more industries or devlopment growth to ORISSA or say the growth of per capita income of ORISSA public,so its obvious that he keeps quiet when his ministry bodies fight with public on a truth objective. Its really very shame for all of us that our ministry instead of helping and awarding and encouraging Budhia Sing who could make this happen to international level without any help of our famous Govt.’s hlp and awarding a truth teacher who could train and bring and discover such an sports man from rag pickng , ither the Cheif Minister is silence or our other ministers create hurles for them. They can not bring any kind of such discovers and if anyody discovers such then they make him suffer. This is what we ORIYAS et if we do not choose a proper and capable leader for our state. I’m sorry to say these hard words but it really hurts us when we see our state compare to others in INDIA.

    If the “constitution of the Committee …..WELFARE” has done any mistake then they should be punished seviorly before any criminals.

  312. Mahsaya,
    A very insightful review.But in orissa Party democracy need strong institutional frame work to put effective break to this ‘supremo syndrome’.You are right in saying that they do not deserve any sympathy.
    But democracy is in danger in our state.

  313. Dear Sir,

    While your POV in the police high-handedness could be one possiblity , we must admit that the society is largely becoming anarchic and a police state simultaneously. We have recently seen the police brutality in Goregaon, the magnitude of which was comparably quite high I think. But, anyway my concern is two fold.

    1. In a democratic society, does freedom of expression or individual liberty mean a right to cause inconvenience ? is it like the more powerful we are to disrupt normal life the more barganing power we have?

    2. Police brutality is a departmental problem or an individual problem ? Do we need more force for mob control or effective strategy. (Btw, I strongly condemn terming the lathi-charge on medicos as Jaliwanabag 2006 and thus denigrating the freedom struggle as well as adding fuel to fire)

  314. “Goregaon” in the last postin should be read “Gurgaon”. Sorry for the error.

    TO BABS especialy

    The doctor who was flown in to treat late bigwig Pramod Mahajan was an OBC who got to medicine because of Reserved seat. So hope you spread the word to all of your friends who ask that casteist question.

  315. I only wish we all could recognise the need for an integrated society, where it’s internal diversity is reflected at all spheres of life. In that sense, your article provokes to think what progress we want to make.

  316. Climate change is happening for real, let’s not
    debate over that anymore. Now the question is are the
    POSCOS and Vedantas ecologically viable for Orissa?
    Or are we putting the lives of generations from now
    on in jeopardy?
    Is it true that 10% of greenhouse gases contributing
    to global warming will be emitted from Orissa alone
    within a decade?

  317. Both Bengalis and Oriyas have a lot in common in terms of culture and heritage and it is time to give up on such endless debates and work towards development of both the states.

  318. Hi,
    What happened to this case ? any progress done by our Orissa Govt.
    or court ? It would be very interesting if we could update on this.

    Yours blog is very informative about the happenings in Orissa. I liked it a lot.

    All the best. Great Job.


  319. Dear Sir
    It is certainly enlightening and illuminating to learn about the
    existence and significant role of Oriyas in the independence struggle
    that has not only be ignored and denied reckoning and recognition while
    chronicling and documenting Indian freedom struggle and thus deleted by
    the official process of history writing. In this context, your contribution
    has been phenomenal and an invaluable service to Orissa and its people who
    should not only read and know of their glorious history but it is imperative
    that they assert themselves by ensuring that their history is objectively
    represented in the mainstream official discourse of Indian history, i.e. to
    figure in the official history books of not only the Indian State but also
    that of its provinces.

  320. Sir,
    A very informative article.By publishing it on your page you have shown your kind magnaminity.
    thanks a Lot.

  321. Mahasay,
    Your article has exposed a silent scam which is getting repeated every year.
    we need to find proper check and balances,No doubt there are good technical colleges in Orissa imparting quality education.They need to be protected from this dangerious trend.
    But,This kind of corrupt partenership between two influencial groups of our society putting tremendous pressure on them to fall in line with the corrupt ways.The Govt.;both CENTRAL AND STATE has failed in stopping these kind of Practices in tech. colleges.
    Its time that ‘CIVIL Societies’take up the cause and fight this Evil Practice which degrades the tecnical education sector in our country.

  322. Subhas babu.

    Really a nice article. I liked it . You have raised many important questions , which should be looked into properly by the blog blockers. There should be an uniform policy for all the media , I feel.

    Thanks for your free, frank and fearless opinion.

    Prasanta Patnaik,

  323. I fully agree. One of the most useful articles to have come out from contemporary journalism! As someone doing research on blogs, I find the following lines especially telling:

    Agents of capitalism can use blog for their own nefarious purpose, no doubt. But thereby they can hoodwink the human community only for a small time, not for all times. Whatsoever be the volume of propaganda, capitalism cannot gain human heart. It has no philosophical strength. Therefore it cannot convince anybody in its support. So by publicizing its own version even through Blog, capitalism can never sustain itself. It thrives, never by media support, but by suppression of facts.

  324. Sir its a very good short and imnformative article.For my study purpose i prepared seminar paper on WEB JOURNALISM IN INDIA. But at that time i cant get these informations. Sir keep it up. Write articles about Journalism which in turn useful to the students of Mass Media.

  325. Dear Sir,
    your alert constant vigil should awaken the journalists to action now demanding the scrapping of this autocratic motive to muzzle the sprit of press freedom indirectly,before its too late!

  326. This is an excellent, and possibly the most authoritative text that does the much needed task of deconstruction of unfortunate history of Biju Patnaik. A staunch failure on part of the power-hungry to come up with even one person worth emulating from their ranks, ends up in their adamant attempt to make heroes out of their pathetic role models who get salvaged only to aid their own interests.

    Biju got elected in 1990 due to the new found infatuation for bjp propagandists like vajpayee and his team of hindi-hindu chauvinistic public speakers who stood for anti-Congress wave everywhere in the country. As a result, Orissa too ended up voting for the largest non-Congress party which was incidentally led by Biju. It was quite similar to the post-emergency period, considering that the communal and caste politics at the center in 1989 had brought as much unrest as had the anti-Indira reactionary efforts by CIA-backed politics in india during the 70’s.

    However Biju was such an opportunist that after testing power through the BJP-wave (a basically anti-Congress factor due to incumbency), he decided to continue his Orissa-separatist rhetoric, clearly devoid of contexts and relevance. His Rs. 2 per kg of rice proposals had already outshone NTR politics of similar nature in AP. And none of his big programs really seemed of any actual worth since he neither had any vision nor any will to actualize them. So much so that, even the grand narrator of big dreams, his former ally Vajpayee could see through Biju very well.

    In the 13-day parliament of first BJP led-govt, we were witness to the way Biju disgraced Orissa. Not only was he sitting in possibly one of the last benches of the House (usually unusual for a senior leader to be there), when he started repeating how he was distrustful of BJP because his “dreams” were not getting realized, Vajpayee, out of sheer frustration too (he was on his way out, and in face of defeat he had clearly understood who were even bigger opportunists than he), shouted Biju down. I can never forget that TV recording in which Biju stands up to say something, and while he was clearly mumbling something amidst total chaos prevailing in the parliament of pimps accusing each other, Vajpayee himself got up and waved his hand at biju and signaled him to sit down, and he said something to this extent (thanks to his dramatic style of speech delivery–pausing between words–no one can miss what he was saying): “Arre aap baith jao. Kursi ke liye ….. chappal….charan singh….” In effect, Vajpayee shouted Biju down by saying that this old man from orissa did not even have the moral right to speak anything in the parliament since his greed for power had made him such an opportunist that even a party like BJP would not like to listen to his mumblings amidst chaos, let alone give a patient hearing elsewhere. Vajpayee made no bones about declaring Biju Patnaik in the national Parliament as a greedy political opportunist who was ready to make any compromise to grab the seat of power and he had proved his mettle of corruption during Charan Singh period.

    Such was the manner in which Vajpayee treated Biju inside Parliament. This incident where the supreme leader of a political party was treated worse than anything humanely imaginable in political circles, upset the Janata Dal so much that they decided on principle never to make alliance with BJP ever. After all BJP had insulted the heart and soul of the regional party.

    A couple of years later, after Biju’s death, along with him died all the memories of disgrace and disrepute that the group of “Kissa Kursi Ka” people had brought about. Vajpayee himself flew down to Orissa, not to pay tribute to Biju so much as to look for opportunities in Orissa–now without the man who he could not trust when he was alive.

    He found an easy prey in Naveen, who but very willfully agreed to share business with people who had “dishonored” his father. He was smart enough to do the following:

    1. Without a political grassroots experience, he jumped to the offer of ruling Orissa, owing to the anti-Congress wave.

    2. But there was nothing left of the Biju legacy, and so he sought support from BJP speech makers (who made good for both the factions, what with Naveen’s inherent inability to speak to the public) who continuously flew down to speak to Orissa public–Sushma Swaraj, Pramod Mahajan, Advani etc.

    3. He created a great PR campaign promoting Biju legacy since he had to introduce a) something “Oriya” around the political scene, and b) some promises. Biju Patnailk through usages of his coarse and demeaning use of Oriya due to lack of his authority over the language, and also because like NTR or Laloo Yadav, he wanted to pretend how he could win people by using ‘their’ language fit the role. And in matters of promises, no one in India could possibly beat Biju patnaik on counts of false election assurances–autonomous Orissa, Steel Plants, economic self-reliance, rice and kerosene and you name it.

    4. Clearly Biju was never interested in promoting Oriya language in any manner and the way he grew up his entire own family was a projection of his anti-Orissa stance. Indeed his preference for Union ministries, proximity with national leaders and NRI industrialists for his own personal benefits were testaments. Thirdly he was a sensationalist conducting cheap publicity gimmicks which merely mocked at the poverty of the state–beating up administrative officers, doing photo campaigns of him sitting atop rickshaws (what was so humble or great about it, except how his press campaigns said), his claiming a Re1 salary (so how was he eating food? by looting the state exchequer of course), his promising Rs2 rice per kg or steel plant (none of his promises ever materialized, because he was insincere in his feelings and vote-hungry in design). Naveen did not need another image other than this man’s, for the perfect choice of his campaign. And it suited logically too, considering that he was incidentally the son. So naturally he did not care a wee bit about anything Orissa or for the Oriyas and did not attempt at fulfillment of any promises.

    And yet, Naveen gets reelected for obvious reasons. As the saying goes: “If the meek shall inherit the earth, than surely the idiots will rule the world!”

  327. Good article and based on facts. But looked to be biased and covering the negative side of legendary Biju Pattnaik.

    He was the tallest leader, a leader who donated his own
    assets to Orissa (I heard and believe), who saved Indonasian president as a Pilot.

    But I agree that the so called leaders who tried to butter Naveen pattnaik in Assembly and rajyasabha – should have avoided that.

    I disagree that any one has any right to deface Biju’s statue even it is at a public place. We have no right to
    deface even JB’s statue if it is installed some where – we must think there are some people in our state who might like JB or Biju. We live in a civilized world and must learn how to respect other’s sentiments.

  328. Dear Subhas babu,

    Thanks for the piece on the attempt to choak the voice
    of scribes by abolishing their representation in the
    Press Accreditation Committee.

    I feel the protest should continue till we achieve our

    Prasanta Patnaik.

  329. I am too much delighted after going through this article. Its our right and Alhamdolillah we have got it. I pray, as soon as possible, it start giving brians, to be the part of developing India.

  330. [12.9.2006, 8.45 p.m.]
    I have gone through this article. You have your emotions, splinters of which are also available to many, not excluding me. But we look at a future of India in a collective way and through collective wisdom, one get appalled that our systems of decision making have gone to the hands of holigans through the august House, that we say Parliament. History has many such examples and my fear is India’s future.
    Right no body can teach other as to what patriotism must mean. We will perhaps agree with me that such bullying-business must stop if we intend to have a decent democracy and leave a good country for our next generation.
    Namaskar and thanks.
    Rabi Kanungo

  331. HT ePaper’s edge over competition (The Hindu as a recent case in point):

    I have been a regular reader of ‘The Hindu’ and the ‘Hindustan Times’ for the last ten years. With both their ePapers now live with their digital versions, I find major differences in their interface quality and features:

    Here is why my family & I think the Hindustan Times epaper scores over The Hindu epaper ePaper/digital paper/online paper.

    HT epaper: http://epaper.hindustantimes.com/

    Hindu epaper: http://epaper.thehindu.com

    1. A big visual difference is the look and feel. The HT has a state-of-art interface which is user-friendly and has a cutting-edge feel to the digital edition of the newspapers – digitized by pressmart as it is.
    2. Navigation across HT is phenomenal; it’s so simple and convenient. This makes reading experience so much easy.
    3. Real-time news gets displayed in a presentable format, which can be personalized according to one’s preference.
    4. In today’s world of the News coming to you, HT has an automated RSS feed generation of the print content and I also receive the mailer (Morning Dispatch) of Newspaper every morning the minute the newspaper goes Live. The best part is I get the MD even before I wake up – not that am lazy ?
    5. Well here is another difference though not visual but equally important, HT’s news can be heard in audio format using text-to-speech technology.
    6. Then there is the option of interacting with HT News via Mobile.
    7. The fact that every news story can be blogged and also linked with social network sites (Del.icio.us), content rating service (Digg) is sure to increase its base and reach over the Web world.
    8. I believe Users any day would prefer HT’s archival technology and their solution providers XML/RSS based interface.
    9. By the way, I have also observed multimedia news clips and Ads which are interactive and this way one can contact the advertiser directly.
    10. Finally, it’s very easy to find the HT ePaper’s news on the web. It seems to be prioritized on Google, Yahoo & MSN.

    Other points:

    1) A separate specialized flash and XML based interface for eMagazine, eCatalogs and small-format publications.
    2) Automated generation of podcastable content from the print content
    3) Additional navigation options on right-mouse click menu giving instant access to navigation features
    4) Articles integrated with multimedia news clips.
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    6) Search works on all types of news content, including articles, display ads, classifieds, tender notifications, pictures, etc., even from historic archives, unlike other offerings that work only on news stories. Search results are displayed seamlessly from current day’s ePaper and past archives.
    7) Picture and Ad Gallery displays slide shows of print pictures and ads. Pictures get picked up by image search engines giving additional inward traffic to the digital editions.
    8) Article text-view well formatted. Article text size can be increased or decreased to suit individual preferences.
    9) Detailed user-level personalization allows the users to select the pages that need to be displayed and change interface themes to suit individual tastes.

    The HT epaper has scored 9/10 and surely has an edge over The Hindu. Then there are lots of technology differences too one needs to look into before signing up – one of the biggest being the user experience, one is usually disappointed by the “404 page not found errors” on Hindu ePaper – that is being maintained by consistently.

    The Hindu needs to do something about its epaper features and technology soon – change its technology or its provider. The comparisons and making a choice between the ePapers is easy, even from me an ardent fan – my choice is clear and I shall continue and stay with HT ePaper.

    Anil Sekhar
    PS: The author has over 20 years of experience in writing books and articles.

  332. Ignorance is the only cause.
    In IAS exam. we can write in Oriya (in 14 regional languages) as medium of exam.
    About more than 90% of candites in other states have been writing in their state languge in IAS exam since 1990.And their qualifing rate is more than 85%.
    Unfortunately, in OAS exam. we have no scope to write in oriya as medium.
    Do you know ?
    Nilambar Biswal – BBSR.

  333. One of the most enlightening articles that I have read in the past few years! As a PhD scholar who has been researching on policy initiatives (public distribution of rice and employment programmes) by the government of Orissa, for the last five years I have been trying to put facts together collected from sources here and there. If one looks at the policy initiatives taken up by the Government of Orissa (during the Biju Patnaik regime) in the ninieties, as well as in the rest of the years in this decade, one can but wonder at the helplessness of the people in this resource-rich States. “Poor People” in a “Rich State”! The deifying picture of Mr. Biju Patnaik that has been doing the rounds of the socio-political scene in the State needs to be done away with. In such a scenario, this article comes as an apt explanation to the stream of things.

  334. The site is very informative.It is more so during Assembly Sessions.It gave a wide coverage to all important matters.The articles Published by Mr.S Pattanail in daily Sambad(oriya)should be kept in archives giving a reference peroid of publication.
    The article of Mrinal on Journalism in orissa is very informative.I congatulate him for the reaserch job.
    I shall be happy the E mail address of Mrinal Cheterjee,IIMC,Dhenkanal is sent to me,
    with regards,
    gopinath Barik

  335. i am keen to know when did these activities start. it would be worthwhile to know if it is a reaction to similar activities by other religous groups who have the protection of minority status or the most misunderstood concept of Secularism practiced for the past five decade.one has had an opportunity to live in remote and underdeveloped areas of our country since 1971 Because of govt apathy have personally witnessed other groups at work.not much to write home about.in 33 years of service of which 60% were spent in such areas one rarely came across study groups penetrating the interiors to carry out an “on ground study”.one has experienced misinformation and disinformation being spread. one has attended a special service to pray for the cannonisation of Mother Teresa in a rather underdeveloped district of Assam. The service concluded with the mention of one being superior over all else .One confronted the learned and respected priest and asked what was the relevance of the conclusion .Obviously there was’nt a convincing answer to anyone with average intellect.What the militant Hindu groups are doing is not anything to be proud about. if the cause for their behaviour is not extreme provocation then their activities be termed criminal.If not then the study must bring out that it is a reaction to a provocative act. history proves that Hindus are reactive and rarely proactive. This psych cannot change in 50 years unlike the Jews Till 1945 walking tamely into a gas chamber and in 1947 bringing 6-7 nation on their knees when threatned

  336. I feel very stongly that Budhia is expoloited by his gaurdian. Budhia is undoutabley very talented however, the boy has a regime that is more difficult than that of a adult athlete. I belive his gaurdian would never put his own child in similar position and I am outraged that even with human rights this kind of behaivour is acceptable in India. I strongly agree with the comment of Pramila Mallik who state Budhia’s gaurdian is only interested in money. Who has taken advantage of his misfortune and is trying to make his fortune. I ask every parent in India would you put your child through what he puts Budia through? Childern should grow up in a safe enviroment with love and support to enable them to become good decent human being. I belive Pramila Mallik is involved as this story has become such a public issue and often in women’s issue the abuse goes unchallged and as it is often hidden.

    Yasmin Khan

  337. Sir
    The information about Internet journalism given by you is really very important and useful, your effort Will guide us for the future prospect in web-journalism.
    Being a budding journalist I am personally thankful to you for such a knowledge worthy research done by you. It should be really prised.

  338. the article is revealing and eye opener to the so called religious people with conservative bent of mind and body (for they want to perpetuate the same traditions even in this age of DNA finger printing and IT revolutions — evolution to modern civilization seems to be a far cry for them in light years but for holding close to heart all that is modern, alluring, and cozy for leading an easy life). All that is at a price though, that they are oblivious of i.e. their children, the next , the next and the generations so on are spanned off into a great heap of no good thoroughly confused subdued melancholy of personalities ,in short, no better than upright walking sticks with a robotic physique & mind too , finally.
    This I don’t think is the cup of tea of any Navinjee or that of his clan even up to the republic level to bring an order to; excepting the EIGHTFOLD PATH be followed as given by the Great Buddha not only to the Tosalians (orrias) but to the humanity at large. BOY!!! WHAT A DAUNTING TASK I AM PROPOSING KNOWING SO very little OF HUMANITY – sorry; I am venturing into the realms ,”……..where angles dare…….fools rush-in…”. It’s time i leave the problem to the humanity to solve or perish as the case may have been ordained—“Buddham saranam gachhami”. It has been a great article.

  339. Mahasaya,
    A Sad story told.Thanks for your insightful opinion on this issue.
    Every Genious has been crusified and derided in his lifetime.This is the Go of this ignorant world.The gist of telling these Sad tales shows that our society needs to be more humane towards these ‘Ratnas’ and their Blissful achievments for all of us.It’s high time we change our attitude and improve.

  340. Whatever the laws in Orissa may say, if over-use of a boy like Buddhia in pursuit of world-records is not stopped, it will be nothing but abuse and it is every grown mans duty to try by all means to stop this abuse.

    If he truly likes what he’s doing, it’s up to grown ups around him to STOP him, just like they would do in case of a four-year old boy aspiring to be the youngest smoker of the world.

    Don’t forget, this is a child, it’s not a superhero or a half-godlike creature. It’s a human child. And, human child needs normal growth in every aspect of human activities including sports.

    Oskar, Sweden

  341. Pingback: banff climate

  342. Subhas babu:
    I am not sanguine about your argument about Kapileswar being Kapilavastu, yet, I like the force of your argument. I agree with you 100% that the rule of law must prevail and the guilty should be punished. It is sad that Orissa is undergoing the battles fought in 30s and 40s of the last century all over again.
    I also agree that perpetuation of privileges of the privileged is the main motivation behind these atrocities. Your reference to the import of Kanauj Brahmanas is a very powerful argument. My only problem is do we have to go back to history to justify what we are doing today in 21st century. In the process of smartly using people’s weakness for history are we not setting us up for total demolition of the basis of argument by some smart operator from right? For example why do a trip to Moon need to be validated by what is there in scriptures? You might end up in the seat of the “Pandit” of Varanasi, who said “E Chandra se Chandra nuhe”, in Hindi of course, when man landed in Moon. Because it meant landing of “Sahib” on Moon, was desecrating the Moon, a subject of veneration and daily rituals.
    But besides that point I really admire your columns for being progressive. i.e. fighting the battle on behelf of the under-privileged. Thank you and please keep it up.

  343. cannot say anything about the HC’s views – or for that matter what will/should be the stand of the Honb’le HC in such a matter of great concern to the common man even on the street . Befittingly though, I am sure our Judiciary will react on such matter of PUBLIC INTEREST. But from reading this article i am able to wake up to realize that the society is yet not dead as the scoundrels would have desired; for there are individuals and media howsoever lone, the fact of matter is that the heart of our nation still beats because of them—-my sincere appreciations to orissamatters.com for taking up such a matter of triviality , if we see it from a distance, but a matter of such great IMPORTANCE in this era of Globalisation where our corporations/companies must learn lessons of world class business etiquettes and in terms of plain “Gandhigiri” human approach-in brief “. CONGRATULATIONS.

  344. Hi from New York And thanks for the web site. It was just the thing I had been looking for. It has helped me no end. Thanks again

  345. Dear Subhas Babu,
    It is long since the above writeup was published . I thought that by now Buddhia issue would have been solved . But really felt sorry when I saw a article in HT today morning . I came to learn that state is planning arrest Buddhia & his couch of course on the ground of boys health . So I searched out for the above blog.

    I totally agree with your views. It is true that some people are trying to put hurdles on path of the boy.

    But I also apprehend that the he is being exploited by some people . I don’t know what the real intention of Mr. Biranchi Das is, but I think that he may be exploiting the boy .

    I’m not in situation to make any contribution toward Buddhia’s well-being but strongly do I believe that this situation can be tackled in a better way .

    I would like to appeal to all the high profile people to make sure that if the boy is really being exploited, he is sent to proper hands.

    I also come across many articles in media that hints at orissa’s inadequate concentration on sports. This boy’s talent being well established, I think that he should be handed over to such sports-persons of our country, whose guidance would be more unambiguously beneficial to determined boy. I recommend P.T.Usha.

  346. Delighted to know that Lord Jagannath mandir has also a Arts and cultural center. Wish to visit the temple after 35 years .

    May I request you to reserve a room for the 6th Feb, for me if possible.
    Special greetings from Sweden

    Warm regards
    PK Mahanandia, Artist
    and First Parliamentary candidate of Indian origin to the Swedish Parliament

  347. Mr. Pattnaik; why do u want to open our eyes ? Have u not heard, “ignorance is (almost) a blissful state of the mind”. Of course, along with that, it carries the heavy weight of being marked as idiotic. After going through this piece of ur revelation now, I rather feel being idiotic is more honorable than being decorated with any “PADMA …”. Rightly u have quotated the Constitution of INDIA. Keep up ur eye opening articles any way. good luck ….thanks.

  348. Dear Sri pattanayak,
    When you have observed that Padma awards give glimpses of favoritism, others have seen remarkable nearness of some of the persons awarded with Padma titles this year with Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.

    “There are many on the list, who have interacted with Manmohan Singh during his days as an academic”.

    “Economic historian and Professor of Indian History and Civilization, Oxford, Tapan Raychaudhuri and Manmohan Singh’s paths met not just at Oxford but also at the Delhi School of Economics. Raychaudhuri has been honored with a Padma Bhushan.

    “Dr Raja Chelliah, who has been given a Padma Vibhushan is another old friend of Manmohan Singh. He was Singh’s single most important adviser on tax reform when he became finance minister in 1991.

    “TN Srinivasan, Samuel C Park Jr, Professor of Economics at the Economic Growth Centre, Yale University, who has got a Padma Bhushan, has also been Singh’s associate”. Says a report in rediffmail portal.

    I offer my thanks to you for having exposed such a fraud being played on our people.

    I agree with Dr. Mishra that it is better to be known as an idiot than being known as a Padma, taking into view the role of connection with power that be in bagging this unconstitutional award.

    Besides being lobby-centric, Padma awards are DHARADHARI-CENTRIC. Otherwise why a man like Barendrakrishna Dhall is left out? You have rightly pointed out that he is the man behind the readership movement that has now gripped Orissa. I have been visiting Bhubaneswar Book-fair from the thrird year of its beginning and has been watching how organisedly it is helping people of Orissa building up their personal reading rooms. Dhall babu is not getting the Padma simply because he is not engaging a lobby. This is a shame that the national titles like Padma are available to people who are able to manipulate. If any genuine person would be getting this award, he or she should refuse to accept it as it will be always suspected that he or she might have got it through lobby or favoritism. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    But as an Oriya, I am proud of you, Sir, as without bothering for howsoever others shall be injured, you have exposed the role of lobby and the impact of the clandestine connections.

  349. An excellent and objective analysis of the situation.I look forward to many such writings.
    Orissa is presently witnessing an era of raging corruption, relentless loot of natural resources, and sharp decline of the will to govern through law.
    UTKAL JANANI witnesses today a cruel exodus of thousands of her children to different parts of the country in search of livelihood.Many parts of the state have come under the de facto control of extremists.
    The ruling elite has demonstrated only a small part of its monetary affluence, an affluence which has been acquired by making HONESTY, PROBITY AND TRANSPARENCY as main propaganda tools to gain power.


  350. Congratulations to Sri Laxmi Prasad Pattanayak! Hope he carries his talent ahead and makes us proud.

  351. This was a great site. I needed to find something for my Homework and This site helped me out so much! Thanx alot!!!!

  352. This is a very beautiful website, I have enjoyed my visit here very much. I’m very honoured to sign in your guestbook. Thanking you for the great work that you are doing here.



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  354. Respected Subhas Babu,
    Your view point on POSCO issue is deinitely should be considered by Orissa Govt. However you also need to mention how these Industries can happen. It is dificult to leave land (VITA MATTI)which was owned for years by the people. At the same time to allow development somebody need to sacrifice emotion. As this kind of big projects has multiple positive effects.

    1. Orissa Govt will get tax from produce of POSCO
    2. Employees of POSCO going to spend approximate 60 to 70% of their earning in Orissa, where Orissa will get the tax.
    3. There will be direct employment from land loser families and many oriya people will get jobs.
    4. The economy of the area will improve and lot many people will indirect employment.

    Orissa Govt should try to curb touts and communicate properly to people the benefits and compensation. Govermenet officials need to connect and sensitize people rather than using force.

  355. Dear Subhas babu:
    I am really moved by your insight and depth of knowledge, the issues you have raised. Though you have raised the issue of insider and outsider, I think the issues raised are universal. I don’t think it would have mattered if B.Panda & Co., or B.Pattnaik & co., signed the MOUs instead of TATA and POSCo.
    The issue of commons is really a very pertinent point you have raised, for the 1st time in print and has been missing in the debates on the issue. I don’t know whether you are aware but I have raised a few other points which you might research and convince your self. They are:
    1. Give away of the mining rights to the likes of POSCO and Tatas at a fixed price of $0.57cents when world market price is $84.40 and rising.
    2. Instead of Indian states collaborating with each other like the OPEC, they are competing against each other and making a give away of the family gold at a throw away price.
    3. There is no provision for EXTERNALS,i.e. the cost of restoration and handling of toxic wastes in the MOUs, which may be suicidal, going by what has been done by Tatas(reputed in India for it’s public service)in Gorumohisani.
    4. The granting of SEZ status to POSCO, will result in net loss to the state exchequer, when these companies are coming in their own interest.
    I have blogs on each of these and will forward to you if you or any one needs.

  356. I finally decided to give you a little feedback ! well you got it! i love your site !!! no , really, its good…

  357. This is a very beautiful website, I have enjoyed my visit here very much. I’m very honoured to sign in your guestbook. Thanking you for the great work that you are doing here.

  358. There is no doubt that people living in KBK region of Orissa have serious challenges in overcoming poverty, unemployment and disease. Lot of work remains to be done in protection of common property resources,land improvement and skill development. But to say that people are eating stones is simply an affront to human dignity.Firstly, it is obviously a false statement. Secondly, it is a statement made with a view to gain cheap political mileage. Thirdly, it is an irresponsible stance, as nothing can replace the hardwork of trying to work with the communities, let them understand the theoretical opportunities of NREGA and the practical ways of trying to get the maximum of it etc., just to cite one of the opportunities available for the people. For example, many job card holders do not know that they need to apply a second time, after getting the job card. It is also a challenging task to see the correspondence between the NREGA labour side and the creation of assets side. What kind of assets are being created? Are they really the right ones, as decided by the community? Another important question is the stance that contractors are not allowed. In reality, somebody is required to get all the material for a public work together, stand there and get the men and women organised for work, pull up those who are not working properly and generally taking care of quality and speed of work. You have a choice of calling that person by any name you like, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ or ‘work executant’ or ‘field worker’ or ‘supervisor’ or whatever. Whatever name you may give him, the person exists. NREGA pretends that such person does not exist. What is important is to see that such persons are transparently selected in open meeting of the community or gram sabha, give him reasonable margin of profit and ensure that he is held responsible in case of any faulty work. Right now in NREGA works, nobody is held accountable for quality and this person gets decided through non-transparent means by way of a simple device that officially you do not recognise that he exists! This is the same mindset which pretends that sharecroppers and absentee landlords do not exist. Rather than recognise the fact that you have people who cultivate the lands recorded in favour of somebody else, give each of this category some basic rights apportionment, the State pretends that by law all the tenancy in Orissa has been abolished. This has pushed the tenancy under the carpet. This has affected the profitability of agriculture as an occupation. This has also resulted in lots of lands lying fallow and valuable agricultural land not getting adequate resources for development. Neither the absentee landlord invests because he is not present all the time. Nor would the tenant invest in land, because anyway the land does not belong to him. In NREGA also, this is the same manner in which the State does not recognise the existence of contractors and thereby the quality of work is hampered and the assets are not generated worth the money that is spent.

  359. I am in complete agreement with the writer. This is a classic example of how in the largest democracy of the earth, dictatorial attitude of the people in power abuse their official duties to favour their masters.

    Despte hundreds of attempts of the government to cover up the matter is not going to help them but on the contrary, it will raise more doubts on thier misdeeds and bravery shown by filing false FIR.

    If I am connected with those journalists who have covered the story and the social groups who have broke the story, I may be able to join them in their struggle for justice.

    Pravin Patel.

  360. I have conducted academic surveys in the Nuapada Block of Nuapada district and evidences does point towards administrative irregularities of all sorts within the PDS (dealings of ration cards et al) as well as in the implementation of wage employment programmes. So, irregularities of this extent in Sinapalli is not a surprise at all.

  361. dear aniruddha babu,
    thank you for your kind observation on me in the foregoing remark.
    i do not believe in lobby for personal benefit and for bagging any such award.
    as i find from your kind comments, you have been watching me since long through the book fair.
    i believe in work and i am happy that my endeavor to awaken reading habits amongst our people has contributed immensely to development of oriya language and literature.
    thanks again,
    barendra krushna dhal

  362. Hi All,
    The fight for NISER is examplary in it’s own.

    Here i want to raise another problem we are facing.Though orissa is full of it’s natural resource still it is poor because of Center’s irrational mining policy.

    For example though coal mines belong to orissa it has no right to allocate to industries for it’s own intrest.It has to depend upon the Center which plays a nasty and stepmotherly attitude towards people of Orissa.Inspite of Orissa governmen’s repeated requests center is not allocating coal block to it but at the same time coal mines are being allocated for the intrest of other states at the behest of Center

  363. There is now a lot of culture vultures and culture politics. ONly persons like Subas Patnaik can see through and make us aware about it.
    Pt. Nilamani Mishra’s Bhagavat is now in dispute in so far as this is said to be one Madhusudan Mishra’s. I raised this issue in Nilamani Mishra Memorial Lecture. Dr. Sakuntala Baliar Singh reacted dogmatically that we would go on saying that Pt. Nilamani Mishra is the editor.
    Then the so-called Odisi gurus are not in agreement as to which are specifically odisi ragas and they do not sit together to discuss matters, as a result of which there cannot be positive work for attributing classical status to it.
    There are many more instances of culture politics.

  364. Dear Pattnaik babu,

    Its was a pleasure to go through your website and the articles were informative and precise , making most of them a good read.

    Keep up the good work going.

    Best wishes,


  365. Superb achievement. You have earned laurel for the state. Congratulations.

  366. Dear Subash Babu

    As a mother of two children in Singapore I feel very very sorry for Buddhia after watching his documentry.
    ” The boy who couldn’t stop running”. I strongly feel that Budhia is being expoloited by his gaurdian for fame and money. Budhia is a boy with talent but it is very sad to see that his talent are being expoloited by his guardian Biranchi Das and it is so cruel of his guardian to not even give the boy a drop of water when he is running.How cruel is that? For God sake Budhia is just a child. I am outraged and sad that even with human rights this kind of behaivour is acceptable in India. Budhia’s gaurdian is only interested in money,who has taken advantage of his misfortune and is trying to make their fortune out of a small child. No matter which part of the world a child is still a child and they should be protected of their rights. A child need to be cared for and loved for in every way that is possible. I ask every parent in every country who has heard or watched Budhia to sent an e-mail or whatsoever to the Asian Human Rights Committe or what ever Organizations existing for children to stop the Guardian from further expoloiting Budhia. I really feel this Innocent soul should be placed under someone who is “HUMAN”.

    Daegma Joseph Manuel.

  367. though i did not much understand as to how they(usa) would be able to dump some of their waste nuclear product with the hedge of reprocessing at indian sites;i consider the other part (the thorium reserves visa-vis its indian version of power plants) to be more interesting/surprising and of so much concern that any indian with the size of a mouse brain above his/her shoulder cannot react and say hell with the nuke deal (why is the concerned scientific community so silent on the whole issue?) in the best interest of the country’s future. Could it be that they (the govt) have some information that is not in the public domain as yet ? hence the govt stand ……….(for the people, of the people, by the people)………………………………………………………………………………………

  368. Communist parties are supporting UPA govt such as a rope supports a hanging man

  369. According to historical research Jayadeva was born in Kenduli Sasan (formerly Kendubilva), in the Prachi valley, Khurda district in Orissa. Kenduli Sasan is a village near the holy city of Purusottama Dham (Puri).Many Bengali researchers has also accepted this fact.The majority opinion holds in favor of Orissa (formerly Kalinga) not Bengal.Not only Oriya texts but also The Assamese text, Sampradaya Kula Dipak as well as the Telugu text, Sanskruta Kabi Jivani, contain elaborate descriptions of the poet’s birth taking place near the Jagannath Dham in Orissa. Apart from historical research, Jayadev himself also has directly written where his birth place is.Jayadeva mentions his birthplace as “Kendubilva by the sea” (“Kendubilva Samudra Sambhava”) in his 7th Ashtapadi, and Birbhum, unlike Puri, does not about on the sea.Ashish Chakraborty, a noted Bengali researcher, said recently the language, culture, presentation of religious rituals, song and drama depicted in Gitagovinda have deep connection with ancient Orissa.Jayadev’s Geeta Govinda is called as the heart of the Oddisi dance and music.If some one will come to Orissa,he/she can find how the influence of Geeta-Govinda in culture of Orissa.It is deeply connected with Jagannath culture and day to day daily life of people of Orissa.It really painful for people of Orissa by saying Jaydev does not belong to Orissa.His origin is at Orissa.He was the pride son of Utkal Janani (Mother Orissa).Oriya people won’t excuse if some one tries to separate “Sri Jaydev” from Orissian culture.

  370. The factual details in the above columns on Biju are essentially true.

    I feel ashamed that Biju is being foisted on Oriyas as a “tall leader.” Factually, Biju was a nonpareil tall crook-cum-goonda, ever produced in Orissa. Those who are running the show now are indeed bigger crooks to deify a crook-cum-goonda like Biju.

    To be fair, Biju openly practised goondagiri to blackmail people. He was a good pilot to accomplish a mission assigned by Nehru to rescue Sukarnoo of Indonesia. That is the only bravado that endeared him to Nehru and made his goondagiri absolute in Orissa.

    A true leader would have taken advantage of closeness to India’s first prime minister to build a society to enhance prosperity and stability for masses. Instead, his crooked mind and baser lust unleashed terror among the officials in the government of Orissa. He thoroughly destroyed the government institutions for self-aggrandizement and entrenchment in power. Thereby he unleashed injustice and oppression on Oriyas.

    The Oriya society has been cursed by Biju. But JBP followed Biju’s suit to do more of the same. The current gang is disingenuous to deify such shameless individuals who have basically desecrated the CM position. This gang is spreading myth (this word comes from Mithya) that steel companies are investing in Orissa, whereas they are spending enough to mine and make metals to loot away many more times from Orissa. I hope more and more Oriyas become smarter to detect the continual cheating they face from their faceless and shameless chief ministers.

  371. According to historical research Jayadeva was born in Kenduli Sasan (formerly Kendubilva), in the Prachi valley, Khurda district in Orissa. Kenduli Sasan is a village near the holy city of Purusottama Dham (Puri).Many Bengali researchers has also accepted this fact.The majority opinion holds in favor of Orissa (formerly Kalinga) not Bengal.Not only Oriya texts but also The Assamese text, Sampradaya Kula Dipak as well as the Telugu text, Sanskruta Kabi Jivani, contain elaborate descriptions of the poet’s birth taking place near the Jagannath Dham in Orissa. Apart from historical research, Jayadev himself also has directly written where his birth place is.Jayadeva mentions his birthplace as “Kendubilva by the sea” (“Kendubilva Samudra Sambhava”) in his 7th Ashtapadi, and Birbhum, unlike Puri, does not about on the sea.Ashish Chakraborty, a noted Bengali researcher, said recently the language, culture, presentation of religious rituals, song and drama depicted in Gitagovinda have deep connection with ancient Orissa.Jayadev’s Geeta Govinda is called as the heart of the Oddisi dance and music.If some one will come to Orissa,he/she can find how the influence of Geeta-Govinda in culture of Orissa.It is deeply connected with Jagannath culture and day to day daily life of people of Orissa.It really painful for people of Orissa by saying Jaydev does not belong to Orissa.His origin is at Orissa.He was the pride son of Utkal Janani (Mother Orissa).Oriya people won’t excuse if some one tries to separate “Sri Jaydev” from Orissian culture.

  372. Hi from New York And thanks for the web site. It was just the thing I had been looking for. It has helped me no end. Thanks again

  373. To-day my son wanted to know about the date of creamation of the great martyr Baji Raut. But I am sorry and simultaneously happy that I have taken the help of net and could be in a position to provide not only the date but also so many unknown things which the children of his age should know. I am realy proud of him.
    This is a great moment for me and happy to know the naked truth about the great martyr.

  374. It is high time that we should recognize Dr. Asoka Misra as the “Father of this era.

    His contribution to the field of “CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY” is incomparable

  375. It is high time that we should recognize Dr. Asoka Misra as the “Father of this era.

    His contribution to the field of “CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY”
    is incomparable

  376. This is an achievement to all the aspects of human being from technology enhancement to bio-technology. The work is incomparable and will be an acheivement for the society.

  377. After reading the article, I was very impressed by the contribution of Dr. Asoka Misra. He is very rightly deserves to be the “FATHER OF THE ERA OF CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY”

  378. After reading the article,I was very impressed by the contribution of Dr. Asoka Misra.

  379. I do not have enough funding from my federal loans to complete this school year. I’ve been told I can take my Spring semester in the Fall but that will put me behind in my nursing program. I have bad credit, and I don’t want to burden a family member with the responsibility of being a co-signer. Are there any legit Bad Credit Private Student Loan? When I search it, the results are insane and I know there aren’t that many lenders that will help with bad credit. I dont’ need a huge amount, maybe $4000 tops.

  380. Yes, This is high time that the persons, who are contributing to the human livelihood need to be recognised properly.

    Its very sad that today, the people those who have the money and muscle power gets recognisation, where as the people like Dr. Mishra remain unidentified and unacknowledged.

    Regards to Dr. Mishra,

  381. Prof.G.P.Khuntia says:
    Realy I am very much excited to read the contribution of Dr.Asoka Misra to scientific world.Now it is high time to recognise Dr.Misra as “FATHER OF THE ERA OF CONTROLLED APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY”.

  382. society degrades in many ways …………. this is just another variant of the lot; unless, some one comes up with concrete relationship that such outragious expressions do infact reduce violence in the society.thanks to globalisation in anticipation………

  383. society degrades in many ways …………. this is just another variant of the lot; unless, some one comes up with concrete relationship that such outragious expressions do infact reduce violence in the society.thanks to globalisation in anticipation………

  384. A beautiful example(BUT); especially because i have gone through this situation once in my life i.e. i thought, the person really loved/wanted to help me so i held his hand firm but with time it proved wrong in my asseessment(without his knowledge) so i let him go and i was saved from great danger that was to arrive latter(i was lucky i found). therefore, a bit change in the moral of the story needed, i think. not putting all eggs in one basket dictum has its own beauty too……………. faith is another matter that needs much deeper enlightenment to comprehend. story is okay as far as a LITTLE girl is concerned; no two way about that.

  385. It’s heartening to learn from Odissa Matter about son of our soil Dr Ashoka Mishra and his achievement abroad in the field of Controlled Electricity Applications.

    We are certainly proud of him and convey our best wishes to him and his family through Sree Subhash Pattnayak, who has brought him to the lime light.

    He deserves a befitting felicitation from all of us.

  386. Thank you very much for the critical comments on the Prabashi Prativa Samman award. It seems like an award by a few people for self aggrandizement. It will be interesting to see who this year is going to be the puppet of his own ego.

  387. Thank you so much for your courage and dedication in publishing such an important topic. I am in total favor of NROFC, if the selection procedure of the Prabhi Prativa Sammana award is ethical and transparent. It seems, the NROFC thinks for a few NROs associated with OSA. Oriyas have emerged to be a very strong professional community in Canada, U.K., Australia and Singapore. Hence it is a gross mistake for NROFC to work within the umbrella of OSA. NROFC should consider communicating all Oriya communities around the world, and should not give unusual importance to OSA. The awards are being wasted, and becoming a big joke.

  388. I am impressed with this article of yours.Just concerned that you have every logo of sharing websites except Stumble upon. Please add that?

  389. Stumble upon works with those firefox browsers which have stumbleupon installed as an addon. And if someone wants to add an article they can simply click on their browser addon and in a second the article will be added.

  390. I agree with almost all the points that you have mentioned above.

    I hope intellectuals find a way out to bring up people from below the poverty line in places like Koraput. Am thinking.

  391. Dear Subhas babu:
    Unlike some of our friends I am really getting disheartened.
    Since last August we have:

    1. Female foeticide case of Nayagarh
    2. Fake drug scam of Kantabanji
    3. NREGA scandal everywhere
    4. And now this kind of stealing going scot free. In 2003 I heard from Chuni Apa (Annapurna Maharana) that MP Trilochan Kanungo had allotted his MPLAD fund of nearly a lakh for electrical connection to a private dispensary / cum primary health center they had built up. But the local JE refused to approve the estimate unless he was paid 10% and since Chuni Apa wont pay the bribe the work could not be done. Consider how powerful the petty bureaucracy is? All the prestige of Chuni Apa, MP Trilochan Kanungo and the pressure of local people were not enough for this small officer. How can it happen without support right from the top?
    5. Lastly, the question comes to my mind and it should come to yours – can we trust such a bureaucracy to export and re-import 180 million Tons of Iron Ore, worth $18 billion at current market price?

    Best wishes,

  392. Response to Orissa’s PerCapita Income Declined due to Industrial Overdrive:

    I attended the release function of the book by CSE at Bhubaneswar by Hon’ble Governor of Orissa ,Mr Bhandare and attended the panel discussions also.
    Mr Bhandare had rightly pointed out that awareness of the community and taking responsibilities by the community is important rather than depending for everything to be spoonfed by the Govt.

    If you permit me to say, the panel discussion was to some extent a confusion wheather the CSE report is QUESTIONS or ANSWERS and concluded by Ms Sunita Narain that the Questions contain Answers within themselves. I was remembering some of the faces of the 36000 villagers in Orissa, Tripura,Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra with whom I worked during the last 36 years at the IDCOL house, Bhubaneswar and trying to ask myself ” DO THIS FUNCTION AND THE PANEL SOLVE AT LEAST A FEW OF THE PROBLEMS OF THE POOREST OF THE POOR IN THE HILLS OF ORISSA AND TRIPURA” I was not satisfied withg the arguments and the mud throwings.
    Instead of trying to twist statistics to collect more funds agencies should influence people in pcorridors of power to bend the law for the benefit of the common man.


    With all apologies to CSE, I request to beg that let most STUDIES COME TO AN END and let there be EMPATHETIC IMPLEMENTATION on TRUTHFUL GROUNDS.
    December 24, 1730 hrs.
    I dont know how to conclude.

    There was talk in the meeting that L.N.Mittal, the Steel Moghul told that he will run the Keonjhar Steel Plant by water from dews and not from underground. I ask how it was digested at the spot. Why talk later.


  393. your article,sir, has now helped me understand dr ambedkar little more clear(little, of course,i know about him). the rest of the article contents are no-less than a pile of dynamite i suppose. i do not want to comment any further while admitting that i am for a wholesome living condition for all citizen of all countries of the world. sorry,though, it might seem to be a wishful thinking only. i am no Gandhi, let the future generation take care of the situation or perish as they may find it convenient. no one is saint in this game. thank you.

  394. The report analysed the ramification of industrialisation accurately.As per the development status in Orissa, it is on the pave to resist itself from the penury label.But at the same time it is facing the problem of resettlement and rehablitation.
    The government and social organisation should work not only for votes and fund, but for the people.

  395. In my view, both the Hindu as well as Christian preachers need to be kept out of any sphere of influence that may affect indigenous people.

    In Orissa, Christian missionaries should be banned and eventually evicted from the land. Likewise, the political party representing so-called Hindu interests such as BJP should be declared illegal. Political participation of citizens should be conducted through political consciousness-raising, not through religious or any other shady motives. As a matter of fact, no tribal is by birth Hindu either. Realistically speaking, belonging to either religion merely has caused complicated discriminations towards the dignity of indigenous peoples, and religion is not a tag they need to fancy.

    As regards the tribal population, most are indigenous peoples. They had nothing to do with Hinduism or Christianity at any stretch of imagination. The chief crisis of indigenous peoples in the world centers around land issues. The rest are pure trivia. Religion is the most dangerous trivia.

    Its quite unfortunate, although very carefully designed ploy at the same time, on the part of corporate media and communal politicians to deviate the focus from the land issues affecting tribal population (from nationalistic industrialization to corporate privatization) that can cause revolutionary movements (like among the Zapatas in Mexico), to utterly ridiculous non-issues such as religious commitments, which are still acting as the proverbial opium.

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  431. Thank you for sharing this article with me. I have been myself blessed to have known a professor like Prof P.K. Rath.
    Prof Rath as his students and colleagues always remember, is the most brilliant scholar in the Center of Advanced Study of Psychology in Vani Vihar.
    Living in Bay Area, California, far away from my beloved Utkal University campus, it is refreshing to read through an article that gives much deserved dues to my most beloved professor.

    -Shivam Pat


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  434. The Posco Game and why counter it

    It all began officially on June 22 nearly three years ago when a foreign steel making giant signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Orissa government to setup a steel plant in the state.
    The company was Pohang Steel Company, known more commonly by its acronym Posco, which is a steel company based in South Korea and ranks among the first five largest steel makers in the world. The eventual investment was calculated to be of the tune of $12 billion (Rs 52,000 crore), it being the single largest foreign direct investment in India so far. The company that has generated so many hue and cries in India, more so in the state of Orissa, for all the wrong reasons was formed on April 1, 1968 by Tae Joon Park, a young and dynamic entrepreneur. It scaled unimagined heights without any initial support and investment only because of its entrepreneurial capacities. The company that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994 and on the London Stock Exchange in 1995, it got privatised in 2000.
    As far as the project in question is concerned, it is proposed to be placed at Paradip in Orissa, planned to be completed in two phases. As per the initial plans, the first module of 3 million tonne capacity was expected to be completed by June 2010 adding 3 million tonne capacity after every two years, so as to reach its full capacity of 12 million tonne by 2016. The proposed plan is an integrated steel plant accompanied by attached mining leases.
    Both Posco and the Orissa government claim that the project would fetch revenue for the government to the tune of Rs 700 crore to Rs 800 crore (Rs 7-8 billion) annually. and would additionally provide direct employment to 13,000 people and ensure indirect employment for another 35,000. They say they chose this place because it assures long-term reserves of high quality iron ore, surplus and cheap electricity and easy access to major steel consuming markets and raw material sources.
    But not everyone is taking the government’s word at its face value nor are they willing to accept everything being claimed either about the project or the company. Those opposing the project include not only the political parties like the Left Front, the Orissa Gana Parishad, Samajwadi Party and so on but also numerous non-governmental organizations, Civil societies, public spirited persons, scholars and academicians. Many reasons have been put forth by these opposing groups but the State government behaves as if it is totally oblivious to these charges as being motivated or frivolous or distorted ones. Even on the day of the signing of the memorandum of understanding over 200 protestors were needed to be taken into custody by the police outside the state secretariat as they raised slogans against the signing. They belonged to some opposition outfits and Civil societies.
    The State Government has offered POSCO a disproportionate quantum of iron ore and land relative to what it has recognised as the requirement of so many other projects like that of the Tatas. It has also permitted the company flexibility in the choice as between domestic and imported ore. It is even willing to allot iron ore and coal blocks out of what is currently available with its own undertaking. But most important of all, it has promised to `interface’ with the Centre to secure additional quantities of iron ore for use by its plants in South Korea. On the relevant clause on iron ore entitlement, the MoU concedes that the company would require 600 million tonnes (mt) of iron ore for its 12 mt of annual steel making capacity. It is such facts that show the real intent of the project and put the State government’s credential under serious doubts. While Naveen Patnaik loves to be called a Mr. Clean, just like his original Indian role-model, Rajiv Gandhi, but the deal with Posco with such disfavourable terms for the government and so many accrued direct and indirect benefits for the Posco company are such that do not go down the throat so easily. It smacks of corruption. And the strong arm measures being used by the government through its administrative and police machinery only add up to this doubt. The hurry with which things are being implemented and the way the Chief Minister is visibly acting anti-people is generally the case with people who have been properly and substantially obliged.
    Dhinkia is among a set of six small coastal villages, about 12 km from Paradeep Port in Orissa’s Ersama block. Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti (PPSS) , the Rashtriya Yuva Sangthan and the Nab Nirman Samiti are the main associations proclaiming its deep dissatisfaction with the project with Abhay Sahoo of PPSS leading the campaign. Dhinkia, a cluster of 600 families, is the heart of the resistance. Those resisting the foreign invasion have put forth a romanticised view of the local economy. “Paan, dhan, machchi (betel, paddy, fish) is the essence of their life,”
    On 10th October 2007 a team of academicians, journalists, human rights activists and leaders of peoples’ movement representatives, joined hands to express their categorical opposition to the proposed Posco Steel project as anti-people, ecologically degrading and destructive of livelihood of farmers and fisher-folks and expressed its solidarity to the heroic struggle of the people of Gadkujang, Dinkia and Nuwagaon for protection of their land and livelihood. The team having deeply interacted with the members of the resistance movement including Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti and Nav Nirman Samiti came to the conclusion that the ill-effects of the so-called wonderful project were many and the disastrous consequences were such that far outweighed its beneficial effects, whatsoever. These included attack on People’s Livelihood, Land Acquisition & Land Alienation, repression to meet Democratic Dissent, environmental ill-effects and huge exploitative nature of the project. Land being the major source of livelihood, with betel vines and cashew cultivation being the main source of income in Dinkia, Nuwagaon, and Gadkujang, the villages were to be badly affected by the project.
    A major game being played insidiously by the government authorities is that nearly 3500 acres out of a total 4000 acres of the land to be acquired is shown in revenue records as governmental land. But in reality most of such land has been under continuous cultivation by peasants. Interestingly, the land was transferred to the forest department after a local struggle in the 1960s to salvage the area. Led by Loknath Chaudhury, a CPI member of Parliament, they got the department to undertake afforestation to protect the villages against the severe cyclones that lash the area and to provide fuel and raw material for the betel vines. For decades it was categorised as village commons. The crux of the dispute in the Orissa government’s efforts to acquire 4,004 acres for the Posco complex is that the government says only 438 acres are private land, the rest being its property. But the fact is the 1,253 hectares of forest land that has been put up for clearance is under betel vine, cashew and other crops.
    Therefore, the impact of the project is going to be much more destructive than the official estimates because the farmers are not going to get any compensation for such land which has traditionally been in their possession but which they technically do not own. This would result in double loss and is certainly a means of land alienation. Ceding such ‘government land’ to a foreign company is nothing but a clear cut case of apathetic behaviour. Again being a SEZ it decimates all democratic rights. So many different Indian laws are inapplicable within the zone, one of the most important being the Panchayat law. Even otherwise it won’t have any space for the local people. The SEZ will employ only highly educated and hi-tech people. Besides, it being a duty-free zone, the Posco company will be granted huge concessions in customs duties, sales tax and even income tax.
    Again the eco-system in the region is too fragile. The proposed mining site is very close to pristine forest and natural water sources. A port is being proposed at the mouth of Jatadhar river, only 7 kms away from existing port at Paradip. It is feared that construction of the port will lead to waterlogging in the area and excessive siltation. This will also deprive thousands of fisherfolks of their source of livelihood.
    The public hearing by Orissa Pollution Control Board in Kunjang village on 15th April 2007 has been nothing more than a public drama where only the official version and official mindset has been reiterated and tried to be affirmed among the public without getting the actual feedback from the people. Moreover the hearing, which is a legal requirement under Environmental Impact Assessment guidelines, were conducted some 25 kms away from the affected villages.
    As examined in a brilliant piece by Sandip Dasverma and Dr Sanat Mohanty, where they have gone into the arithmetic and economic details of the Posco project in a detailed manner performing a deep analysis, it is amply clear that the Posco project is not so much of a gain either for the State or for its people as it is presented to be. If we go into the intricacies of the SEZ concept and analyze all the benefits that the State government is providing to the Posco company comparing it vis-à-vis the return that is being gained, we find that the State actually comes forth as a massive loser. It is estimated that Indian government will lose Rs 89,000 crores and state government of Orissa will lose Rs 22,500 crores for SEZ alone with another Rs 2,400 crores to Rs 3,600 crores subsidy on approx $6 billion of machinery to be imported. Then there are facts like withdrawal of over 250 million liters of water per day seriously affecting the water table of that region. As Dasverma and Dr. Mohanty say, even assuming that Posco employees 10,000 people at Rs. 10,000 per month, this accounts for Rs 3,600 crores for the 30 years of life of this project. The rest of the investment is mostly on equipment and services to support production that do not necessarily trickle into the local economy.
    While the Orissa government’s nodal officer for the project, Priyabrata Patnaik, principal secretary in the commerce department, points out that the South Koreans are offering very generous terms that will set the benchmark for future displacement packages, there are not making takers of his words, who take is as nothing more than an hogwash and the only solution acceptable to them is the complete scrapping of the project or at least a massive change in its term and conditions.
    Even the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch leader, Mr KN Govindacharya, as far back as 2005 had called upon the people to oppose the proposed Posco steel plant project, irrespective of party affiliations, in an organised way, even daring the ruling BJP to come out openly to oppose the project to prove its sincerity for the cause of Orissa. He was correct when he said – “Posco is setting the steel plant in Orissa only on profit motive. Development of the state is just eyewash,”
    Now the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has also interfered in this sensitive matter sending its representative Damodar Sarangi who recently visited the proposed site to assess the alleged violation of human rights. He visited Dhinkia, Nuagaon, Gadakujanga and Gobindapur villages of Kujang block in Jagatsingpur district to take stock of the situation after the social activist Prafulla Samantray had filed petitions before the Commission. He was informed by the activists that the proposed steel plant was going to deprive the livelihood of about 30,000 locals both directly and indirectly.
    The war is not over as yet. On June 23, leaders of different political parties, social activists and activists assembled at the proposed Posco steel plant site with people like A B Vardhan of the CPI along with leaders of the Nationalist Congress Party, Congress, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha, Communist Party of India (Marxist) and Samajwadi Party supporting the cause of the people. Mr. Bardhan rightly questioned the clauses in the MoU that promised captive iron ore mines to the company as well as the permission to construct a captive port, a few km away from the existing Paradip port calling it a form of colonial exploitation and asked it to purchase iron ore from the State government-run Orissa Mining Corporation.

    Dr. Nutan Thakur,
    Nutan Satta Pravah,
    # 94155

  435. Dear Sir

    I am Teresa Rehman from Assam. I came to know about your website from your son Saswat, whos a friend of mine. I have been following your write-ups.

    I was intrigued particularly by the lines “casteless uniqueness of the cult of Sri Jagannatha.”

    Could you please elaborate on this lesser-known fact? Are people from other religions allowed inside Lord Jagannath’s temple?

    Warm regards


  437. Is anything being done about this? The photos show them all so happy. Now they are miserable. I am heartbroken at this turn of events. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do, sign petitions, send letters, send money. I can organize many people who believe in the right for animals and people to live together in harmony.

  438. Eradicate evil of corruption for long term sustainability and giving voice to the voiceless.

    Corruption is a cancer eating into the vitals of our society. It does not allow the under developed and developing nations to transcend and become developed nations. Most developing countries are doing well on many fronts – except tackling corruption – which in turn affects many development projects and impacts the grassroots by depriving the marginalized of essential benefits.

    The rich are growing richer at the cost of the poor. What is needed is a one-stop solution for solving the evil of Corruption. The solution has to change the face of our society and take it from the downward path to one of upward growth.

    One ideal solution would be, to register every citizen uniquely using their biometric (all finger prints, all fingers or palm vein) and issue a Multi Purpose Biometric Smart Card cum Debit Card, linked to a Cashless Money Account for making valid all transactions and making it public on the web.

    Suitable ‘e-Administration’ tool should be available for tracking all communications and transactions by anyone anywhere. Total transparency and accountability needs to be made a way of life. This would deter us from doing any thing on the sly. This would minimize corruption, to the point of eliminating it.

    We need to create a new world order, a level playing field, where every citizen has an equality of opportunity, to explore his / her / their potentials to the maximum.

    This would encourage everyone to contribute their mite for the growth of the community and society at large without impeding the growth of others.

    Kris Dev, ICT & e-Gov Consultant
    Manthan Awardee 2006 for e-Inclusion and Livelihood Creation

    President & CEO, Life Line to Business (LL2B)
    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. http://ll2b.blogspot.com
    +91 98 408 52132 (Mobile) +1 (206) 274 1635 (VOIP)

    Co-Founder, Transparency and Accountability network

  439. ‘Kris Formula’ – a prescription to end corruption – to create healthy citizenry based on genuine transactions and not ghost transactions – just published (4-17 July 2008) in the 4Ps Business and Marketing Magazine (copy attached).

    What ails the under developed and developing nations? Reply: “corruption leading to self perpetuating poverty”. Reason: lack of honesty and transparency. Result: lack of accountability for sustained growth.
    Let’s analyze these statements in detail.

    The economy is divided between the rich and poor; the rich are growing richer and the poor are growing poorer. The poor cannot afford the essentials for a decent living such as food, clothing, shelter, health, education and social security. The division is so sharp between nations and communities, while a rich family can afford to spend Euro 500 per week on food items, a poor family of the same size can hardly spend Euro 5 per week.

    Does this mean all citizens living in a poor nation are poor? Well the answer is a ‘NO’. The wealth in a under developed / developing nation is skewed. Almost 80-90% of the wealth of the nation is in the control of say 5-10% of the population. The majority of the populations hardly have access to any wealth and live in abject poverty.

    One of the biggest factors is ‘Corruption’. It is the cancer eating into the vitals of the society. It has permeated into all facets of life, affecting the poor and voiceless. Today, the common man with no money or muscle power, cannot think of getting any thing done in the developing world, without having to pay a bribe. This has created a parallel black economy sucking money out of the taxpayer and enriching the pockets of the rich.

    The Heads of Commonwealth nations at their recent mini-summit on 9 and 10 June, 2008 have stated that “Global institutions such as World Bank, IMF, and UN must enjoy legitimacy from their member countries and the international community. They must also be responsive, with the interests of all members, especially the smaller and poorer, being taken into account. The activities and governance of these institutions must be flexible, they must respond to new challenges, national priorities and specific circumstances in countries. Institutions must have clear responsibilities and the conduct of their business must be transparent and accountable to the entire membership and the wider public.”
    A scathing report from the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of IMF highlights the lack of transparency and accountability in IMF… The IEO measured governance along four dimensions – effectiveness, efficiency, accountability and voice – and against three standards – the Fund’s own governing documents, other international organizations, and private and public-sector corporations. The report finds accountability and voice are the weakest features of the Fund’s governance and these weaknesses entail risks to the Fund’s legitimacy, which in turn has a bearing on its effectiveness.
    If this is the situation with global institutions, we can well imagine what would be the situation with national and regional institutions, No wonder they abound in corruption of all sorts and get away with it. Then, how do we get over this corruption mania? One sure way would be to plug all the leakages in the system. This cannot be done without active support of the governments and its citizens.
    A unique identification of every citizen is the primary requirement. With the advent of ICT tools, every citizen can be uniquely identified from birth to death using unique identification methods such as fingerprint, iris, hand vein geometry and DNA linked to their ID, name, family details, photo, etc.
    A Multi Purpose Biometric Smart Card for every individual and organization linked to a money account and a e-Tool to link every citizen and service provider / public authority including the vertical and horizontal hierarchy of governance can be used as a single window of transactions for G2C, G2G, B2B, B2C, etc. If the transactions are thrown open, then total transparency and accountability can prevail, as envisaged in the Right to Information Act.
    Healthy citizenry can be created by covering all aspects of citizens from birth to death such as health, hygiene, housing, education, skills, employment, earnings, expenses, consumption, savings, social security, etc. based on genuine physical transactions and not ghost transactions. Thus corruption. money laundering, arms trade and terrorism can be eliminated and all round peace and prosperity can prevail as every one would feel good that no one can cheat any one and all have equitable opportunities to contribute and grow.

    Kris Dev, ICT & e-Gov Consultant, Manthan Awardee for e-Inclusion & Livelihood Creation. krisdev@gmail.com

  440. Subhas, thank you for your clear, heartfelt article. I am concerned about this situation, and would like to help if possible. I live in the United States, and would be happy to send some money or sign a petition. Could you organize something of this sort to help bring a positive ending to this story? You can email me at synergyself@gmail.com. Perhaps with pookerella’s network, mine, and others help, this happy family will find peace and joy again. Perhaps you could also post the contact information for Sri Pradeep Raj Karat, DFO of Keonjhar so we can ask him to drop the charges and return the bear to his rightful place. Thanks again.

  441. Who killed Swami Lakshmanananda?
    Not the Maoists, everyone except some senior state government authorities maintain.

    Even the top brass of the state police say it is improbable that Maoists were responsible for the murder of the Swami and four others at his remote ashram in Orissa’s Kandhamal district on Saturday night. A senior state police officer said the modus operandi of the murders do not provide substantial evidence that the Maoists may be involved.

    Here are the facts of the murder after preliminary investigations:

    On Saturday, the ashram was celebrating Janmashtami, when around dinner time, a group of 30-40 armed assailants surrounded the place.
    Eyewitnesses said about four of the assailants carried AK-47s and many others had country made revolvers.
    Two of the four home guards stationed for security had gone to eat and only two of them were guarding the premises.
    The assailants tied down the two guards, and gagged them.
    They then sought out the Swamiji within the premises and opened fire on him.
    The recovered bullets show they were from an AK-47, the police said.
    The assailants then warned the guards not to raise an alarm and fled the scene.
    Within minutes of the reaching the crime scene, the district authorities made a statement saying it was suspected Maoists who killed the Swami.

    “Isn’t it far fetched? District authorities blaming a particular outfit within minutes of arriving at a crime scene?” asked Ashok Sahu, a retired IPS officer, who specialises in left wing extremism.

    There are two reasons given as to why the state could have taken the Maoist line. The first is obvious, observers say.

    “In December 2007, the area witnesses some of the bloodiest violence Orissa has even seen after the Swami was attacked by Christians. The state might have wanted to avert a repeat of the communal clashes and therefore could have pinned the blame on the Maoists,” one of them said.

    Sahu said there could be more to the government’s action than this.

    “Elections are coming in a matter of months. The state has failed miserably in tackling the Maoist insurgency. A government that has been terrorised by the Maoists may in turn be trying to terrorise the people in the name of the Maoists” he said.

    Why are so many people ready to debunk the government’s Maoist attack theory so readily? The main reason is modus operandi of the execution.

    “The central committee authorises the killings and the outfit issues statements owning up to the murders they commit. So many days after the murder, there has been no statement from the Maoists,” a senior police officer said.

    Sahu points out the following: “The five attackers who the locals caught and handed over to the police are not Maoists. They are from the region.

    “Moreover, I see no reason why the Maoists will spare the policemen on duty. They would have killed them. Then, there are the leaflets that were thrown around the ashram in a very amateurish way. The Maoists are very organised. If somebody is carrying an AK-47 he must be at least a commander. And if there are four commanders to marshal the mob, there wouldn’t have been indiscriminate firing like what we saw. And last but not the least, I have never heard or seen Maoists wear masks and hoods.

    “They see themselves as revolutionaries. They never care about whether they are seen or not. In fact, I would say, they would very much want to be seen,” Sahu said.

    Then, the most important question? Did the Swami’s activities in the jungle in any way make him an enemy of the Maoists? “Chances are very less. He was working for the welfare of the tribal people and against forced conversions in the region. There is nothing that suggests the Maoists would see him as a class enemy,” a senior officer said.

    A local outfit, the Hindu Jagran Manch said the Swami had mentioned to an office bearer that some Maoists had joined him in a program he had organsied for the tribal people. “One day last year, I was talking to the Swami on phone, and that time there was a lot of concern about his security. So, he said, don’t you people worry. The Maoists are not a threat to me. In fact some of them are here with me,” said Lakshmikanth Das, an officer bearer of the HJM.

    But do these factors clearly rule out the role of the Maoists? It is tricky, say many experts who have been following left wing extremism. “The best way this could be phrased is: ‘We do not rule out the involvement of the Maoists’.” Sahu said.

    There are many reasons why the experts are undecided. “After the December 2007 clashes, even the Hindu outfits agreed that the Maoists are working in tandem with militant Christian outfits,”

    Sahu agreed: “A lot of Maoists were converts to Christianity and were involved in the December violence. But this attack does not look like their work,” Sahu said.

    The Maoists have long claimed that most of Orissa falls under the ‘liberated zone’. Kandhamal district with its desnse forest cover is a haven for them. In fact, the police had claimed that the recent attack on a police party in Nayagarh, where the Maoists dealt a spectacular blow to the Orissa police, was planned and coordinated from Kandhamal.

    If not the Maoists, who could have killed the Swami? The needle of suspicion swings towards the militant Christian outfits. “Let’s face it, said Sahu, “even in times when the Maoist-militant Christian nexus was a possibility, there were numerous attacks and attempts on the Swami’s life.”

    “There is a high possibility that this is the handiwork of militant Christian outfits. How they got such sophisticated weapons is something for the government to figure out,” said Sahu.

    “The government’s responsibility to bring those responsible to book increases when you take into account the fact that the Swami received an anonymous threat only a week before he was killed. The local SP did not even register a case after the Swami lodged a formal complaint. They have to answer a lot of questions or this issue will snowball into a bigger issue than the December violence,” Das concluded.

    The onus now rests on the government, which has been boxed in from almost all sides.


    Apropos of the news of Orissa unrest, the unfortunate happenings in Kandhamal and brutal slaining of SWAMI LAXAMANDA- a locally revered Community servant running an orphanage and study Centre for poor local tribal students with no motive of inducing religious conversions, and elsewhere has its origin in the perpetual mass conversion program of innocent tribals by Christian missionaries at the behest of their alien masters by inducements, deceit and exploiting the poverty ridden populace, with enormous clout and vast material resources at their disposal. The religious conversions have resulted largely in making the natives, aliens one in behavior and overall thinking, gradually. The demographic character has culminated in the total changeover of the culture and perceptions and has fueled the alien behavior in the converts. The total unrestive, rather Anti India feeling has craved in the North East and the areas under the Church dominance. Several Western Diplomats, Analysts including Ex CIA Chief have written books revealing their strategic design of destroying Indian culture and strength by conversion programs undertaken by Christian Missionaries at their behest through resources and budgets made available by them. The British Parliament has passed Resolutions in the past condemning US and their organs of supporting such programs In India and making genuine missionaries suspicious. While native groups supported by VHP and other Local Social Groups have awakened, undertaken reconversion programs and getting people alienated, rejoining the National Mainstream, the murderous attack in connivance with Anti National outfits(including Maoists, Naxalites) harbored and fueled by such Missionaries to weaken Indian ethos and culture, are engineered against these Nationalists groups. But the time has come when such heinous acts have been resented by the Local Populace. The time has ripen when the Local populace is continually rising against such dubious activities that are weakening India with tacit support of the pseudo secularists for whom anything against National and Hindu ethos and Culture is pride some. The Indian Press has been extremely partial, in reporting (textual and visual), while no depiction of the slain Swami and desertion of his Ashram inmates Press has extensively reported the plight(in the aftermath) of the Christians, fuelling the common man sulking, hence playing the perpetrator of the Crime. All sane and Nationalists must support the Local movement (AND to retaliate the move of POPE for daring to interfere in Indian Matters) lest the situation slips to create another Kashmir and North-East like situation where the writ of Muslim Separatists and Churches are run respectively, and another Arundhati Roy and Vir Sanghvi may advocate its alienation from India.

    8/3, ROOP NAGAR,

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  444. Its wonderful to come across this website.
    The posts are thought provoking and well justified.
    Good job done.

    Well, the nun case has been blown out of proportions and the matter has just transpired into political firmaments.something as sensitive as rape has become a political joke and the topic of stupid discussions at every betel shop and at every salon.
    A CBI enquiry into this would just be another way of glorifying things and get the entire nation talking about it.
    i totally agree to the Govt.’s decision and i hope the news evaporates out of the front page of all those newspapers as soon as possible.

  445. In the business perspective, quality education means guiding students to finding the right schools and the right course for them. Anyone who is in the educational industry should see to it that education leads are properly tracked, nurtured, scored, and prioritized.

  446. I am very sorry to disagree at your point that Mr Naveen Pattanaik has landed Orissa in ruin.You can not change the status of the state overnight.If any thing this man has done for our state , that he has created dreams and hopes in thousand oriyas living inside and outside orissa.He has upgraded the image of Orissa in a short span through rapid industrialisation .Today Orissa is not behind in any field like industry,agriculture,education,health care and IT in comparision to other states.
    I agree that many people in Orissa are devoid of the basic ammenities like food,water,clothes and health .But I am sure that this can be over very soon with the able leadership of Mr Naveen Pattnaik.

  447. The title of the article is so grotesque and inappropriate, that I did not feel like going through the contents! Who are you to save Lord Jagannath?? Are you the creator? Are you the provider? Are you the savior? It is utter baloney that you propose to save Lord Jagannath! If you talk about saving a tradition or a practice – it is fine. But for heaven’s sake, never ever say you are going to save Jagannath!! This is utter balderdash, or sounds like a statement from some dipsomaniac in delirium grandiose.

  448. Is it the same Subash Chandra Pattnaik, the senior reporter and journalist? If it is so, I think this expression is unintentional from you, having known you so well for so many years.

  449. Dear Biren babu,
    Yes, I am the same Subhas Chandra Pattanayak. I am very happy that you have entered into orissamatters.com and given me an opportunity to commence our communication.

    I own every word I have used in this article because I have written it with the responsibility I command and on the basis of determination that research has led me to and in terms of my commitment to the cause of my society.

    Nice meeting you online.

  450. Dear Sir,
    Your thougtful wise views have always pointed out the level of sycophancy in Indian politics and its bad influence on Public administration.
    To please his party president Sonia Gandhi our Present union Home minister Mr. Sivraj Patil has misused the good offices of Ministry of Home Affairs on many occassions by sending unnessary warnnings,briefs etc to the State Governments all over the country.In this present case Central Government should not encourage the so called victims to undermine the rule of Law,our federal structure,and the Constitution.
    Rather It should help the State Govt. to carry out Rehabilitation work in the violence affected areas .Thank you.

  451. K. Gopal Rao Says:

    Sub:Police Inaction in the case of house grabbing by Deepak Niranjanath Pandit
    Superitendant of Customs,Air Cargo Complex,Mumbai,brother of producer/Director Ashok Pandith by misusing official power /and connection at high places

    We, Mr&Mrs.K.Gopal Rao aged 75 years and 65 years are the Legal owners of flat no 803 Brookhill Tower,Andheri(w),Mumbai.Mr and Mrs. Deepak Pandit are known to us through Ravi Suvarna who is also Superirendant of Customs ,
    approached to us for temperory shelter for a period of 2-3 months,since in the society in which they stay do not have lift and Mrs Arushi D.Pandit was undergoing a major heart surgery in Leela Hospital and need one bedroom in our flat.Hence,we allowed Mr. Deepak Pandit to stay in our flat with his wife and son(One son is away in angalore),by providing one bed room and allowed them to use common hall and kitchen
    on humanitarian and medical ground with out charging a single rupee.

    In Sept 2007, we visited our native place in Karnataka,and locked other 3 bedrooms apart from which has been used byDeepak Pandit and his wife Arushi Pandit by showing blind faith
    and trust and handed over the keys of main entrance.When we came back from our native place,we found our other two bed rooms locks were broken and the bedrooms have been used
    by Mr.Deepak Pandit and Mrs.Arushi D. Pandit.When we asked about this mischief,Mr Deepak Pandit very rudely replied that we people should vacate the flat along with our belongings.We were
    shocked and surprised after this incident.
    Then we immediatly contacted Ravi Suvarna and Ravi Suvarna contacted Deepak Pandit about vacating the flat.He bluntlydenied to vacate the flat and also threatened with dire consequences and that his brother Mr Ashok Pandit is a very influential political person,and Deepak pandit himself is a Custom Officer and by virtue of his position/post he will grab our flat.
    Further we approached to one/two reputed persons in the society and narrated the things which have been going on and requested them to mediate the dispute.He refused to meet the
    persons and asked us to pay Rs 10 lakh otherwise he will not vacate the flat .At the same time he mentioned that we will see how he will grab our flat.

    Recently we have come to know that other than his house in
    Juhu (no 214)juhu Shantivan co-operative Housing Society,bldg
    no 13,gulmohar cross road no 6,Andheri(w),he has got one house
    at Takur Complex, kandivili(E),and one at Andheri(E). He has rented
    out all these houses and took shelter at our place on sympathetic/humanitarian grounds.

    We have approached the oshiwara police and lodged written complaints dtd 4/10/07 and 28/02/08 but to no avail.Police have threatened to arrest our grand daughter if she doesn’t vacate the house and she was forced to leave the house at 0400 AM on 05/10/07(By SI Gaikwad,Kadam on the instruction of the PI Sonawane of Oshiwada Police Station).As we are old
    aged and can not run from pillar to post,I kindly request yourgoodselves to Publish this issue on your Paper because this kind of acts by people by misusing the legal provisions to their advantage and grabbing only shelter of senior citizens by taking the help of police and security staffof the building.This is nothing but breach of trust and they know that if it goes to court it will take years together.These kind of issues should be debated and people should be educated about this kind of offences/crimes(misuse of legal provisions) which were probably made to safeguard poor tenants

    We kindly request your goodselves to take up the matter so that people will get educated about such kind of abuse of legal provisions and also wrong people who misuse the provisions of law to their advantage which were made to safeguard the weeker sections by using official power and connection at high places.As we are old aged and can not run from pillar to post,We kindly request you to publish in your paper after investigating the case and being convinced as an issue(House grabbing).He has made an extra(double) door in our absence and now he is not allowing us to enter the house with the help of Oshiwada police.If a public servant can behave like a goon and grab only house of senior citizens then we are in the same age old tradition of slavery.(We are ready to produce any kind od evidence reg the fact that he is forcefully/illegally stying in our house).He has not got any papers/reciepts

    Yours sincerely,

    Mr.&Mrs. K.Gopal Rao.
    76/41,14th cross,PadmanabhaNagar,
    Cell No 09343952727
    So many people have suffered or lost their houses due to this kind of planned tactics(Khabja). If you publish the article/News,it will definately help people who go to help people innocently and get trapped.I hope there should be amendments in the legal provisions to safeguard genuine cases.As the legal process takes years together and culprits enjoy the possession merrily.Here the system(Law and order/police and legal system has also to be blamed).If things like this continues people will lose humanity and stop helping even in genuine cases.Please help us atleast in educating(legalities) people about this Khabja

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  454. Sir
    I agree with you that BMC hospital needs serious attention and healthcare is the highest service govt should provide to its citizens.

    But in order to create attention to this subject, you are pointing fingers to the good works that is done in the city and the honesty and dedication of an officer without enough evidence. This is not the right way.

    Why do you disagree that Ms Sarangi should not be attributed as an efficient administrator for all the works she has done till now. I think we can praise/reward someone for all the current good works and convey our future higher expectations from her like improving BMC hospital.

    You also think, doing art work in city walls is kind of waste of money/corruption involved as u said “gloss of development has helped contractors milk the urban funds” without any convincing facts.

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  456. Well written. Keep the flow.We need courageous Indians to make it great. I am hopeful that we would get people of great stature to man our important institutions in coming times. The holy cow has to be holy or else everything collapses.
    I invite you also to visit my blog.

  457. I deeply mourn the demise of Mrs.Gyana Patnaik, wife of the legendary and revolutionary leader Late Biju Patnaik. May her soul rest in peace .

    Manoranjan Das.
    At/P.O. : Patia
    PS : Chandrasekharpur
    Bhubaneswar 751 031
    Tel . : 0674 2743633 , 2512297
    Mobile : 09437115533
    Email : mrdas01@gmail.com

  458. Sir ,
    You are right in representing the expressions of the people of orissa.These people (BJP) have lost their
    mind after the Break up with B.J.D.
    The state defacto leaders who have no concern for
    the common people or Party cader are misusing the
    good will of Atal Bihari Bajpayee.The meeting was a
    hurriedly arranged one and it misled the party
    youth who
    attended the meeting !
    I need not write more.

  459. The article is unique. It will educate not only the people at large but also the politicians who practice politics only as profession to acquire power &wealth.

  460. Congratulations . Quite an accurate analysis.

    Its clear that a rate of Rs 3/kWh is less than OK for CGP’s . Rising cost of coal (mix of e-auctioned coal approx @ Rs 1500/- and imported coal approx @ Rs 4000/- ) and alternative opportunity at Power exchange in the range of Rs 7/- per kWh is making the CGP’s anxious about a sustainable business plan.

    There is a storng possibility that a rate of Rs 3.50 /- min (traded or domestic) would bridge the gap significantly further.

  461. It is not a question integrity or honesty of the BMC commissioner.It is her style of functioning as the head of the organization which looks after the total well being of the citizen of the city.Let her say how many times she has visited the BMC hospital& has tried to know the disadvantages & the difficulties with which the doctors & other staffs are rendering their services in the hospital.Has she ever interacted with all the doctors& other staffs directly? Has she ever heard their problems in person?Has she has a grievance day for the BMC hospital staffs?Although every doctor & other staffs have a lot of personal official problems in the BMC office,but the majority excepting a favored few have no opportunity to convey it to her. As there being no grievance day ,one has to spend almost the entire day in waiting to meet her after handing over the visiting chit to the armed guard guarding her office gate.She never bothers that the hospital staffs are meant for emergency life saving duty&can not wait for for hours together waiting her.Even THE CMMO of the hospital is not allowed to meet her immediately except when he is accompanied by afavoured one.Does it not shows her autocratic behavior in a country with democratic setup?

  462. Sir ,
    you are right in explaining the present situation in accepting The candidature of Mr. Ranendra Pratap Swain for Athagarh Assembly Constituency.
    He has every right to contest and People of Athagarh
    must have the democratic choice to choose their representative from the all the aspiring candidates including Mr. Swain.
    I hope Elelection commission intervenes and correct the mistake of thre Returning Officer.

  463. well i have been a great fan of Dr. Misra ever since i came in contact with him.His contribution to the world of Electrical Engg. should be acknowledged and we being oriya people should be proud of this tremendous personality having the potential to be a renouned scientist of the modern era.

  464. Dear Editor,
    It is a matter of great pleasure to know now that the Chief Justice of India has finally agreed to disclosure of property list of judges.

    It reminds me of the first and forceful opinion expressed in orissamatters.com on 23 january 2009 under the heading, “judges are not lords over the republic” in which it was suggested that the judges should voluntarily disclose their respective property list in the websites of their respective courts.

    With CJI Hon’ble Justice Balkrishnan agreeing to it, though after eight months, it is clear that orissamatters.com has really acted as the conscience keeper of our society and this reality has been rightly recognized by the Chief Justice.

    Keep up the role.

    Dr. Asoka Misra
    29 August 2009


  466. most appropriate article. i may say, it is a document of history that every oriya ought to read and preserve for future reference.

  467. ‘Half Of The Last 16 Chief Justices Were Corrupt’

    The decision to declare assets is a big victory. Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan tells SHOMA CHAUDHURY what else is rotting in our judiciary

    In public interest Prashant Bhushan has championed the fight for judicial accountability

    It’s great judges have agreed to declare assets. But will it really help? Politicians do it too.
    This decision is very welcome, even if it’s only happened under public pressure. It is proof of the power of public opinion. And even though declaring assets is a relatively minor aspect of judicial accountability, it will help. If a judge misdeclares his assets, there’s a chance someone might know he has particular properties he hasn’t declared, and may point it out. One could then examine if these can be explained within their legal income.

    The debate around judicial accountability has got really hot. Are there watershed events that triggered this?
    Not in my own perception, but I think for the public there were two watershed events – the Chief Justice Sabharwal case (where there was an allegation that Chief Justice YS Sabharwal’s orders to demolish commercial outlets in Delhi directly benefited his sons, who were partners with some mall developers) and the Ghaziabad Provident Fund scam. Both these cases got wide media attention. A 2006 Transparency International report said the judiciary in India is the second most corrupt institution after the police.

    You’ve been at the forefront of the judicial accountability campaign. Why?
    I have been witness to judicial corruption in the courts for a very long time. I know decisions are passed for extraneous considerations, but it’s difficult to get hard evidence of this. There have been highprofile impeachment attempts, for instance, on Justice Ramaswamy, Justice Punchi and Justice Anand. Yet, they all went on to become chief justices. In my view, out of the last 16 to 17 chief justices, half have been corrupt. I can’t prove this, though we had evidence against Punchi, Anand and Sabharwal on the basis of which we sought their impeachment.

    What is the root cause of judicial corruption then, and what are your key demands?
    Our key demand is an institutional mechanism for entertaining complaints and taking action against the judiciary. Nothing exists today. Everyone realises impeachment is impractical. To move an impeachment motion you need the signatures of 100 MPS, but you can’t get them because many MPs have pending individual or party cases in these judges’ courts. In the impeachment proceeding against Justice Bhalla, the BJP declined to sign because LK Advani had been acquitted by him in the Babri Masjid demolition case. Such political considerations prevail all the time. An in-house procedure was set up in 1999, post a chief justices’ conference in 1997, but that too is activated only selectively. For example, the complaint against Justice Bhalla was that he had purchased land worth Rs 4 crore at Rs 4 lakh — approximately — from land mafia in Noida. This was based on a report from the DM and SSP of Noida. This land mafia had several cases pending in courts subordinate to Justice Bhalla. Another complaint was that in the Reliance Power matter, though his son was the lawyer for Reliance Power, Justice Bhalla constituted a special bench while he was the presiding judge in Lucknow. He sat in the house of one the judges at 11pm at night to hear their case and pass an injunction in their favour. We asked Chief Justice Sabharwal to initiate proceedings against Bhalla, but he refused.
    Similarly, Justice Vijender Jain decided the case of a person whose granddaughter had been married out of his own house. He was a close friend but he still heard and decided the case in this person’s favour. The point is, in these cases though very specific complaints were made to the then Chief Justice of India (CJI), he didn’t do anything to activate the in-house procedure. All these judges have gone on to become chief justices. Bhalla is still chief justice of Rajasthan; Virendra Jain became chief justice of Punjab and Haryana.

    What’s the answer?
    The first problem is that there is no independent institution for entertaining complaints and taking action against judges. There has to be a National Judicial Complaints Commission — independent of the government and judiciary. It should have five members and an investigating machinery under them. The second problem lies in the Veeraswamy judgment, which ordered no criminal investigation can be done against a judge without prior written permission of the CJI. That’s what happened in Karnataka. There was a complaint against several judges visiting a motel and misbehaving with women. When the police officer came, the judges threatened him and said no FIR could be filed against them because they were judges. This happened in the Ghaziabad Provident Fund case as well. The investigation is stumped because the CJI hasn’t given permission. We have to get rid of this injunction.
    The third problem is the Contempt of Court Act. Today, even if you expose a judge with evidence, you run the risk of contempt. Judges are even seeking to insulate themselves from the RTI. We have to get rid of the Contempt of Court Act – not the whole Act. Disobeying the orders of the court is civil contempt – that should remain. Interfering with the administration of justice is criminal contempt – that too should remain. What needs to be deleted is the clause about scandalising or lowering the dignity of the court, for which Arundhati Roy was sent to jail. Finally, there is the problem of appointments. Earlier, judicial appointments were made by the government, which was bad enough. Now, by a sleight of hand, the Supreme Court has taken the power of appointments to itself. Earlier there were political considerations; now there are nepotistic ones.

    Again, what’s the answer to that?
    We need an independent Judicial Appointments Commission, which is independent and works full time, and follows some systems and procedures. Eligibility lists should be prepared and comparative merits debated and evaluated. You can’t just pick judges arbitrarily, and let people know about it only after the deed is done.
    There is still no independent body to process complaints and action against judges

    What are the best practices and conventions elsewhere?
    We should at least have Public Confirmation hearings like in the US. In the Senate Judicial Committee, you have hearings where any public citizen can give evidence about the background of a judge that has bearing on their appointment. This is being fiercely resisted here.

    Do any counter arguments hold?
    None that I can see. The judges say all this will compromise their independence. Unfortunately, they are equating the independence of the judiciary with independence from accountability. Independence of the judiciary was meant to be independence from the political establishment, not from all accountability.

    Are there other ways in which judicial corruption manifests itself?
    There are so many. There is Justice Kapadia who decided on the Niyamgiri mining lease case in Orissa. He said Vedanta can’t be given the lease because it’s been blacklisted by the Norwegian government; but its subsidiary company Sterlite can get the lease because it is a publicly listed company. Justice Kapadia said it’s publicly listed because he had shares in it and yet he passed an order in favour of Sterlite! There is a law against judges hearing cases where there is a conflict of interest, but they just bypass it and you can’t complain because that would be contempt.

  468. Dear Subhas Babu,

    I have gone through your nice article “NORM SHOULD BE BAIL ON APPEAL, NOT ON ANTICIPATION”. All the points raised by you are extremely logical. I would request the logal experts to come forward to place counter arguements against the points raised by you or else to move at the appropritae forum to ensure
    ” bail on appeal and not on anticipation” which has made a mockery of Indian legal system and is helping
    the criminals and offenders of law.

  469. There is no confusion between buddha, Krishna and Jagannatha. They are all the same. Please don’t confuse people. Its dedicated and devotion of people who treat the lord of the universe in its own way. Yes, he is buddha and Krishna and he is everything.

    Regarding, puri temple people being supercaste, all community has good and bad and I agree that there is some difference in Puri esp in the temple. However, in this case, I don’t agree with you. Am saying this as am no road side person nor someone who has read some texts and wiki to comment something like this. Yes, am pretty much person connected to Puri and they do respect Jagganth as Buddha whom they regard as one other incarnation of Vishnu. My dear friend many people like me have been passing our most of the life doing research and PHD’s on Jagannath culture and till today we are still understanding and you write in your article who is Jagannath? Only Jagannath is the one who can answer it….

    There are several stories where I can challenge and show evidences that the Lord of Universe has shown his devotees in various form Buddha, Ganesh, Krishna, Kali, Shiva etc. If you look back only Krishna in its universal form has shown something similar to this to Arjuna and hence, one of the reasons why Jagannath is Krishna for many…Can anyone categorize Jagannath to any particular sect or cult.

    Apart from that, if you look at history, of Buddha not many buddhist have faith that Buddha has direct transformation to Jagannath. However, there is a faith that a relic of Buddha’s tooth was in Puri and it was later taken to Sri Lanka. Having said that, I know puri sevaits also have faith that the salgram of Jagannath represents a similar relic. If you look at devotion, you would only think of Jagannath not who says what. Please focus on devotion.

    • dear rakesh babu,
      thanks for your reaction on the report on Sri Jagannatha in orissamatters. please appreciate that whatever i am posting on these pages is a part of my ongoing research on Sri Jagannatha where stress is on study of his evolution as the national deity of the oriya race. so no interim discussion is encouraged. i hope, you will please feel that your devotion to him is not being challenged. i am trying to find out the missing link in orissan history and to that end my research on Sri Jagannatha is addressed.i would be thankful if you can feed me with any relevant data, sans emotion and devotion, based on sociological interpretation. however, you may please peruse a new write-up at the following link:

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  471. Whether….Buddha…or ma’ kali…or shri vishnu….

    Jagannath… exists beyond any arguments..He is above time ,place ,pace, man & matters….above any kind of questions and answers …

    Shri JAGANNATH …is purest form of our chetana…our feelings….
    ”bramhanda mala mala hoi ta loma kupa mule birajai” …
    HE” eternal…shapeless..byond imagination……

    but on the other hand….
    we can find him within ourselves…within our pure feelings..WE ARE part of HIM….that formless eternal entity…

  472. There is just one thing you will find lacking the oriya’s is unity.I have travelled from punjab to kerala seen all the races there.They always feel the pulse of the community.But some positive changes happened to this as oriya’s getting higher educated and doing many great jobs in India and Globally.

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  474. Dear Subas Babu,

    Thanks a lot for your comments on attitude of Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik towards the journalists of Orissa.

    I was a member of the delegation of media persons who had met the Chief Minister on two ocacsions and on both occsions, he had assured us that all the cases against Mr Laxman Chaudhury would be dropped. In our presence he had asked his Principal secretary, Mr Bijoy Patnaik and another senior official
    Mr Promod Mohanty to take up the matter with high police officials and drop the charges against Mr Chaudhury.

    It was qute natural that we all present took up it as final words of the Chief Minister.

    But later we were shocked when we found that neither Mr Bijoy Patnaik, nor Mr Promod Mohanty, or the D.G.Police Mr Manmohan Praharaj carried out the wishes of the Chief Minister only to prove that what Mr Naveen Patnaik told to the media delegation was nothing but a ” big bluff”.

    It is also painful to note that though the police from top to bottom have disregarded the wishes of the Chief Minister and proved him to be very ” helpless” before them, strangely enough, the Chief Minister swallowed such insult and took no actions against the notorious police officers who had disregarded him. Moreover he also took no actions in ordering for probe by the R.D.C. Southern Circle to probe against the police men who had booked Mr Chaudhury because he had exposed their connections with Ganja and Sex racket.

    Though personally I was not expecting much from the administration to give relief to Mr Chaudhury, I was hopeful that the media in Orissa will take up the cause and ensure release of Mr Chanudhury and to ensure no media person would be booked under charges of “waging war against the State”, Sedation etc. without
    prior sanction of the Government. But unfortunately
    our ” influential” editors of newspapers and proprietors of Television Channels have thorrowly disappointed us. Ofcourse such indifference from our Editors and Proprietors are not new in Orissa. When I was victimised by the then Chief Minister J.B, Patnaik and was thrown out of my Govt. quarters in a winter night while my wife was undergoing treatment at the residence for suspected brain injury, and the police has ransacked all my valuable belongings including rare books, magazines, audio tapes and cash as well as gold ornaments of my wife and daughters, most of the Editors did not like to react except late Pradyumna Bal of Pargativadi. Some editors and journalist trade union leades supported the Government stand. Only a few small Oriya newspapers stood solidly behind me, while editors like Mr Arun Shourie, wrote two editorials
    about the Government attrocities on me in INDIAN EXPRESS. Natioanal news magagines likr the illustrated Weekly of India, ONLOOKER, the WEEK,
    SURYA INDIA etc. carried long stories about attrocities of Mr J.B. Patnaik on media persons which created tremendous pressure on Mr Patnaik and his Government as well as political people who were with him.

    While Pragativadi and the national media had taken up the case of rape and murder of Chhabirani Mohapatra by unscruplous businessmen and their political Godfathers, most of the local media had preferred to maintain silence.

    Similarly perhaps none of the lacal newspapers had shed a drop of tear for the great journalist Swarup Jena when he died due to illness caused follwoing police attrocities on him while covering a demonstration in the lower PMG area. Swarup Jena had died 25 years ago on 19th October. Most of the media persons seems to have forgotten him.

    All this happened because there is no strong unity among the media persons and the proprietors seldom care to safeguard the interests of the scribes serving with them.

    We the people connected with media in whatever capacity should not forget that ,what had happened to Swarup Jena 25 years ago and what has happended to Mr Laxman Chaudhury on 20th of September at Mohana are the end of attrocities by the criminal-minded police men and their political emntors. It is hightime that all the media persons and people who belive in freedom of press, freedom of expression, speech and human right should join hands together to fight against any assult/attrocities/cnspiracy to harass any media person or any law abiding citizen. I am sure no monster of power/police can defeat our cause at any point of time.


    Prasanta Patnaik,
    5RF/5, Unit-3, M.G. Marg,
    Mob: 9437005118.

    • Dear prasant babu,
      You are right in kindling remembrance of the nasty treat given to Press when J.B.Pattnaik was the CM.

      As you know, dismissed during emergency with instant cancellation of allocation of my residential accommodation and forced to stay away from Bhubaneswar, I was fighting against the management in the Labour Court on the one hand and on the other, was engaged against Sri Pattanaik as his arch political opponent in his constituency at Athgarh for the entire decade he was in power with such intensity and to such extent that the Congress had to offer me its MLA candidacy in place of him, which, as a leftist, I then had preferred to refuse. With the Communist Party of India, to which I belonged, surprisingly shying away under plea of paucity of funds, as I preferred to contest as a candidate of United Communist Party of India, Rajiv Gandhi had decided not to repose candidacy in J.B. but to support me. J.B. sabotaged the Congress decision and planted Umaballav Rath as an independent candidate and invested unfathomable massive money in his support to avenge his humiliation. Athgarh plunged into a political climate of consequential confusion, which ultimately helped Ranendra Pratap Swain to bag the seat by virtue of Biju purse that was next to J.B.’s in massiveness.

      However due to such enforced physical distance from Bhubaneswar I had to watch all the vicious, beastly attacks on Press specifically on you and beloved Kunibhai (Swarup Jena, whose youthful effervescence matching with alert wit and professional commitment was of no comparison) only through the reports in newspapers, notwithstanding how scanty were they.

      When Kunibhai and Chabirani were victims of instant brutality, you were the one, who was victimized through deliberate conspiracy cooked up by the administration.

      We, at Athgarh, had, under presidentship of late Comrade Braja Kishore Pattanayak, condemned that atrocity in public meeting, where, I remember, how he had aptly said, “No wonder, the journalists are tortured in this regime. The moon, whom the whole world loves to love, gets despised always by the thieves”.

      Your correct recapitulation of that period has brought back to memory the legend of Kunibhai and Braja Kishore Pattanayak as well as Chhabirani / Naba Mohapatra – all of whom in their respective sphere, had suffered so much for the betterment of society.

      You deserve all thanks for supplementing this report with the scenarios of the 1980s. Your reaction to the write up makes us conscious of how since those dark days official assault on Journalists has remained a regular feature with ever increasing ferocity.

      When in the 1980s, uncompromising journalists were being physically attacked, in the present regime, their souls are under attack with crudest possible arsenals like prosecution for sedition!

      If the process to destroy our national resolve for socialism was contrived by the government in the 1980s, the country has been pushed into the pernicious grip of imperialism by the present regime. And, imperialism cannot keep its grip on India tight if dedicated watchdogs are not demoralized. Prosecuting earnest journalists under charges of sedition is one technique that helps this evil design.

      You are right in your observation that owners of media organizations are silent over the assault on journalists. I think, there is nothing unusual. Economic offenders are now conspicuous by their ownership over media organizations and they mostly belong to a class that prospers by siding with imperialism. They don’t deliver information in deference to peoples’ right to be informed. They are in information trade to enter into and consolidate their respective positions in echelons of imperialism. And, they have their cohorts in ambitious ones amongst working journalists too.

      So we are not to be alarmed by the silence of media houses on framing up an uncompromising journalist under charges of sedition.

      We shall have to read the motive and rise in revolt, come what may.

      At the call of our conscience, on the premise of love for our motherland, with the strength of our commitment to human society, we have worked so far as we have worked and we will work as far as we can sans any fear, sans reluctance.

      And, the unmistakable reality is that working journalists, notwithstanding how their organizational office-bearers behave, are one with you in this just cause of journalism.

      I am adopting and requesting all friends to adopt your slogan:


      Kind regards,

      Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

  475. well i have been a great fan of Dr. Misra ever since i came in contact with him.His contribution to the world of Electrical Engg. should be acknowledged and we being oriya people should be proud of this tremendous personality having the potential to be a renouned scientist of the modern era

  476. Various reasons describe this man’s sincerity to the world of technology and one thing which makes him apart from others is that, he could have enjoyed an worthy and luxurious life outside India or anywhere but he decided to stay in his own soil and to share his experience and knowledge with the upcoming technocrats. Does not really matter whether it is too late or something like that but at least we are happy that the worthy son of this soil has got the much deserved award.

  477. It is a shocking reflection of the state of Democracy in Odisha. While on one hand the Chief Minister pledges to be transparent and honest and fight corruption, his lack of concern towards the plight of many common citicens of his state is appalling.

    It is time he prove his words and good intentions and take corrective measures.


  479. One had heard about the “powerful” politicina buying off opposition and the journalists, one even hears about the way journalists in Delhi have been pocketed by the ruling BJD leader…but this, Sir, is an open display of power and corruption.
    Question is how long will this facade last?
    The people have started to see behind the masks and it will not take long for the pillars to shake and fall.
    The media needs to be fearless and bring forth the true public opinion.

    • Dear Subas Babu,

      Thanks for the nice piece of writing exposing the self-styled guardians of the media in Odisha.

      There was a time when politicians in power were using arm-twisting methods to gag media. But for last few years, many of the media persons are keen to surrender happily ( with pride ) before some powerful politicians to gain their favour.

      Though the number of colour newspapers, magazines and number of news TV channels has gone up in Odisha, it is unfortunate that most of them have become captive. They are eager to serve the interests of the influential politicians, corporate houses and vested interests at the cost of the profession, the State and the country as a whole.

      I would request you to kindly carry on your crusade against such people in the media, administration, politics and other fields.

      Jointly we should continue our fight for relaese of Sri
      Laxman Chaudhury, arrest of the assulters on Sri Jagannath Bastia and the assulters of Sri Sriharsha
      Mishra and his co-journalist Kiran Mishra in Jharsuguda.


      Thanks again.
      Prasanta Patnaik,
      5RF/5, Unit-3, M.G. Marg,
      Mob: 9437005118.

  480. It is very shameful that in a democratic country like India, specifically in the State of Odisha there is no security and freedom for journalists, who sacrifice their life for others. What they get ?

    Laxman Choudhury now ………. who is the next ?

    The Chief Minister should decide and heed to the demands of the journalists in the matter.

  481. Dear Mr. Patnaik,

    Thanks for your valuable write up. I am at present in Manila. I was involved in governance reform in govt. of Orissa and also involved in city management group for around 2 years. So want to share my views, though personal but I think logical. You are true in some points. I think the BMC Act though not raped, is delayed; so violated . It is not ignorance but a kind of noncooperation from different departments, groups even including citizens. May be difficult to narrate but politically correct though I am not a political man. Still I hope you can understand what i mean to say. Still there is opportunities to improve on different neglected areas. We all are responsible for it not an IAS officer. But let us not blame her only. We are not responsible citizen as we have no concern for the united effort, no pressure group, nothing at individual level we presume, assume, feel but I don’t know how the issue can be better handled at individual level. An Oriya Professor has his own remark. No one can stop him except putting our remarks on net or other mediums. Still i hope as an intelligentsia don’t give emphasis on a person if you find he is a visitor, build on our own strength to build pressure on the system not on person. Ultimately our concern is to getter a better life in city and a peaceful living.

    I am happy to inform you this case is taken as a case for system thinking in Asian Institute of Management. Manila.

    My personal thanks for that.



  482. mahodaya kanak channel bishya re jani mor bi ichchha hela je apananka sahit mishi kaam karibi.mahashya moo Hindi Star News pain Kalahandi ru stringer bhabe 2 barsa kaam kari sarichhi ebum ehi anchala ra samasya gudiku lokalochan ko aniba ku chahunchhi.Dhanyabad.

  483. Dear Sir / Madam
    I am a contract employee as a Computer Operator now working at OHPC Ltd since Aug-2000. from various firms. i want to know which benefits I am eligible to. Please suggest me.
    Thanking You

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  486. Mr Pattanayak, you have certainly raised very pertinent questions regarding the State Governments’ steps in shutting down 128 mines but to say the Vigilance department has been and is doing a good job at the investigations seems to be far from true.

    If Mr Anup Patnaik and his team had also registered 128 cases one would have agreed to the credibility of their investigations. The manner in which the Vigilance has been probing seems nothing short of a witch hunt to divert attention from the core issue of illegal mining.

    How can one explain that the entire department of mines officials have been suspended but the Secretary under whom all of them worked has been left untouched. Surely everything is not as it appears and the people of Odisha have come to know about the powers that remain.

  487. This is indeed a black day in the Hon’ble Chief Ministers’ third term that has just started.

    He has often quoted that the house should proceed with the “democtaric” function in press but this step is notjing but undemocratic. To display utter disregard for the opposition — which also has been “democratically ” elected is very authoritarian. A full majority should not be used as brute majority.

    Perhaps as you say this was the safest way to escape the growing questions and demand for answers in the mining scam

  488. Truly a sad day in the history of Odisha politics. First resistance to CBI and now escaping the growing questions on his involvement in the mining scam. The Chief Minister should come out clean and the Vigilance instead of being a mere instrument under political bosses should question the now and earlier ministers who handled the mining portfolio.

  489. Naveen Patnaik is the most wicked CM we ever had! But some biased news channels keep people in the dark.

    Naveen is surrounded with controversies, but he simply does not bother. He is not here to develop the state and many of us know that. Still why does he have so many supporters? This is because, Orissa has become so corrupted that only cheats can become CM.

    This has become a state of frauds and cheap politicians. And all intellectuals know it.

    To hell with Naveen Patnaik and his team of frauds!!!

  490. Once upon a time during Mr. Hrishikesh Panda’s periord in OMFED I was an employee. He always maintains double standard personality, a hypocryte in true sence.Because he always influence the press/journlist to supress some controversial matter in his OMFED career. He had promoted some ineligible lady employees to corresponding higher post during his tenure. the reason was an open secret known to every employee of OMFED. Those who denied to bow to his whims were eliminated from the job. Even though it is too late, government should investigate into affairs of OMFED for the period under his tenure.
    I ve seen many corrupt IAS officers, but not a cunning one like him.

  491. A MUST DO APPROACH AND INITIATIVE FOR GOVT> OF ORISSA <ALL INDUSTRIES,CORPORATE BODIES,ALL BUILDINGS OF CORPORATE HEAD QUARTERS,MUNICIPAL BODIES TO ADOPT LED / ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING(LED St. LIGHTS saves 70 % of Elect),NCES with a vision plan for 20 years as reported. A nice effort to bring knowledge and awareness for Energy management.

  492. I will not debate with your closings because I think you’re exact on the money! You have put together a reasoned case for your views and now I know more about this particular topic. Thanks for this outstanding post and i will come back for more.

  493. Dear Sir,

    You are absolutely right. The design and admistration of OMFED itself carries the seeds for corruption. It is difficult to remove the same if the government does not let it to transact as an ordinary business. The word corruption is there everywhere, but if the governments name is attached to it then you can be 90% sure about it’s occurance.

    The accountability is lacking and every employ knows that they are dealing with some farmers who can not raise their voice and who ever raises, they are being convinced forciable or banned.

    OMFED floated unions where mostly elections are not held. The unions floated MPCS and the MPCS bought milk from the farmers and MCC, MCC collected from producers. OMFED has created all these things just to keep away from all legal probelms of owning employees. Further creation of independent legal entities, which are informally OMFED’s own entity but formally Independent legal entity creates a very good buck passing chain. (e.g. Milk unions, where the emplyees are there, no election is held and reporting to every body and nobody)

    One of the orginal purpose of OMFED is to develop and support the farmers by providing them a stable market. Today OMFED’s objective is to make OMFED sustainable by what ever means.

    No inquiry commision can germinate honesty in these employees mind only spreading the awareness can cultivate honesty. We have to make the farmers aware of their rights, but for what, since OMFED is not buying from the farmers.

  494. Panda is most likely doing his job. In real life, a business venture will fail if it cannot sell its product with some kind of a profit. Else, why not just legislate the price of everything to zero with the Chief minister’s order?

  495. Nice article Sir!

    I truly support and appreciate your ideology and we do think on the same lines.

    God save this state from doomsday!!! If this state of affairs continues, Orissa will be ruined.

    Thank you for the wonderful writings.


  496. It scares me to see Mr Prayi Mohan Mohapatra’s claims. As a citizen of Orissa, never have I felt such shame and insecurity as I do now. Mining Illegalities, Farmer suicides, Maoist unrest increasing day by day and to top it all the absolute misue of power by the Chief Minister and BJD.

    Mr Pyari Mohan Mohapatra with his well known devious planning and his ultimate aim to topple Naveen Patnaik and sit on the Chief Minister chair himself will be the fall of BJD. Its time the BJD MLAs and also the Chief Minister do a clean up of the party and start following the path they always spouts on television…that of “democracy”.

  497. Perhaps it would be a BIG step in the right direction and a great service to the common man of Orissa if the press boycotted state government reporting and only reported on behalf of the common man.

    How many days will the government continue its anti democratic behaviour? I assure you the youth of the state will support the press and journalists a 100% if they work towards creating an awareness drive in Orissa.

  498. Nice article Sir,

    I think the situation here is getting worse by the day. It’s high time. This state needs a complete political overhaul.

    You should publish an article about Bitihotra Mohanty & B.B. Mohanty. “Times Now” channel is following this topic very well… but they will need help.

    Do check out Timesnow.tv

    They have published at least 3 articles about Biti Mohanty’s escape tactics in the last month. The Orissa police simply ignores the matter.

  499. Dear Subhas Babu,

    An excellent write-up. In reality, though majority of the police and bureaucrats is nice and cooperative towards the media, there are a few black ships who behave in a nasty manner that exposes their ugly self and tarnish the image of their profession.

    In my view they are trying to take such mischievous steps, as the people in power , including the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary, are turning Nelson’s eye towards such unruly Government servants, ignoring that clash between two pillars of democracy can prove to be disastrous for all.

    It is high time that the State Government should take immediate steps to train up its police and bureaucrats (who are dealing with the people and the media ) as to how to deal with the media-persons and the public and to not confront with them in any manner. They should be made to realize that they are not the “masters ” of the public, but really are their “servants” and are paid from the public exchequer to give “service” to the people, not to humiliate or torture them.

    Highhandedness of bureaucrats and police is growing alarmingly as neither the political bosses nor the administrative bosses are taking any exemplary action against erring policemen or bureaucrats, despite demand by the affected parties and the public.

    I have got definite information that while the police had allowed many non-accredited scribes on presentation of the ID cards issued by their management, preventing ” Aromv ” journalists and not behaving properly is really a matter of grave concern.

    Neither the media nor the Government should ignore such incident by branding it as a ” small thing “.

    It is high time that promoters of all media houses (including print, electronic and web media) and all the editors join hands to safeguard the interests of the media and media-persons in the State and find out solutions for such problems.

    Warm regards,
    Prasanta Patnaik,
    5RF/5, Unit-3, M.G. Marg,
    Mob: 9437005118.

  500. Never in Future these Leaders should get elected. It is my only wish. ….
    1. I don’t feel safe as my Democratic rights are of no Use when our Leaders do not understand the real meaning of Democracy and utilizes the system as per their wish as if it is their Father’s Property.

    2. They only love money and position of power and don’ t even have a minimum respect to the sentiments of the People of Orissa.

    3. They don’t know the real way to make the people of Orissa richer or they don’t have the intention at all as they redirect all progress in the name of incoming companies to get their pockets full and let other parties struggle to buy votes. e.g. ” What is the use of having a university by a company [ after all having the most prestigious institute IIT, AIIMS (to be opened) and along with 100s of Technical Colleges ] of which the state and the people of the state are not going to get any thing but definitely loose a lot and the company is to do all sort of business in the near future, for which it has cleared its intentions by asking for permissions for not to be questioned any day…? WHY in a beautiful and scenic place ….? “

  501. Sir ,

    The central government has introduced several anti-poverty programs to prevent hunger deaths and to prevent migration from rural to urban areas.The government introduced NREGA to strengthen the economic condition of the rural poor in India, with a commitment to ensure the poor people’s right to work and to keep them free from hunger.

    The question remains whether NREGA funds actually reach the poor . In this connection,
    i report here some findings from the nrega works in Godipalli panchayat of Odagaon block of
    nayagarh district.

    In the financial year 2009-2010 ,nrega funds have been sanctioned for“IMPROVEMENT
    GIRIGOVARDHAN POND” in Godipalli panchayat.But large scale irregularities have been done
    by use of machines,forgery of muster roll by including the name of disables,persons in jail
    and admitted in hospitals and some persons those who are not staying in the village.

    Details are given below….


    Bhagaban Kar was in Nayagarh jail from 13th May 2009 to 6th June 2009 for various criminal cases.The muster roll shows that Bhagaban kar has worked from 17th May 2009 to 30th May 2009 and 31st May 2009 to 14th june 2009. How can a person go for daily wages while in jail ?

    Case-2: Kailash Dalei was in Nayagarh jail from 23rd May 2009 to 27th May 2009.The muster roll shows that he has worked from 17th May 2009 to 30th May 2009 ? How is it possible that a person is working under nrega while in jail and received payment?

    Case-3: Sridhar Jena is a paralysis patient. He is under complete bed rest for the last five years.Even he is unable to walk properly.How could he work under nrega scheme for 36 days and received payment?
    Mahajan Rout had a severe head injury during the police lathi charge on 13th May 2009 near Sarankul police station. He was in Saranakul govt hospital from 14th May 2009 to 15th May 2009 and in Nayagarh district hospital from 15th MAY 2009 onwards for period of nearly one week. The muster roll shows that he has worked under NREGA during that period. How is it possible?
    Sudam Barik is a partially disabled person.He is not able to do hard works like digging of ponds, road woks.The muster roll shows that he has worked for 48 days and received payments.

    Narayan raj is a heart patient.He is advised by the doctor for complete rest. He never goes for daily wages.The muster roll shows that he has worked for 48 days and received payments.

    People like Bhaskar Karan,Subal Karan,Damodar karan,Ram kishore Jena,Gopabandhu Jena,Ghanasyam Jena ,Manoj pradhan have never gone for daily wages in their lives.The Muster roll shows that these people have worked under NREGA and received payments.


    Case-: The muster roll shows that Sridhar Jena,Nrayan Raj,Sudam barik,Bhaskar Karan,Damodar Karan,Ram kishore Jena,Gopabandhu Jena,Ghanashyam Jena,Manoj pradhan have worked under NREGA.

    I can challenge that people like Sridhar Jena,Sudam Barik,Manoj pradhan can never do any hard work like digging of pond even for a single day. How did they work under NREGA.for so many days?

    Neither a single person has worked under nrega among the names showing in the muster roll nor any of them have received any payment .The whole money is being looted by Lingaraj patra,the Sarpanch of Godipalli Panchayat.The whole muster roll is fake.Some work has been done by machine.

    The website nrega.nic.in shows that materials of worth over 3lakhs have been procured for the two works mentioned above.The whole bill is fake.

    Another thing comes to my mind is that Godipalli panchayat consists of arround 14 wards where as Khalipata village consists of 2 wards only, then why all the money sanctioned from NREGA to Godipalli panchayat poured into Khalipatana instead of distributing among the villages of the panchayat? Even if, it was poured into khalipatana,then the job card holders of other villages of Godipalli panchayat could have worked. Is it that other villages of Godipalli panchayat are far away from Khalipatana or there is any legal restriction ? No, Then why other villagers of the same panchayat could not get a single day’s work.

    The answer is quite clear.Lingaraj Patra ,the sarpanch of Godipalli Panchayat is a mafia,goonda type person. He has maximum terrorising influence in Khalipatana. No body dares to say anything against Lingaraj patra in Khalipatana .If anybody opens mouth,then he is forced to leave the village,his house is destroyed,he and his family members are beaten,agricultural corps are destroyed,false cases are registered against him. Already nearly 15 families have left the village due the torture of lingaraj patra and his gang.So if NREGA work is done in Khalipatana ,then it would be easy for him to get money by making fake muster rolls by including the names of khalipatana villagers and later he can collect the money from the persons whose name is in the muster roll.Exactly this is happened in the NREGA work in Godipalli panchayat of odagaon block of Nayagarh district.

    This scheme looks like a cruel joke on the hungry and poor people of Godipalli Panchayat.The NREGS has various inbuilt vigilance and monitoring mechanisms and it is not possible to perpetrate such an open loot of NREGS funds unless it is participatory and organized.This scheme has become less of Employment Guarantee Scheme for the hungry and poor villagers and more of a money spinning machine and Income Guarantee Scheme for some sarkari babus. The concerned officials and agencies executing National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) passed by Indian Parliament are guilty of contempt of Parliament. I believe that action against a few wrongdoers will prevent a lot of harm to a programme that is as good as unmonitored

    This is one of the findings of NREGA scam from a single panchayat,then one can imagine the modus oparandi of this great job robbery in whole Nayagarh district or in orissa?

    Yours sincerely

    Nilakantha jena ,
    Research Engineer,
    C-DOT,Electronics city,
    E-mail: jena_nilakantha@

  502. This must be true. I tried for a job with all the requirements ( rather more than qualified) after leaving US in 2008. I met the VC and he told me that he will be happy to see people like us in OUAT. I applied and waited for 2 years in vain. Again I came back to US. They appointed a girl for pharmacology ( why !!!!) .
    You may refer to my blog in Indian express.

    I sent letters to CM, and Governer. But as usual, they never cared to respond.

    My friend told me that I was not even called for interview because I did not offer bribe.

  503. Yes
    It is completely right. After privatisation of Electricity distribution sector , the consumers found themselves in a unexpected black hole.The rules and regulations of Electricity Act,2003 are in the drain.Employee working standards are also diminished . Reliance Energy is targeting only revenue collection from the people and have no interest on technical improvement standards ,quality of supply and safety of consumers .Theft of electricity has also been increased due non cooperation of police department in govt sector with the distribution companies which are completely private.
    Ultimately people of Orissa are suffering the worst.
    More than the over, the company is showing its monopoly in absence of other competitive companies.

    Clearly The IAS have lost their practicability.

    J.Keshari Gajanan

  504. I want to finance a poor child for his education through out his/her carrier right from early stage in odisa,without their knowledge.How and from where shall i get the information?
    Jagadish Nanda

  505. Media unity is very welcome But top leaders of media should also identify the kamala sambadikas and take strong actions against them . A common man has no scope to know them . Even it is impracticable for them to know who is genuine and who is a fake one.

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  512. Thanx you very much for this info… there is only your info. available for naxalisation on WWW. great job.









  519. Prahsant Patnaik ‘s progressive journalism ,and comments on different issues have helped common people to nderstand the events better.
    In Person he is a gentle soul. His reporting has made contemporary journalism more fulfilling & People oriented by bringing out a human side of all stories .
    I wish him long life and happiness.

  520. In regards to the strike that was held on 12th of April 2010,about insufficient campus drive.the college has not yet taken any steps.
    also we had call off the strike on the 8th day from the commencement of strike, but the college authority had not yet withdraw sine die from the college campus,by which we are not able to carry on our regular classes, our seminars,project works are yet pending. which has to be submitted yet before.
    The college management must get to know that due to their internal congestion we are getting suffered and now it seems that due to those idols our academics are going to be spoiled.
    lastly, to the one person managed college management please think for a while for a student rather than money making.
    with regards.

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  523. in my whole life i have not seen a bloody $#%@%^&^ college who does not have any garuntee of its own @#%. what the hell he will take care of the students. the college standing because of the management income as written above.

  524. Mahasay,
    you have spoken out the thoughts of many who want the quality of ‘The Technical Degrees’ awarded by Indian Universities to improve urgently.Otherwise ,we fail to deliver in to-day’s Globalised World.
    Your suggestion of UGC scale is very appropriate;Though its the first step towards ‘quality degrees’ ;
    Let Orissa Govt . & BPUT show the way to the country by accepting this very important advice!

  525. In my view,the existing staffs are neglecting their portion of work, resulting in increase of load over the state.

    Unemployment,on other side, leads to harmful and dangerous paths as the unemployed mass of our state ,in sheer depression choose to end their lives or otherwise get violent. So the recruitment for enormous vacant posts should start without delay, as it can save the lives of many youths from getting disturbed.

  526. More information and insight in to the life and achievement of CHANDAN HAZURI who was among the first and foremost freedom fighter India has eve produced will be of more interest and inspiring.


  528. Orissa has a chequered history which has successfully assimilated and synthesised the best of Buddhist, Jain and Hindu cultures. Orissa or Kalinga as it was then called was a settlement of non-Aryan and Aryan settlers. It was a formidable maritime empire with trading routes stretching up to Bali, Sumatra, Indonesia and Java. The key to international trade and immense wealth, it was coveted by many rulers. In fact, it was here that the famous Battle of Kalinga was fought in 261 BC, which made the great Mauryan Kshatriya (warrior caste) king Ashoka forsake war. He became a follower of Buddhism and spread the spirit of ahimsa and peace, the message of Buddhism, to Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) and the Far East, Exquisite remains of the Buddhist past still remain in the areas of Udaygiri, Lalitagiri and Ratnagiri.

    Kharavela, who came to power in Kalinga, around 1st Century BC, was a staunch follower of Jainism. It is to this period that Orissa owes its Jain art and architectural tradition. The sophisticated architectural style of the Jain Monastic caves at Udaygiri and Khandagiri are a story unto themselves. During the 7th to the 13th Century AD, Orissa flourished. Trade and commerce increased and along with it evolved its art and architecture. The style of Hindu temple construction, so unique to Orissa also developed around this time.

    To understand all that a Hindu temple stands for one must realize that temples in India are not merely abodes of deities but a shradhanjali (offering) to the most sacred. Here a ’darshan’ is a communion between man and his creator. Hence, Orissan temples are characterised by profuse decorations, exquisite carving and ornamentation covering the entire visible area with Gods & Goddesses, kings and queens, animals and flower motifs ranged against each other. They radiate the artist’s inner love and dedication. Orissa is probably the only state where one can study temple architecture in all its successive stages of development.

    i want all my tribal bros and sis back under the light of LORD BUDDHA/ LORD JAGANNATHA

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  530. I used to see your channel Kanak TV & Kanak Sambad.Last Sunday on sports analysis on World cup Foot ball ,During discussion,one guest speaker commenting on Germany’s match . But unfortunately he was speaking West Germany which has become United GERMANY since 1990.Why I am noting this to ur attention because in 1990 itself just after Germans unification I came across one German tourist who replied promptly as ,” No question of west / east we r from United GERMANY ” when asked about his origin.


  532. Orissa and Oriyas do not matter!
    Oriyas and Orissa do not matter in the national scenario and less so in the railway scenario. South Eastern Railway is the bread and butter of Indian railways. It carries about 120 million tonnes of Iron Ore and Coal, a substantial portion from the iron ore mines of Bolani, Gorumahisani, Badam Pahar,Talcher etc. of Orissa. Besides that track from Lakhmanath Road to Bhadrakh of SE Rly falls in Orissa. Similarly in western Orissa SE Rly extends upto Jharsuguda. About 45% track of SE Rly pass through Orissa, but Orissa gets a step motherly treatment by SE Rly – be it the up-liftment or passenger amenities,stations or expansion and improvement of tracks or introduction of new trains.
    As if this was not enough after formation of new zones and new Railway Recruit Boards in West Bengal and else where, the only RRB of Orissa located at Bhubaneswar has been debarred from supplying panels of candidates for recruitment of Asst. Station Masters, Goods Guard ,Asst Loco Pilot and all other categories of staff to SE Railway. Now this railway is bringing candidates from RRB Ranchi, Kolkata,Malda etc to SE railway system who are unwilling to work in Orissa area. On the other hand educated Oriya boys are deprived of this facility in the already shrinking government job market. It is unfortunate that Orissa’s MPs and MLAs are blissfully unaware of it and spend their time and energy in petty quarrel among themselves. Although Vishakhapatnam Division of East Coast railway has a small portion of track in Andhra region but because of alert ness of Telegu MPs 30% vacancies of Visakhapatnam division is filled by panels obtained from RRB, Secunderabad to safeguard the interest of Telegus. The Special Secretary for Railways in Orissa Govt is doing nothing about it too.

    Yours Sincerely
    SE Railway,

  533. At least the existing trains should run. No train is passing through Kharagpur in night causing most trains of Orissa to run late by 10-15 hours and Utkala Express is avoiding Tatanagar route since last 2 months.

  534. You were one of the greatest person for us in this world, thank you for all your guidance & support.

  535. Are these mutual manipulations a means to give Orissa minerals at 0.5% price to foreign countries ? Most of Swiss and other foreign accounts have come by this method only. No election can be fought without using part of those secret funds.

  536. I agree with Arun Upadhyaya. While Calcutta has alternate route for various trains to Delhi, via Asansol ,by suspending track at night in Kharagpur division of West Bengal area persons from Orissa are suffering. Why cant we run Utkal Kalinga Express via Sambalpur ,Jharsuguda,Bilaspur to Delhi at least temporarily? Why Oriyas to suffer because of law and problem at West Bengal?Here again politicians of Orissa are lethargic and ignorant. Railways must be advised to run Kalinga Utkal via Sambalpur and Jharsuguda. It will be cheaper and faster also as about 400 kms distance will be reduced.

  537. We do not realise that real danger is from within. More persons are dying by fake medicines (60-90% of the total), adulterated milk, ghee, pulses. Commonest vegetables like lau, kakharu and kankara, potal are mixed with green poisons and dangerous harmones given to plants. panic of Swine flue will encourage hurried purchase of large volume of fake medicines from fictitious firms-that will be bigger danger than flue itself.

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  540. please show the no of court in orissa and also the name and address of judicial officer in high court web site

  541. I had commented earlier on this news that more people are dying due to fake medicines and poisoned food than swine flu. Today itself, 4 children have died in Lucknow, capital of a major state due to inoculation. Dishonesty is the main reason. Hard to believe tests are genuine. Under British rule, we have developed a habit to accept whatever has been written by masters without opening our eyes.

  542. Its a very dangerous paper publishing the socio-political life of rural ODISHA. Now it is bringing out the corruptions of Chilka MLA Raghunath Sahoo to the local public of Chilka Constituency.

  543. This reminds about mining and industry started by Belgium in Cong which left millions dead and paralysed. Later on Belgium govt tendered apology. India or Orissa has not suffered less under colonialism. For revenue collection, there was legal murder of at leat 30 lakh persons in Bengal (at least 10 lakhs in Orissa) in 1780-90 under judges Pargiter and William Jones who are respected as savoir of sanskrit. In 1865, 35 lakh persons died in Orissa due to famine when there was surplus production. That is taught as Bengal famine For that great act, Ravenshaw has been honoured as builder of modern Orissa. All the industries which have come up are not recruiting any labourer directly, but are hiring through labour contractors who are modern versions of old British slave traders. Paradeep massacre was due to such policy whose Inquiry report has not been traced in past 30 years.

  544. Dear sir
    I read your views about Navin Patnaik, POSCO, VEDANTA. and the sorry state of EDUCATION IN ORISSA.I am deeply shocked that how our chief-minister is so blind, deaf and indifferent to the problems of the state. Any way, may be there is no one better than NAVIN PATNAIK. Why do not the CM call you and talk? More over this is the fate of ODISHA and INDIA.We NEED A INDIAN REVOLUTION and the ARMY SHOULD TAKE POWER and persons like APJ ABDUL KALAM should be our president.Let GOD SAVE ODISHA AND INDIA.


  545. When we are poor we have little choice…..further if we are away from the Gandhian path then we are left with NO CHOICE virtually. Hence why worry……….when the buzz word is DEVELOPMENT we will have to go trade off like such unpalatable, unwanted and anti-national activities.

  546. maybe the honourable CM can authorize the use of primary text books available in any other Indian Language of his choice available in other well-to-do states of India. After all education is important but not the vernacular medium; who else can vouch for this better than our CM.

    • Yes, Orissa has a CM who can do this damage. Supported by his father’s pet dogs, he heads a party of sycophants and has corrupted the character of the people so much that even though he does not know Oriya, he has been heading the government. He had a higher education minister who had issued orders to discard Oriya as a subject in Colleges. People of Orissa were one in opposing that mischief as a result of which that nasty order was withdrawn. But, Naveen had retained that man in his ministry. He has never suffered for the people of Orissa, never proved his love for Orissa, never proved his loyalty for Orissa’s mother tongue. He never knows how beautiful and rich is Oriya language. So, given the chance, he can order for replacement of Oriya by any other language as vernacular medium. Thanks Mr. Adhicari for pointing at the lurking danger.

  547. Respected Sir,
    A nice day . May god strengthen you and your pen and voice so that we can know a lot of things

  548. Today,I was just looking over the net and fortunately I got this site.This is so precious a site.


  550. It is quite interesting to read this article. On quite an academic note it shows that the hereto homekempt Odisha political brotherhood has started improvising the network of corruption wherein the minister is distantly related (no direct evidence of involvement) and acts through henchmen at the grass root levels (good for nothing characters like “khandia-bidi-bhaina” available in plenty and disposable whenever the need arises) this also allows the minister to broad base his resource generation catchment areas and easily propel himself into the next level of wealthy players.

    The best part of this game is when reporters start reporting too many facts making the minister uncomfortable he would step in publicly (probably just prior to elections) and himself re-organise his team – i.e. banish the team in Narashinhpur and substitute with a new set of pre-determined henchmen, thereby claiming public applause of having cleaned the system – and retain the CLEAN IMAGE !

    This is exactly the CM’s new system of political cleansing imported into the underdeveloped Orissa political by the more experienced and politically aware non- resident CM

    It would be really interesting to hear our CM’s thoughts on the J & K situation today …even here he is lucky because unlike Farooqh Abdullah he does not have to worry about any Omar…..God Bless Orissa !

  551. I firmly stand behind MUFP’s efforts to stand up for the freedom of press and join all members in condemning the police action against a newsman. I fully share the view that the action is a state bid to force newspapers and other media agencies to fall in line. Needless to say I am a signatory to the resolution.

  552. Media is under attack when the power adjustment is under turmoil at top political level. They are attacked because they are more conscious and linked to that paradigm. Now In orissa in BJD regime, as it is the single largest party enjoying power for 11 years, it is facing power crisis within the party. Some ambitious leaders( not necessary to mention the names) want to create a turmoil.

  553. Thanks for your illustrative report on cholera epidemic in orissa.To add to your reports I would like to inform you that it is the misrule in dept of health which has precipitated the present situation. In spite of utter lack of infrastructure in remote areas govt is forcing the doctors to work.The lack of infrastructure is not due to paucity of govt funds.It is because of mishandling the funds by incompetent authorities who rule the districts as head of health sector of a district .

  554. dear sir
    thanks a lot for your concern.

    i had applied for OPSC last year & failed due to only 72% in +2 Sc.

    OPSC devides total 100 marks in four segments, such as 30 for matriculation, 30 for Plus Two, 30 for MBBS and only 10 for the interview. In MBBS, we hardly get 63-65% in govt colleges whereas in private colleges, evidently deficient students, even supplementary students, get 72-74%. so we will have no chance to clear OPSC test in near future. Due to reservation, 148 of us in the general category were denied job though about 250 seats were left vacant. here is the irony

  555. Dear sir Mr Pattanayak, I am Adit Prasad Mishra from Kendujhar. I want to say about some problem of my Orissa.

    Sir, everyone knows my Orissa is full of beauty,mines as also of Naxals. I think the naxalite problem has come due to irresponsible administration. I want to say that there should be a Law enforcing the steel and other plants to appoint at least 70 percent Oriya people in their industries so that violent voice of the disadvantaged may recede. please do something.

  556. i am completey in support of MUFP..if the publishers of a newspaper is publishing the crystal clear truth about the govt. then he is the most capable and a true citizen of india….WE ALL ARE PROUD OF BIKASH SWAIN

  557. till now very less people are born on this earth who are capable of accepting their fault…..police acted vulgar by arresting SRI BIKASH SWAIN who is a true and able son of orissa .as a citizen of india we need to fight against this……….I STRONGLY SUPPORT MUFP..

  558. i strongly support MUFP…media persons are always being targeted…bikash swain,the publisher of suryaprava was publishing all the dark truth about the government and for that reason he was targeted.WE ALL NEED TO JOIN OUR HANDS AND FIGHT AGAINST THIS

  559. It is great pleasure that the privileged media representatives of Capital city come forward far a mass cause. But i smelled the rat in the integrity of the organisation. So, i appeal at least donot show it to the public. Because public as mass is more conscious than any other organisation” Ye Public hai sab jantahai”. It is no doubt we are their voice , but they have the silent voice” janata janardan” and vox populi

  560. In Orissa, cases are much bigger. On 15-7-2004, Chief Minister announced in Assembly to purchase 1100 automatic weapons in 26 crores for fighting PWG. However, as soon as they came, all were sent to Police Training School, Nayagarh on 7-2-2008, where 10 arms were sufficient for training of about 300 cadets. No weapon was actually sent to units fighting PWG. Within a week, on 14-2-2008, all 1100 automatic guns were taken away from Nayagarh after all its force were diverted to Kendrapada for fighting Hyder gang.

  561. A very imperesive charactor of Baji Raut.

    Every Indian must know the story of the great martyr.

    Salute to him

  562. Your Concern is touching. I admire that.

    But at the same time I would say Navin is the best thing to happen to Odisha. He is the lesser devil.

    Who else do you suggest in his place? Janaki? BJP?

    They are stinking holes in Odiya politics. Their Motto is “khaiya”.

    Every industrial leap comes at some price. How do you expect the economy to grow? By staying in our ancestral land and dying of hunger? Making enough grains to feed the family? Is that development?

    Yes their is misrule…we cannot deny that. Things can be better but its not that things are bad. The opposition and NGOs want a share of the loot so they are screwing the situation further. Violence and cleave ensues.

  563. yes ,technical education has lost its value in orissa .rather it has been a b.tech certificate shop.

    the number of colleges is increasing but not the standard of college & quality of education .

    even aicte is recomending such unequipped colleges……its strange.

    higher authorities are definitely involved in corruption ..but after all the students & their parents are to suffer.

  564. I think we are missing the basic rule and as a result these unprecedented move and results are visible. first of all please find out the no of serious FIR has been registered and police has not initiated any action. I do remember one of my relative’s daughter was killed by her in laws openly and no arrest has been made though more than two years passed. If Govt can short list these serious allegations and make the concerned authority accountable, it will restore the faith of the common people of our state and trust me the number of allegations will be reduced drastically.

  565. I condemn this obsession with Bhubaneswar.

    Orissa is a cancer patient with a beautiful face. If Bhubaneswar looks more beautiful than any village in Kalahandi, it exposes our middle-class hypocrisy: we have some money to buy a residence in the state capital, jabber endlessly about its Municipal Commissioner or similar petite functionaries who matter little to the state as a whole.

    If the cowardly middle class really bothers about Orissa, they should raise their voice about the state of rural schools, rural roads, rural hospitals or the rural police.
    As an Oriya, I have my nostrils swollen with disgust, the moment I read articles about praising or running down the state capital as beautiful or otherwise.

    If some people, whether the America-based professor or the Manila-based intellectual or any other person, call a terminally ill person having a well-shaped nose as winsome, I can only say, “don’t give them a damn.”

  566. I was one of the participants in the Seminar held on “Progress of Millennium Development Goals in Orissa” by Sambad and its sister organisation Kanak TV at Bhubaneswar on 4th October 2010.

    Mr.Jagadanand Orissa Information Commissioner, who happened to be one of the speakers on the occasion, claimed in course of his talk inter alia that RTI Act has achieved a strident progress in the State of Orissa Orissa. To support his claim he asserted that while only 442 RTI applications had been submitted in the whole State in 2006, the number has increased to 41,000 RTI applications in 2009. In his opinion this quantum jump illustrated the fact of a vast bulk of people in Orissa have become RTI users. However, I beg to differ with the very authenticity of the figures he quoted, let alone his claim about the progress of RTI Act.

    First of all, I find a hell-and-heaven difference between what the official version (Annual Report of Orissa Information Commission for 2006-07) said and what Jagadananda now says about the number of RTI applications filed in 2006.

    The said Annual Report in its Chapter ‘INFORMATION, EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES IN THE STATE’ claimed inter alia, “The State Commission organized 10 day Awareness-cum-Assistance Programme called “Soochana Shibirs” in all revenue district headquarters and six important towns namely, Berhampur, Bhubaneswar, Jeypore, Paradip, Rourkela and Talcher (10-19 Nov 2006). …… The “Soochana Shibirs” in all the 36 places were hugely successful creating a great deal of enthusiasm as well as awareness among the general public regarding the provisions of Right to Information Act, 2005 and the Orissa Rules framed thereunder. This was evident from the flood of applications received under Sections 18 and 19 of the Act by the State Commission. About 61 thousand people visited the “Soochana Shibirs” held all over the State and 38800 R.T.I. applications were filed during the period mainly on the issues like allotment of houses under Indira Awas Yojana, B.P.L. Card issue, Land matters, Public Distribution System etc.”. (Vide Annual Report 2006-07 of Orissa Information Commission http://orissasoochanacommission.nic.in/Annual%20Report_OIC(2006-07.pdf).

    Thus either Mr.Jagadanand is true (only 442 RTI applications for the whole year 2006) when the Report of the Commission is false (claiming as many as 38,800 applications filed only in course of 10 days, not to speak of the whole year), or Mr.Jagadanand is false when the Report of the Commission is true.

    Either way, Mr.Jagadanand, Orissa Information Commissioner and Mr.D.N.Padhi Chief Orissa Information Commissioner, the principal author of the said Report must first of all settle in-house the massive statistical gap between them before any of them presents any statistics of such kind before the public. Otherwise, both Mr.Jagadanand and Mr.Padhi shall prove themselves as liars pure and simple.

    Secondly, the big problem with the Commission as a whole is that none of its Reports has ever adhered to the norms laid down by Section 25(3) of RTI Act 2005 (http://orissasoochanacommission.nic.in/rti_act.html) in respect of compiling the statistics on use of RTI by the public. The said Section inter alia prescribes, “Each report shall state in respect of the year to which the report relates, (a) the number of requests made to each public authority…”. It means that such a Report should inform its readers on the exact number of RTI Applications filed before each public authority in the State. It further means that the exact number applications submitted in a specific Block office, Tahsil, District Collectorate, Police Station or even a Gram Panchayat shall be known at a glance from this Report. Further, the Report ought also to inform the readers the specific numbers of RTI applications submitted to each of the public authorities working under competent authorities like Orissa High Court and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly.

    When the Act has thus categorically enjoined upon the Commission to mention in a disaggregated manner the specific numbers of RTI applications filed before each public authority, it has however become a bad, nay illegal practice with the Commission over the yeras to furnish only aggregate figures, the veracity of which can’t be verified, let alone challenged by any reader. Created statistics is an age-old trick of the defaulters and defrauders, and Orissa Information Commission happens to be its excellent example.

    In absence of disaggregated figures in respect of each public authority in the Report of Orissa Information Commission mandated by law, whatever Mr.Jagadanand verbalizes at his sweet will as he did on 4th Nov. last or whatever the Commission’s Report furnishes in the shape of the aggregate figures in course of its Annual Reports is not only worthless from the point of view of RTI Act, but also deceptive out and out, its hidden agenda being to cover up the abject failure of both State Government and Commission in advancing the cause of RTI Act in the State. Sooner the Commissioners give up this dubious practice, cleaner shall be their image and more importantly, brighter shall be the future of RTI Act in the State of Orissa.

  567. Yeah, the Sevayats and Pandas are no more eligible to be called as worshipers. Everyone is becoming disgusted with their activities. The Temple Committee should appoint well educated persons and send the Pandas to take rest until they realize their fault. But plz don’t use the word vultures for them.

  568. I want to bring to your notice that Department Of Atomic Energy Doctors have not granted the DACP benefits to its Medical Doctors. The Central Administrative Tribunal , Madras Bench gave a favorable judgment and ordered implementation of DACP but the Atomic Energy filed a counter in High Court . The High Court of Madras gave an Interim Judgment that the Atomic Energy has to consider the case as per Law and merit of the case , we are sure the High Court will do justice to us if the Atomic Energy doesn’t . The next hearing is on 24th October 2010

    • Final order will be delivered on 12th January , 2011. I will send the judgement to you.
      Dr. Deepak Sen

  569. Pingback: India Should Seek Nobel for Dr. Asoka Kumar Misra « Orissa Matters

  570. I am sure people need to go back to primary school to understand what a debate is. And when someone is mandated to speak in favour of the notion he/she does that. We Oriyas have imbibed a great quality (i dont know from where) of pointing fingers at others in the first instance. Nevertheless our own house may not be in proper order or I would say infact kept behind black veils. My friend Mr.Pradhan should have been more happy to understand that it was the popularity of RTI being stressed and statistics doesnt need to prove this matter.The fact which might have been missed during the course of discussion was the huge money being minted by NGOs, consultants, convenors, advisors in the name of RTI. But I am very sorry to say that the concerned citizen who is also an activist fails to accept the fact that RTI has become popular and progressed well in the state. This throws light on the real nature of the activists who have little knowledge of the ground and the impact of RTI in Orissa, may be time being a constraint for them as one may not get internet connection in the remote corners to write long mails on issues which are irrelevant and absurd in nature.

    Orissa has a number of other issues to be addressed and dealt.

    All the best and good luck

  571. Dear Subhas Babu,

    I fully agree with your arguement about the classical name of Orissa, which is based on facts and historical documents.

    I feel all Oriyas should oppose such a move by headless people, who have no contribution for this great State , its rich language and heriatage.

    Thanks for bringing such facts to light for information of people of Orissa and the world also.

    Best wishes and warm regards,

    Prasanta Patnaik,
    5RF/5, Unit-3, M.G. Marg, Bhubaneswar-751001.

  572. Dear Subhas Babu,

    Thanks for posting a nice and analytical article on the
    ” entry and exit of Sri Chandrabhanu Patnaik ..as Editor of Samaj”.

    When Chandrabhanu joined as the Editor, I was extremely happy because it created a new precedent in the Samaj tradition to have a non-Brahmin as the Editor. Moreover Chandrabhanu was young and a person with vision, for which we expected that he will give a new shape to this oldest Oriya daily. The news about his appointment was published in the Samaj also. I personally congratulated him.

    But all on a sudden his name was found missing in the printer’s line mysteriously. There was no announcement about his resignation/termination in the Samaja. This has given scope for circulation of many rumors in the media circle as well as among the intellectuals and common men of the State.

    Strangely, Chandrabhanu has also not clarified his position so far as to why he was eased out of the Samaja.

    Whatever the fact might be no doubt, it has created an ugly precedent for the Samaja and media world. Though any management have the right to “hire “any body for any post, right to “fire” is controlled by laws of the land. Since the Samaja belongs to Servants of People’s Society, people of Orissa definitely have a right to know the reason of “hiring and firing ” Sri Chandrabhanu Patnaik. At the same time Sri Chandrabhanu owes a clarification before the people, about the circumstances under which he had joined the organisation and reasons of his ouster.

    Since Sri Chandrabhanu’s appointment and ouster is not an issue between Servants of People Society and himself, the people have every right to know the inside story behind the entire episode.

    Thanking you once again for raising such an issue of great public interest,

    Yours sincerely,

    Prasanta Patnaik,

    • Dear Prasanta babu,
      I respect your concern for Mr Chandrabhanu Patnaik but am really shocked to know that you are also not free from the caste bias.

      I would rather be happy if somebody had asked why a veteran like Subhas Patnaik – who has the courage of speaking his own mind – was not picked instead.

      But the caste based argument seems quite illogical to me as the man in point has a close hub-nub with our tourism minister who happens to be a Brahmin. And, together, they have entered into many deals violating all norms set by the government. May be, there are some cases in this regard pending with the vigilance department of the state. And, none of the deals were within the orbit of journalistic activities or the profession of journalism.

      So, if Chandrabhanu Patnaik is suitable to be picked as the Editor of the Samaj, I don’t see any point in sacking Braja Bhai on allegations that he misused the brand like Samaj and used the professional identity for personal benefit!

      My opinion should not be taken otherwise as I always believe in respecting talent and plead for a proper placement of talents at desired positions. I am equally dissatisfied with the way Samaj is operating these days. But, that shouldn’t be made a force to divide our society further.

      • my dear basudev babu,
        i am most happy that you have reacted to my write-up on the Samaja.

        but let me first thank prasanta babu for having circulated it amongst friends whose support to freedom of expression is well known.

        the portion of my write-up that seems to have formed the crux of your reaction may please be read afresh. i have written:

        “In public perception, he is a victim of caste conspiracy”.

        and, then having the public feeling tallied with the records of the Servants of the People Society, i have notes, “Had Chandrabhanu not been subjected to medieval manners of hire and fire, such an acrid
        feeling might never have spread”.

        after this i have said, “We do not put any premium on this feeling, but nonetheless we feel, for better appreciation of the public, the Servants Society should clarify its position in this respect”.

        so, there is no question of caste bias at my end.

        in my personal life i am an atheist and always active to the best of my ability against all sorts of mischief of caste-supremacy.

        my write-up in question is rather meant against caste bias suspected in management of the Samaja, as is being perceived in jettisoning of chandrabhanu.

        i have nothing to say on chandrabhanu-devi mishra nexus as i have no valid information about that. but if what you have been pleased to lead us to has any basis, it should prod us to coin a dictum:
        “corruption has no caste”.

        and, if this nexus has “entered into many deals violating all norms set by the government” and “none of the deals were within the orbit of journalistic activities or the profession of journalism”, it should be
        our duty to expose that conduct of corruption, specifically the part of chandrabhanu, if any therein, as to us, it should be becoming of our collective professional dignity to take all possible steps to stop
        use of journalism in non-journalistic pursuits of avarice. every journalist has the inherent right to safeguard his estate, i.e. the fourth estate from the danger from within.

        thus saying, i would emphasize that collective voice need be raised against jettisoning of chandrabhanu by the management of the samaja in a medieval manner.

        an editor epitomizes journalism in a journal.

        no management should be encouraged to embarrass an editor according to its whims and caprices.

        no management should be allowed to fire an editor as and when it wants.

        the people are given the right to information that an editor in a news organization is empowered under the laws on press to bring to them with the team of journalists he leads in a journal.

        hence, illegal dismissal of an editor is an act of transgression on people’s right to information that comes to them through their preferred forum – the journal concerned – because of the editor who
        leads the journalists under him to fetch and make the information reach the people in a responsible manner.

        on the other hand, whimsical termination of an editor is an act of intimidation perpetrated on the editorial and field journalists employed in the concerned newspaper, which causes psychological alarm
        in them by pushing them into a sense of job insecurity.

        in resultant sequence, in the psyche of the intimidated staff journalists, press freedom gets lost in the labyrinth of loyalty to the paymaster instead of to the people, whose sentinel the scribes are always supposed to be.

        therefore, the surprise dismissal of chandrabhanu needs be questioned by the presspersons in particular and beneficiaries of press freedom in general.

        my write-up is aimed at this only.

        norms for dismissal of an editor needs be immediately formulated and enforced, specifically as corporate connection is influencing managements of major and minor news organizations.

        chandrabhanu’s dismissal has put us journalists as a collective entity in a predicament.

        if we keep mum, it will be detrimental to scribes’ solidarity besides being injurious to freedom of press.

        so we cannot keep mum.

        this makes us demand that the management of the samaja must inform the community as to why it has acted so rash in dismissing its editor in a medieval manner.

        if there was any allegation against him, severe enough to deny him natural justice, it should now come forward with the details thereof so that correctness of its steps may be appropriately evaluated by the
        people, who by their contribution and support have helped the samaja have its present position.

        if it fails to place before the public the details of the allegations, if any, against chandrabhanu, the only other reason behind his dismissal would be assumed to be caste mischief.

        the servants of the people society must clarify its position in this respect.

        it should also make it clear as to why it has not gone beyond the caste supremacists sphere in having people from orissa in its governing body and in recruitment of its life members / life workers.

        it should also detail its income and expenditure, as, just saying that 80% of its profit is spent for welfare of people in orissa or saying that a large amount is spent in athgarh is too unspecific to be accepted as credible.

        the information on expenditure, kept willfully unspecific, kills the spirit of transparency that a newspaper management should be discouraged to indulge in.

        my write-op is also aimed at this.

        i hope, i have clarified my position as author of the write-up.

        but before i conclude, i must say that as suggested by prasanta babu in his comment on the write-up, sri chandrabhanu patnaik should share with his
        friends in the profession as well as the poblic, if he knows any reason of his being “eased out”
        of the samaja, so that the community of mediapersons as well as lovers of freedom of press may use their individual as well as collective wisdom to cultivate a climate where editors should no more be subjected to the syndrome of hire and fire and extraneous influence
        over media houses would no more play havoc with job security of journalists.

  573. What is described about the hire and fire trend in orissa media is really matter of concern. Here there are some humble question to all of the senior journalists;
    (1) Why this debate started so late?
    (2) We all are one family, one profession, i.e, media. undoubtedly there are some rats, but it must not disintegrate us. So, why,the brahmin and karan division?
    (3) I know the intellectuals never and cannot sit in a same table. They have division, but our work is ‘writing for a cause’. So, why not all the media house owners be answerable for their deeds?

    • dear sri dash,
      thanks for the questions.

      in answering the first question, i would like to rely on the dictum: better late than never.

      the second question is the question that I have put to the management of the samaja in giving expression to the public perception that it is caste biased.

      we must stress that the servants of the people society, managing the samaja, answers to the question and clarifies as to whether or not ouster of chandrabhanu patnaik was caused by caste bias; because it appears to be a forum of caste supremacists in Orissa with contempt for other castes.

      this perception is based on the fact that it has only two life members who are in its governing body and only one life worker – all of whom belong to a single caste, i.e. brahmin.

      membership being restricted, it must explain as to why it has not recruited life members / life workers from any other caste in Orissa if it has no bias against the non-brahmins.

      this caste bias must be eradicated, which the article in question aims at.

      to the third question, my answer is: every media house must be made answerable for any such mischief.

  574. respected sir,
    its an excellent article. chandravanu babu is one of the best editors of orissa. basically he has excellent knowledge over orissa politics. but he is humiliated.

    it should not be that we can’t help him. now time has come for revolution. the prominent news persons of orissa should start the revolution. otherwise we may loose some other front-line newspersons.

    i hope you all the news giants unite to give justice to mr. pattnayak. thanks

    Prasanta Patnaik,
    Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
    Sampad Mohapatra.
    D.N. Singh,
    Rabi Das,
    Gopal Mohapatra,
    Prafulla Das,
    Dwijen Padhi.
    i appeal you all to end silence in the matter of chandrabhanu patnaik. the way he has been eased out should be effectively opposed.

  576. you were the greatest person in our family..greatest example of sure success …!!!!!

  577. I would like to say that ROME was not built in a day.
    If you compare BBSR in 2000 and in 2010, you would definitely find a lot of difference.Let us not blame a particular person, say Aparajita Sarangi Mam.I think she is doing her job perfectly, and there are no doubts that she is an honest civil servant.
    At least, she is doing something. And that something is visible.We need to be practical.She is a very friendly person and talks to any person without any ego.
    I think it is collective task.It can never can acheived by a single person or IAS officer.The system needs to be improved.This can only be done if there is mutual understanding and face to face interaction between the government and the people.Obviously for that, the high officials and politicians should work from the grassroot levels,not merely making loud void statements.
    I hope to see BBSR as a clean,organized,cultured and disciplined city in the next 10 years to come.
    All the comments made here are very reasonable and good.
    And appreciate eveyone’s intrest in responding to the social issues.

  578. I feel hurt that a patriot like you merely copies western anti-Indian thoughts without any application of mind. It you read any basic Indian text, It is clear that Muaryas belonged to Mura which was one of the three administrative heads of Tri-Kalinga after Mahabharata era. There are at least 50 inscriptions of Pandava dynasty to that effect compiled by Sri Satyanarayana Rajaguru-vol. 4 may be seen. Ashoka occupied the capital at Pataliputra-this does not mean that he was from that area. He has indicated name of Orissa king as Alekha-sundar among 4 kings conqured by him in Kalsi inscription. But its is not approved by British masters, so he has been decalared king of Alexandria which never existed in 1469 BC-time of Ashoka shifted back by 1300 years. R.C mazumdar knew this forgery of linking Gupta era with Alexander as he has quoted Megasthenes to indicate army of Andhra kings -1000 years after Ashoka (his Ancient India, page 135). To save his service he had to show loyalty to British masters and wrote another book in collusion with H.C. Rayachaudhury and K.K Dutta to omit this fact. People say that there was no king of Kalinga or kingship was by rotation-after heads of departments in University post became rotational.
    Generally, we place Boita-bandhana only with Bali dvipa. But, as karttika month is start of shipping, karttikadi Vikrama samvat was started by Paramara king Vikramaditya of Ujjain at Somanatha in 57 BC. But again, there is British prohibition of mentioning any king whose calender is still running as it will give accurate dates of Indian history which they wanted to destroy-Refer declaration of Boden Chair at Oxford in 1831. Complete slavish mentality prevents us from anything discarded or destroyed by British. Recently, there was unfortunate tragedy at Kambodia on karttika Purnima. That has been desribed as Water Festival involving boat race. It is exactly same as Boita-bandhana of Orissa-Arun

  579. It is highly reprehensible that people in high position do this type of unethical act to please their political masters. They stoop to such a low that they do not even spare own culture. There are many learned persons in Odisha but they do not hijack somebody else’s work for own gratification in front of their masters. It is nothing but a cultural blot and insult to our forefathers especially those sacrificed a lot for cause of Odisha and the Odiyas. It reminds me of “Aurangzeb trying to replicate Tajmahal in Aurangabad”.

    It is ironical to say here that there are a special bunch of people of a particular class who think that Odisha is their own fief-dom and they are the only torch bearers of our state, culture, religion…etc. However, perhaps they are just like Well-Frogs and unable to realise the multi-faceted potential and prowess of a present day Odiya and the truth being that much water has been flowed in Mahanadi than their bounded imagination and Odiyas from many caste, creed and religion have done better / excelled in all sphere of life, may be more outside Odisha due a bunch of greed-stricken, self-centric and vested interests in Odisha. They are precisely nothing but a slur on a humble,hard working and self-esteemed Odiya community.

    Odisha politics is not exception to that of Indian polity; party / people in power oppose or re-do everything, even if something genuine but done by opposition or their adversary.

    The reality is that we as Odiya hardly do our bit for cause our own state and culture. In a Pan-Indian sense, Odiya’s unity can be compared with ” Frog-Weighing” attempt in a pan (pan is always empty). As of date even inspite of some efforts by few people, we have not able to sell ourselves to the world (Odissi Music and dance as Classical, Konark as a wonder…..) compared to Tamilians for Karnatic Music, Bharatnatyam and Sun-Temple of Mamallapuram…etc in the same way. Further, our self-centric politicians neither do it at state nor at national level, forget alone doing it at international level. Most of them are spineless, selfish and has done very little for Odisha post-independence. Therefore, expecting patronage from a handfull of them will be foolishness. Rather we Odiyas should do our bit for which we all owe a moral obligation as well as responsibility as Odiya to Odisha.

  580. it is having its own recognition and position in media line.
    I like it very much.
    Because it is reflecting the roll of the govt. well.

  581. bput has detoriated to the lowest possible level!! Otherwise why on earth would 20000 seats remain vacant under an university?? its simple…u don’t conduct your exams and classes on time;the result-no intelligent parent of a meritious student would ever allow his/her ward to study in any college under BPUT!! RESULT-colleges like CET or IGIT are suffering!! students reading in these colleges must be envious of their counterparts in VSSUT!! they finish their exams and publish thier result in record time!! Studends studying in CET or IGIT or any college for that matter are itching to break away from BPUT,in order to save their name!! the day may not be far away when companies start visiting only NIT-RKL ,VSSUT,KIIT,ITER due to their efficiency,leaving behind meritious college like CET or IGIT or C.V.RAMAN in the lurch!! Is january or february a time for conducting sem. exams-a solid one month after NIT OR VSSUT!!

  582. Pl.convey my congratulations and best wishes to my friend Surya and his family.We were class class mates while puruing I.Sc. in Govt.College ,Sundargah.

    A nice ,shy guy but with lots of friends and leadership at all levels.

    Can any one provide me his contact details?

    Cell phone-919437347810

  583. I am one with you Sir in your posted views.Uprooting Naveen Pattnayak is a different issue, but now the need of the hour is to select one leader from congress who can at least give a big challenge to the sitting Govt. and in my knowledge he can be none other than L.B.Mohaptra.
    In fact am sure,cent percent sure…..
    But who listens the voice of an activist like me or you?
    Its unfortunate and embarrassing too.
    Anyway, let us hope for the best .

  584. really brave boy….i’m really impressed of Baji’s bravery…
    but World’s most youngest martyrs are the youngest sons of Guru Gobind singh ji…..Baba Fateh singh (5 years old) and Baba jujhar singh ji (7 yrs old) those who were bricked alive and accepted death rather than converting their religion…..

  585. i’m sorry for making mistake….

    its Baba Fateh singh ji and Baba Zorawar singh ji……

  586. It will be easier to set a convention that once elected as speaker, the person concerned should resign from the parent party, be apolitical and conduct the business of the house fairly and impartially. In the next election to parliament, he/she should get elected to the house unopposed

  587. The information asked for needs to list out thousands of beneficiaries availed the input assistance upto July 2010.It is a huge task to compile piles of papers. I think the PIO is correct to some extent.

  588. With e-governance claimed to have been promulgated, the State should have no problem in publishing the details of the beneficiaries. On the other hand, Pradhan’s queries were on funds earmarked and spent under the package announced by the Chief Minister, the details of which, if the CM did not bluff, must have been on records of the government and there should have no delay in supplying the same under RTI Act. Sad, the government has not dared as yet to respond to the points raised by Pradhan.

  589. Hello Sir,
    Would you please send me a copy of the above high court case if the final judgement has come out …..

  590. I joined on 4-8-1967.Till date I have not got my retirement order.I served as SPECIALIST O & G in District H.Q. Hospital in 1990-91.I came on leave for illness of my mother. THE c.d.m.o. refused leave.I applied for leave to the Director.After 8-9 years I got a charge sheet.No place of posting was there.At that time I was not 58 years old.Since then I am running from pillar to post with no avail.I have made E-ABHIYOGA(No-00276).There are many doctors ,who have not got pension. I am not getting provisional pension even.This is the story of a man born on 25-6-1943.

  591. orissa education minister might be knowing very well the rules and regulations; but he is unable to ensure monthly earned salary to teachers every month. very sad. contract teachers in high schools have not received their salaries for last eight months. what a government!

  592. Well salute to the brave martyr.
    Am a history student.

  593. Corruption is very widespread in police department particularly in the commissionerate system. The Mahila police Bhubaneswar, in particular, is engaged in exploitation of innocent husbands and their families. There are officers in the Mahila thana that are hand in glove with criminals and register FIR against innocent people without conducting any inquiry or investigation. The higher officers of the commissionerate of police endorse the corrupt practices of Mahila police. The Mahila police has embarrassed many families in last few years by harassing innocent husbands and their parents.

  594. Let there be review of all medals given to policemen in Bhubaneswar in previous 3 years. I believe that the awardees did not deserve the medals. I know two lady police sub-inspecresses that have links with criminals at whose behest they have registered many FIRs against innocents by misusing their power. In spite of their corrupt activities these woman have been given promotions.

  595. DearSir, Orissa doctors are suffering due to their nonunion.Everybody is harrassing them from top to bottom.Many CDMOs are only guided by corrupted official staffs.These people suck money from perirhery doctors even for a trivial work. There is no promotion in entire service period.It is a shame to serve here in Orissa.Days are not far when no doctor will join the Govt Service.It is high time that all doctors should come forward and speak the truth without fear.

  596. Dear sir,
    Could you please give me any contact number of Sri Subhas Chandra Pattanaik ?? shall be grateful to you forever. Please! I

  597. Even patriots have become followers of British propaganda. More devotion is for Ravenshaw for killing 1/3 of Oriya Population in 1865 than Even Sri Jagannatha or any Oriya custom. Anything which opposes Hindu religion has become matter of honour. There is no pride in Ashoka being from Mura area of Sambalpur (shifted to Burla in 1956 after submerging in Hirakud reservoir) or Jayamangala village of Kumarila Bhatta on south bank of Mahanadi. Most of India follows the rituals defined by Kumarila-and Buddha following never matched it. Similarly, Kharavel had done Rajsuya-yajna, but he had to be made a jain for taking pride in him. There were 28 Buddhas in history as per Stupa (Thupa)-Vamsha, without knowing the Buddha, we are taking pride in his birth place. In addition to Indian texts, Fahien and Huensang have written that 3 of the Buddhas were born in Orissa-and possibly Gautama Buddha also. Gautama Buddha in 5th century BC had made Puri a Bauddha Pitha. Son of Ikshvaku king Shuddhodana was Siddhartha (1887-1807 BC) who became Buddha after enlightment. There is no mention anywhere in vast bauddha literature that he ever became Gautama Buddha which has clearly been indicated separate from Siddhartha. Maitreya Buddha was born in Dhanya-kataka (Cuttack) in 1507 BC. Dipankara Buddha could be in Kapileshwar whose student was Orissa king Indrabhuti. His descendants started Lama tradition and Baul songs, now popular in Bengal. Sumedha Buddha was on Mahendragiri (Baudha district) who had given Diksha to Parashurama and taught 10 Prajna-paramita called Mahavidya in vedic literature. Details can be seen in my article ‘Buddha’ or book-Vedic View of Sri jagannatha-both on my website.

  598. I have had the privilege of knowing Mr BK Dhal more intimately than probably many of his “inner circle”. This year for some reasons I started scanning the Padma awardees list a little more seriously … somewhere it was a dream to see him adored with the much deserved Padma Award. But alas it was not to be.

    Mr BK Dhal fascinates me not for all the eulogies that he is “generally” heaped upon with but for TWO facets in his life.

    The first is about a man who started off as a journalist in a terrain where even the tracks werent marked or milestoned. From a really humble and “deglamourised” luggage – he has today come to establish himself as an unquestionable doyen in the domain of his influence. His initial days are only a undoctrined blurred Tale for me.

    However, I have been privileged to witness his second innings post his traumatic medical condition. Not many a people would have had the courage or the spunk to deliver back what he has done over the years. It is indeed a salute to a human spirit not very different from that “old man” of Hemingway who had to fight his sharks. Mr BK Dhal not only has fought off his sharks but brought to bay an even more awakened disposition.

    I have my personal chasms of thought, philosophy and literature with him. Das Benhur probably would vouch on my behalf. But nobody can question his resilience, art of words and a quintessential insight. I would really want to include the word “humane”, but I know him a little too well.

    Am proud to have known and interacted with him.


  599. i would like to extend my heartly gratitude to great baji rout. he had truely taken the THE BAJI ,the game of life in igniting the fire of freedom for my mother land bharat barsa. how this much of sacrifise go vague in the present contest of politics in india is a question that needs immediate attention . so, priya bharat basion, this is the real time to pay homage to their dedication. we have to stand in a common platform of thoughts that our ancestors like bajirout,bhagat sigh,vivekanand and so many, had laid before us. ignite this patriotism and make our motherland a heaven on earth..this is to be implimented from diverse fields of developments. thanks to mr pattanaik for promoting this hero

  600. An excellent poem from dearest Saswot !!!
    I am sure it will inspire all of us to fight for FREEDOM
    OF PRESS AND MEDIA UNITY in the State despite all odds and manifold sponsored attacks on the media.

    Jai Ho Press Freedom !!!!
    Jai Ho Media Unity !!!
    Jai Ho Freedom Tree !!!
    Long live Freedom Tree !!!!
    Long Live Media Unity !!!!
    Long Live Freedom of Press !!!!
    Long Live Saswat !!!!!!!!

  601. jeje bapa i love u alwys u relli r a GOD 4 me i miss u a lot n can nvr 4gt u in my lyf
    plz return back 2 us agn

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  605. Most of the managers in private factories are also human beings despite career ambitions. But they are forced to be anti-labour due to greed in official and political levels. Labour department does not bother if worker dies or is injured. In fact, if death or injury to labour raises the issue of any compensation, that opens up gates of benefit to labour department officers more than to the labour. Then there is political lobby in favour of Labour contractors. That was reason of Paradeep massacre in 1980, the Inquiry report on which is not available. No industry is engaging workers directly. Workers are engaged only through contractor who gets 60-70% of amount given for labour. Unskilled worker is getting about Rs.2000/- per month and skilled abut 3000. Double of that amount goes to labour contractor who has become foundation of our political set up in the whole country. Study of this aspect in this incident will be a great service to the country.

  606. Of course it is a sad incident happened in a peaceful place like Titilagarh. But at the same time it reveals that oppressed mass can do anything to show their desolation in any manner. Concern government department as well as governing body of industries should keep it in attention to stop this type of occurrence. Mutual understanding and obeying the labor welfare rules can help very much.

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  608. Before wage a war for the sake of justice to unprivileged and ever deprived fellowmen I see a ray of hope in reading through these appreciable works of your which make prominent view of the latent liaison. If u would not mind to share your valuable findings in the interest of public of odisha regarding the posco in details for publication in our daily odia newspaper. anticipating your kind cooperation i remain here.

  609. Dear Sir,

    I have full sympathy with Mr. Akhand. Police inaction and shoddy investigation are common scene in India. At least Mr. Akhand has the support of journalist community, thousands of innocent people in India do n’t even know where is the court and where is the High Court? It is my sincere request to Media to work for bringing out a change in the system so that not only Akhand gets justice but also thousands of Akhands who are illiterate and powerless.

  610. DearSir, It is very sad that politicians are not looking to the problems of the state seriously. It is also sad that Railway Budget is of very menial amount and insignificant. There are lack of doctors everywhere ,no safe water to drink and many such things, the list will be very long. Who is going to lead the state?

  611. Chithi can not be relaced by phone etc.Most of the letters are of incalucable value.It is written from the heart.

  612. To burn alive an executive is not the remedy to any problem. A delegation of workers could meet the CM of a state after the factory was locked out, weren’t they capable of doing that before burning alive the executive? Or else they wanted to prepare the govt. to listen to their demands? Whomsoever committed this ‘murder’ is not going to accomplish his target by burning alive an executive as he was also an employee.

    The incident shows that the mental set up of the local residents was not tolerable towards the executive. One may apprehend that there might be some other reasons behind the killing of the executive. Factory strikes are not new in the history of any company; but in how many areas the people see such kind of savage activities?

    The one who died was also a responsible person who was to look after the factory affairs. On the other hand, how can a company lockout it’s profitable unit for one single executive being burnt alive when it is ready to deploy a workforce of 114 people from it’s factory premises; as one particular DGM is not generating the revenues of the company’s interest.

    Other aspect of importance is the tenure of the executive in that company or in that town because in such cases the most pertinent matter is the mutual coordination between the two i.e. the executive and the local residents.

    Burning alive cannot be given the status of professional rivalry in this case or may be the agitated ones never knew a better language?

    Titilagarh is a tehsil, it has got it’s local MP, MLA and has got a complete administrative cum judiciary set up too. When the local administration knew that there was going on a protest in the town itself then why didn’t the local administration deploy a protection force at the company main gate?

    When such kind of protests are not new in the history of powmex steels limited, why the local administration kept mum over this issue?

    This is the normal accepted behaviour from the factory union that it must give a prior notice to the local police station about the strike in front of the company main gate for the accomplishment of it’s demands. Then why the local police didn’t look upon this serious matter inspite of being aware of the fact that in the heat of agitation any thing can happen? And even if the company management didn’t call upon the security force, this is not by itself a point that the management didn’t expect such kind of behaviour from workers.

    Definitely some internal personnel was involved or may be Mr. Rai was the culprit or else there was a level of dissatisfaction spread across the ones who were working inside the administrative building.

    Whatever be the matter, this is quite sure that each and every single ear in the locality must have heard the screams of the burning DGM; but none did do any thing for his rescue. This is the point to be ‘observed’.

    A fake encounter with one victim shot down, poor mercy over his family duly supported by innocence of the residents!

    What a great “peaceful” state Orissa has become!


  614. Kalinga and Utkala both are ancient names of the state. North part has shallow coast and wooden boats called ‘Udupa’ were used, so it was called ‘Udra’. Its adjective Audriya became Oryza in Greek and meant rice exported from this region. This has become rice (removing first letter O) and is also origin of Orissa in English. As navel (central) region of ancient Bharatavarsha, it was called ‘Uddiyan’-in period of Gorakhanath (8th century) it was one of 4 pithas of tantra. His disciples have still ‘Nath’ title. Tantrik practice of this region was first written in Uddisha-tantra by Ravana of Lanka who had been killed by Sri Ram in 4395 BC. Udra and Uddiyan are origins of Orissa. R or D-both are approximate presentation of real letter in word Odisha which cannot be written in Roman script. So the dispute over partly Greek-English origin word is superfluous. After Mahabharata war, a branch of Pandava kings ruled Orissa wit capital at Sonepur and were called king of 3 Kalingas-Kosal, Utkala, kalinga including Trikalinga (telangana) with Sasanas at Mura (now shifted to Burla in 1956), Vijaya-kataka (present Cuttack-Chowdwar) and Kona-gadha (through Bangla/English it has become Kongod. 5 inscriptions of Pandava king Janamejaya of 27-11-3014 BC about land grants on occasion of solar eclipse and about 100 inscriptions of later Pandava kings are published. Rulers of Mura Shasana were called Maurya who replaced Nanda empire-and so they must be prior to 1634 BC-when Mahapadmananda was coronated as per puranas. Their time is misinterpreted by imagining link with Licchavi kings of Nepal whose time in Sriharsha era of 456 BC is thought to be in era of Harshavardhana (605-646 AD) who had not started any era. Pandavas were of Vyaghrapada gotra and their clan is now called Baghel kshatriyas of Orissa (including Pathani Samanta). Name of Kalinga may indicate greater pride than Odisha or Orissa.

  615. Respected Sir, I strongly support ‘Orissa’, but regarding ‘Oriya’, I am greatly confused, especially with the letter ‘y’. So, could you please send me the link to the article referred to supra, regarding the classical aspect of Oriya language? I will be grateful to you.

  616. In recent years, the only tool required to gain political mileage is display of Sycophancy and climb one after another step. There is no need to go to the people to address their problems but gather enough money by corrupt practices in managing to get government contracts and spend a little of that money in buying party ticket to contest elections and then spend some money to buy favours of voters. Once elected, you again go on looting spree. Who bothers in this great country of Mahatma Ganhi who are remembered only on 2nd October.
    Ahmed Patel who has ruined his Gujarat state for the congress party, has never won an election is the political adviser of the queen. Pranab Mukherjee who has failed in his state for the party is number two. Take the important faces around the queen, you will find same story. There is no space for honest party workers.

  617. Dr.Dash served entire lifetime in the KBK districts.Retd on aug 2010 in Nuapada D.H.H. But till now no GPF, ARREAR INCREMENT RECIEVED. He was gettig 15000 as salary till retirement.

    4 reminders came from health director to clear all dues of dr.dash.

    But a news came to give 20,000 as bribe.
    Dr. Dash is against bribe; so forced to file case in the lower court of Nuapada but no use.
    So suffering. This is how Doctors are treated in Orissa.

  618. I pesonally feel that Dr.AKMishra should be recommended for Noble Prize for Physics.
    Government of India should take necessary initiatives for the same at the earliest.

  619. Dear Ashok Bhaina,
    I personally congratulate you for your work and am proud that you are such a great personality.
    May Lord Jagannatha help people like us.

    • Dear Dr Ram Chandra Rout :
      Thank you for your heartfelt comment in the orissamatters. I hope you are doing well with your family and friends. Please write in my email asoka.misra@gmail for further discussion.
      Asoka misra

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  625. You are absolutely correct to say that there is some secret hands helping the present athgarh MLA and the same secret hand played a trick with Bijay Mohapatra.But if it is for the welfare of Orissa it is good.But I think the supreme court of India is playing the spoil sports. By delaying Justice it is denying Justice.That is why it is necessary to check the corrupt lawyers .

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  627. Reshuffle is nothing but a cosmetic surgery made to impress upon the people of the state that the CM is in full control and can play games of push out and pull in even with his ministers.

    Question is when he himself is pushed out to save the people of the state from the corporate loot that is going in day in and day out where helpless people are left with no choice but to suffer.

  628. Participation in National Movement by young lad of ten or twelve years and that to being martyr is a brave example noticed in this site. Some body who did not understand what the nationalim was but participated in the movement has more contribution. Baji is one of such jewel in the horizon of Indian struggle. Let us convey our best wishes to his depicter.

  629. Respected Sir,
    I totally agree with you regarding sathya sai baba.. but I would like to request you to consider the points mentioned below regarding our national flag:

    1. assymetric nature of flag:-
    Most of the national flags in the world do not have symmetrical looks. Still they are doing well without the need of changing the assymetric look of their flags. The same rule was also applied to our previous flag. Wasn’t it, Sir?

    2. arata and asoka chakra:-
    You have asserted that that the very wheel on our national flag is not the wheel of asoka. It is the wheel of arata used by mahatma gandhi. But it is seen that in the previous national flag the wheel of the arata contains 14-16 spokes only. If the recent wheel is the same one which was there in the previous flag, then how come the number of spokes in it increased to 24 ?

    3. addressing the flag as ‘jana gana mana adhinayaka’, ie a Male:-
    Where every nonliving and respected objects strongly bonded with our emotions viz our earth, country, soil, language, etc have been addressed as ‘mother’, means a Female, how come our freedom fighters addressed a flag as a Male?

    • dear sanbi,
      thanks for the reaction.
      you can get clarified on the points you have raised on the Flag by perusal of the article in question. adhinayaka is as neutral a word as jana mana gana / janamanagana.

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  633. At present 925 doctor posts are lying vaccant out of sanctioned 4258 posts. But we need nearly 13,000 doctors for our state with a population approaching 4.5 crores.CM should take initiatives to help moneyless patients by making all Govt Health Centers patient friendly and doctor-liking and inspiring.Otherwise very few new doctors will join state govt service in future making the situation unmanagable and worst.-Dr.RamaChandraRout

  634. It is also sad that at places of single doctors one has to work day and night withot rest. Therefore, all Health Centers should have atleast 2 doctors and two attendants to handle the situation.

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  636. Definitely after 15-years of Mr.Pattnaiks rule…people ll want a change
    The one and only visible leader is Lulu Mohapatro …Congress high-command should realise it early and project, rather then making it nebulous

  637. A nice article by Subhas Babu and speaking photographs by Sawat.One can enjoy the Maryland car festival sitting anywhere in the globe through this article and photographs.

  638. Subhas Babu, we have not missed your photographs in the crowd..Ayush was the first to recognise , you know how !!! We are missing you and Bhauja.

  639. I need to work with kanak tv in the area of broadcasting–sales.are there any opportunity i do have experience in similar field and having a MBA degree.

  640. The opposition was in power from1996 TO 2004-long 8 years.Why could n’t they solve the mystery of black money belonging to Nehru-Gandhi family and bring it to public domain so that this issue of Swiss a/c of Nehru-Gandhi family would have been settled once for all. Sonia Gandhi has replied to LK Advani recently that neither she nor Rajiv had any Swiss a/c. Rahul may have an advantage in starting/launching his political career as he belongs to Gandhi family. But ultimately he has to prove himself in a democracy

    • Dear Sri Mohanty,
      Let us wonder, what stops Sonia to swear in a judicial affidavit that the Schweizer Illustrierte report is absolutely baseless and false, when it is well on records that the paper has officially confirmed its report?

      Albats’ has, in her esteemed book, quoted Sonia’s family link with black money secreted, from a letter of a KGB head. If this is not authentic, why Sonia, the de facto head of India government is not making her government take up the matter officially with the Russia government to ensure that the KGB contradict the report on its letter?

      India’s highly esteemed daily, The Hindu, the credibility of which has always remained beyond question, in its edition of July 4, 1992 had reported, “The Russian foreign Intelligence Service admits the possibility that the KGB could have been involved in arranging profitable Soviet contacts for the company controlled by Rajiv Gandhi family”. Why Sonia is silent on this so far? Why she is not asking her government to take up the matter with the government of Russia and ensure that their Foreign Intelligence Service counter the Hindu report on the matrix of facts, if her family has no secret company under its control to which KGB had not favored with arranging profitable Soviet contacts?

      The so-called denial to what Advani alleged has no relevance. Let her come up with a judicially authenticated affidavit and then that can be tested against facts and if found correct, be considered as a credible countering.

      As on your query as to why the Opposition “could not solve the mystery of black money belonging to Nehru-Gandhi family and bring it to public domain so that this issue of Swiss a/c of Nehru-Gandhi family would have been settled once for all” , you may find the answer in several discussions in these pages. However, for instant reference, you may please come to this link:

      These fellows never differ from each other in political economy. They are the dogs of the same breed and pack with similar purpose. Their masters are the looters of India whose properties have never had any ceiling. By serving these looters, these dogs, attired as politicians, also amass black money and stash that in secret foreign accounts, instances of which, with ready reference to Sonia-Rahul family, has been exposed at least by two credible sources not contradicted so far.

      I hope, love for the motherland will guide us in this matter.
      Thanks for the debate.
      Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

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  644. The governance at present in our state is at its lowest. Sensational cases of corruption are being published in media after vigilance raid. Very small functionaries of the Govt at levels of peon,chain man, check gate clerk, RTO supervisor etc are being nabbed by vigilance with assets of crores of rupees. But after such raids nothing happens. The vigilance cases go on for years and hardly 10% of cases are brought to conclusion with conviction.The C.M may be personally honest, but he does not know what is happening at grass-root level. It is, indeed, a pity.

  645. Really it was nice to see that a young boy so tender in age, was so much lively and enthusiastic to fight against the wrong…hats off..

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  647. “A revolutionary on deciding to disobey the law sacrifices his/her personal interests to the most important cause of working for the betterment of society.” – Albert Einstein

    In honoring the immoral state’s sponsored officials that eliminate the dissenters, have we been paying obituaries to the wrong kinds?

  648. The Kalahandi Bar Association stands with the members of press we gave unconditional support but the Kalahandi press is divided in to four parts due to personal hegemony. We are sorry and need the help of PRESS people while struggling in the matter of HIGH COURT bench in KALAHANDI and a CBI court at BHAWANIPATNA in orissa. The present president Lokanath Nayak prepared a road map for HIGH COURT bench. In different parts of orissa some need financial gain, some personal rivalry and popularity. In toto no one needs the interest of people. Please telecast or print a interview of BAR President at the earliest .

  649. Anna’s bill is easy to understand. it shows loyalty and transparency about the nation whereas the government bill shows:hame openly corruption karne do. government is not ready for the three terms because they want to get money from junior employee.goom firke ye baat hogi ki hame nichese to paisa lene do.

  650. we are common people , we cant understand the lokpal bill , lokayuta can be a bharstachari——–but we should behave as brothers. l belong to no party. our purpose is to save our country from exploitation by companies. as a villager of our country, i want to know—kya mera koi hai?

  651. Beautiful poem from a very talented poet of our state. Thank you for posting it.

  652. Dear Friends,

    I was observing the debate concerning Media Management and staff relations, including the issue of Chandrabhanu Babu.

    But as of yet, why he is silent? or Orissamatters has not published his views/stand?

    Biswajit Moharana

  653. It is unfortunate for MOTHER INDIA to have spiritless children who, as said in this article, are playing this mischief purposefully or/and with full conscious mind. Sorry, I am for one not able to understand the GAME. For, “I love my children five and owe no penny I cannot pay” (as the poet narrates). Thanks Subhas babu for such a piece of wonderful analysis to educate the posterity. GOOD LUCK BHARAT MATA (sorry I am unable to say ………..”Bharat Mata Ki Jaye” at least for now) .

  654. i lost a masal of encouragement. though i do not know him and he does not know me, yet his reports and write-ups were note-worthy. his demise is surely a loss.
    Lokanath Nayak,advocate

  655. press people should change their mind and they should try to purify their moral attitude….with out running for 3W and believing blindly upon any one or any authority,PRESS is not for price, it is for SACRIFICE.

  656. Dear Subhas Babu,

    Sad demise of our very good friend Rabi Narayan Mohanty, was not only a personal loss to you and me, it was a great loss to the Oriya journalism and
    people of Orissa.

    Rabi was not only my professional friend, but was also an younger brother to me and was a member of my family. All his children use to call me
    ” Bada Bapa” and my children call him ” Dada “…it was virtually blood relationship.

    Rabi was a great humanist and was always helping people in need. He can be called the pioneer of crime reporting and investigative journalism in Orissa.

    He was one of the founders of Orisa Union of Journalists ( OUJ ) and was always fighting for the unity and rights of the media persons all over.

    His sad demise has created a huge vacuum in the field of journalism in Orissa as well as in our heart, which can never be replaced as long as we are alive..

    I am thankful to you and Orissa Matters for the condolence message written by you.

    Rabi will live in our memory for ever..

    Prasanta Patnaik,

  657. there is no boundary to western area of orissa.each and every district of orissa is having own cultural and economical background,there is a ancient guideline called Jaswant Singh commission appointed by our central government since long and according to his report he suggested five point guidelines for opening of a permanent bench of orissa high court.1-the area must be more than 400km away from cuttack 2-the area must be a poor area with sc/st people 3-there must be rail and road link to cuttack 4-there must be some infrastructure of Judiciary 5-there must be proportionate percentage of cases pending before the orissa high court.
    So kalahandi is the proper place to get the permanent bench of orissa high court…..but the writ judgement passed by hon’ble orissa high court that there is no need of setting a high court bench at western region of orissa, no one has gone to supreme court against that order .
    Now the technology of our nation is the best in the world….following our technology, president of US viewed the operation of US army/CIA at Afghanistan…. we can utilize this technology in all 30 districts of orissa, we can call this “E-HIGH COURT” through video conferencing all the matters like writs appeals and revisions can be heard by Judges at Cuttack and we can file our documents and cases before the registrar of our respective district judgeships and we can get our orders at our places without any travel,lodging,fooding and other costs.There no need of vehicles for judges,building for court,staff recruitment etc.
    Now a days every collector of the district is talking with the CM and PM every day by investing 30 lakh per district.
    We can only invest one crore per district and ten crore at high court building…..in total only 40 corore is required for entire Orissa for thirty e-high courts in thirty districts.
    Now in my view we really do not want to be exploited by any elder brother by the name of area,caste,creed or religion .

    Lokanath Nayak
    Kalahandi Bar Association

  658. Subash Babu, Just few minute before, from Prasanta Bhai’s group mail, I have received your URL and link on the news on Anna. I have gone through the same in detail. What Prasanta Bhai wrote is very much the fact. Media men should not be away from the real story and the story should not be of bias.

    I am thankful to you and my best wishes to orissamatters. You can know all about me from Peasanta Bhai. If you wish or allow me I shall provide News from Southern part of Orissa, because I am stationed at Berhampur. One more request you can add my site as one of your Media associate.To work with such type of Journalsit is my pleassure. Do visit http://www.orissabarta.com.
    With humble regard,
    Manoj Kant Dash,Editor in Chief, orissabarta

  659. It is very unfortunate that the hearing process in supreme court seems to be delayed despite the case being on the top of the board.Since the matter is related to the common people of a constituency and by the act of the process the common people are suffering, the inability to dispose of the case quickly is not a good sign for the judiciary system of our nation.

  660. Dear Sri S.C.Pattanayak,
    I feel very sad to know that your dear mother is now ailing and is undergoing treatment at Capital hospital. You have not mentioned about nature of ailment except saying that it is age-related. I hope and pray that she recovers fast with grace of God and care of treating physicians of the hospital.
    You have made a passing reference to (sorry) state of affairs in our Capital hospital. I am a senior citizen of 69 years age. When I was studying at Ravenshaw college 50 years ago we had only 3 Govt medical colleges in the state, at Cuttack, Berhampur and Sambalpur. It was being talked about those days that another Govt medical college attached to Capital hospital would be set up at BBSR. After working for 50 years outside Orissa I have now come back to my home state- Or