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Bhubaneswar, Aug.28

NEWS-a well-subscribed language news agency of Orissa has exposed in its yesterday’s dispatches a sordid failure of the machinery of law in establishing links of a criminal to crimes committed against not less than 14 women.

According to it, the common man in Balasore is at a loss to understand as to how could the Law be made to act against crime. The Ad hoc Additional Sessions Judge of Balasore has found the man who husbanded these women ‘not guilty’ of murder of one of these ladies because the prosecution could not establish its allegation.

The murder in question had extinguished the 13th wife of Bhagirathi Giri of Villege Balaramgad under the Sadar police station of Balasore whose all earlier wives had evaporated to oblivion within short span of marriage. NEWS suggests that in the matter of them who could not escape death, the extinguishments were either homicidal or suicidal. But in all the occasions, Giri escaped legal action.

The instant case is a pointer to what happens in the corridors of prosecution. The 13th wife, Sukanti Giri , aged about 21, died within 4 months of her marriage to Bhagirathi in 1995. Post mortem report suggested that the death was precipitated by strangulation. But the report was made to gather dust in the P.S. After long five years, a new officer-in-charge of police discovered the mischief and resumed the case. But prosecution , managed by a government lawyer, failed to prove the allegations in the court.

By this time, in 1998, Giri’s 14th wife has died . Dwelling in depth in the matter, NEWS has posed a question: who knows if the 15th wife shall not die?

This is a case that deserves serious attention. One man has married as many as 14 women one after another and most of them have died. The last death was caused , according to experts, by strangulation. Law detected the crime. But the Court of Law could not find the criminal. The society is affected. But who saves the society?

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