Elections 2018 : Rulers got thrashed

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Plutocracy won again; because democracy has given way to plutocracy in India. All that people rejected and all that people elected are of the same genre of political economy that have , election after election, taken the country from bad to worse.

Representatives of the people serve the interest of the rich in a plutocracy as they belong to the class of the rich or to the gang of the servants of the rich, aspiring to become rich by serving the rich. The most assertive and aggressive among them becomes the leader – Prime Minister as in India or Chief Minister as in an Indian State.

These fellows, heading a ministry, stay in power by intimidating their own colleagues by way of the mischief of ‘prerogative’and to keep them too dazzled to revolt,they pose, as if, they are the “Rulers”.

People avenge their notoriety at the time of elections. This had happened to Vajpayee. This had happened to Manmohan Singh. This has happened now to the Chief Ministers that were dazzling as the rulers.

Modi in the Center and Naveen in Orissa have, therefore, reasons to be worried.

Kendrapada roars for the mother tongue: Collector served with Bhasha Andolan Memo

Roving Reporter
Collector of Kendrapada deputed the Sub-Collector to receive on his behalf the Memorandum for which the District coordinator of Bhasha Andolan Ranjan Kumar Das had notified him earlier.

The Memorandum is meant to remind the Chief Minister of the ultimatum served on him by the Presidium of Bhasha Andolan, Orissa on 9.11.2018 demanding repeal of Section 4-A from the Orissa Official Language Act,1954, which he has wrongfully inserted by misleading the Assembly with false statement on Cabinet decision in the matter. When this wrongful insertion made through two successive amendments this year mischievously cripples the Act, the government has tried to weaken the Bhasha Andolan by taming two key persons that were associated with the movement from its beginning. One of these two persons Pabitra Maharatha is exposed to have misappropriated the funds of the movement and the other one Pradyumna Satpathy has tried to conceal the crime. These two fellows, in order to escape police action have tried to gain political protection by coming into a secret pact with the Government and have made an unauthorized declaration on July 16 that the Black Flag Campaign has stopped on the basis of fulfillment of the demand in espousing which the campaign had started on April 13, 2016. Their misconduct exposed, their claim rejected, the Black Flag Campaign is going on sans any interruption. Activists of Bhasha Andolan from various districts have started submitting Memorandums to their respective Collectors in support of the ultimatum served on the CM.

Kendrapada’s memorandum was reported in bhashaandolan.com.

We present here a video report received from Kendrapada.

Naveen insults Orissa in Hokey World Cup Competition also

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik who has ruined Orissa beyond repair in economic front, has deliberately made at least 70% of its population dependent on governmental mercy to survive starvation death in order to make them so inane that when election comes, they may not think of casting their votes against him.

To keep the people constantly intimidated by showing them that their mana bears no meaning for him, he has been insulting Orissa in every possible heinous way.

In order to show the world that Orissa is his fee simple and the people his subjects, he has squandered away public money in the Bhubaneswar edition of the Hokey World Cup in advertising himself as Orissa’s sole autocrat to whose whims and caprices people are bound to acquiesce in.

But not and never the Oriyas as a whole keep mum. There are people in Orissa to whom his conduct is a misconduct meticulously calculated to insult the people of Orissa whose language he hates to learn and refuses to work in.

National Secretary of Manab Adhikar Abhijan, Sujit Kumar Sahu, has observed his nasty manners in the following words in social media, which every visitor has liked, with not a single dislike so far. I am reproducing his words below to wake up the august members of my race to this severe insult.

Great heroes of hockey have been ignored on the inaugural ceremony of Odisha World Cup Hockey.
PadmaSri Dilip Tirkey who remained Captain of India Hockey team for the longest time and played maximum nos of international hockey from India has been ignored.

The inaugural function was not a film fare award ceremony to invite Bollywood stars.

It is shame that none of our great hockey players from Odisha was present on the stage with the CM.

Crores of rupees from our taxpayers money got ill-spent to rub shoulders with Film stars but few wards couldn’t be spoken either by CM or the organizer in praise of the simple innocent tribal hockey stars, those, who have made our state proud by bringing glory and laurels to our state and to the country as well.

How could the CM afford to forget to respect their sentiments and contributions?

It’s because of them, hockey has been popular in our state; not because our CM was goal keeper of Dun School hockey team.

Subhadra Karketa also captained INDIAN women hockey team. Not a single Olympian from Odisha was honored yesterday. All hockey lovers and hockey stars of the state have been ignored.
CM also never mentioned about the contribution of those hockey heroes in his inaugural speech.

It is very unfortunate.
(Sujit Kumar Sahu)

Historic Black Flag wakes up Jagatsinghpur: Memo to CM through Collector

The last but one day of November would be the last to be forgotten in the life of Jagatsinghpur, the District that has the unique distinction of being the bearer of the birthplace of Orissa’s first Mahakabi (author of mega epic Mahabharat) Sarala Das and the State’s first Mukhyamantri (Chief Minister) Nabakrushna Chowdhury, both epoch makers.

Sarala Das settled Oriya language in such a sphere that thye Linguistic Survey of India had to declare that Oriya vocabulary is so very vast that neither Telugu nor Bengali nor Hindi can vie with it.

Nabakrushna Chowdhury gave the people of Orissa the right to be served in Oriya language for which purpose the guardian generation of Orissa had battled against all odds since 1870 to create India’s first linguistic province of Orissa. The Orissa Official Language Act which he created and promulgated in 1954 was to cover the entire State where all and any official work was to be done in Oriya Language.

Incumbent Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, entirely averse to Oriya Language, has sabotaged the Act by inserting therein a new section namely Section 4-A which is designed to debar the people from getting official service in Oriya everywhere in the State and more menacingly, bureaucracy shall determine the standard and the scope of official use of Oriya.

Presidium of Bhasha Andolan has served an ultimatum on the CM to repeal the harmful section 4-A and to replace it with a new section providing for stringent punishment against any contravention of the Act framed and promulgated by Sri Chowdhury in 1954. Jagatsinghpur district unit of the Andolan submitted a memorandum on November 29 to the Collector espousing the ultimatum served on the CM.

Convened by district coordinator Krishnanand Sahu, the memorialists were led by President of the district unit and former Chairman of Jagatsingpur Municipality Sri Biplab Chowdhury.

The unique black flag march, hallmark of decency and decorum in public agitation that the Bhasha Andolan has created, commenced from the Sarala Memorial tower after singing glory to mother tongue Oriya and handed over the Memorandum to the Additional District Magistrate (General) who received the same on behalf of the Collector, for onward transmission to the Chief Minister.

Among others,eminent activists committed to the mother tongue, were Devi Prasad Chowdhury, Pranakrushna Sethi, Madhabendra Gochhayat,Ramakanta Dash,Prasant Kumar Mallick,Sunil Kumar Matia, Krushnachandra Pradhan,Saroj Kumar Sahu, Sachin Kumar Beura,Saroj Kumar Lenka, Bainshidhar Behera,Arun Mohanty, Sudarshan Behera,Prasant kumar Mohapatra, Banambar Matia,Soumyaranjan Das et als signed the memorandum that espouses the Ultimatum given to the CM.

A few pictures of the historic event,sent to us by Sri Biplab Chowdhury and Asish Kumar Behera are placed below:

Why Naveen is insulting the saintly Nabakrushna Chowdhury?

Mark the picture.

The statue of the saintly Nabakrushna Chowdhury, sacred for the entire population of Oriya origin, erected on the outer side of the Assembly gate, is deliberately subjected to heaps of debris and felled tree branches, when the whole capital city is in high-rich make-up to match the Bhubaneswar edition of the Hockey World Cup.

As if this is not enough, the surrounding iron fences are fitted with blinking lights and decorative chandeliers are set on nearby trees to make the passersby see in the night also how the first architect of Orissa after independence is being insulted for not having danced to the tune of Biju Patnaik, father of the present CM.

In 1952, Biju Patnaik, who had entered politics to amass personal wealth, had wanted to become a minister in Chowdhury’s cabinet with the portfolios of mining and industry. Chowdhury had refused, because, by that time, he had acquired around 4000 acres of precious mining lease and had become an instant industrialist. To Chowdhury, taking a mines and industry owner into his cabinet as minister of mines and industry was ethically incorrect.

Biju avenged this by using all his mafia prowess to force Chowdhury resign.

When the evolving and inexperienced democracy succumbed to his machinations and chair of chief minister went to his occupation, he tried to kill the spirit of the Official Language Act, which Chowdhury had created in 1954. He arbitrarily revived English as Official Language in addition to Oriya by an amendment in 1963, creating a smokescreen of legislative business. People thrashed him out for his offence and hence, his evil design to eventually eject out Oriya from official language status could not be executed in its entirety.

Naveen wants to fulfill his father’s unfinished work. Therefore, he has brought in Section 4-A by way of amendment of the Official Language Act, which, when implemented, will put the Act under mercy of the employees and deny the people of Orissa the right to have official services in their mother tongue.

Not only he has damaged the Official Language Act created by Nabababu, but also, as the daily black-flag-campaign of Bhasha Andolan commences from the podium of the revered statue in front of the Assembly, his government has reduced the area of the podium to such ridiculous condition.

People of Orissa are yet to wake up.

Oriya Language created Orissa and therefore Orissa must be ruled by Oriya Language

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik seems to have developed a wrong notion that governance of Orissa in Oriya depends upon his mercy. His press-note of December 17 and full page display advertisement in major broadsheets of today force us to arrive at this apprehension.

In his December 17 press note it was declared that he had held a meeting with the five members of the ministerial committee on that day for the purpose of “strictly implementing the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 in official and non-official level” to facilitate which a website has been floated by the government. In the full page multi-color advertisement in broadsheet dailies today, this is intriguingly missing.

The advertisement is designed to tell the people that Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has taken historical steps to save and develop Oriya language, and has enumerated the steps he has taken. This is blatant lie. Neither he nor his government has executed any single item claimed to be “historical” in the official advertisement. The entire advertisement is nothing but false propaganda. What a shame it is, that, the people of Orissa are taken for granted by their Chief Minister! Read more →

Navakalevara: Legends and reality

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Legends are the most misguiding mischief aimed at superimposing lies on reality so that indigenous people of an occupied land are kept too dazzled to see the dark face of the rulers and the class of exploiters can keep its victims subjugated to its authority, while forcing them to forget the heroic history of evolution of their own philosophy of life, their own splendid spiritual realizations, their own socio-economic uniqueness, their own ancient culture, their own valorous past, their own way of social integration and their own civilization.

We see this mischief galore in the context of Navakalevara of SriJagannatha.

So, here, we are to rip apart the legends and bring the reality of the Navakalevara to light, as thereby alone we can reach the lost uniqueness of the people of Orissa.

We will use Puri Sankaracharya’s self-proclaimed authority over Navakalevara to proceed with our purpose.

  Read more →

Samaja in Maze of Forgery: Two former Ministers of Orissa – Lingaraj Mishra & Radhanath Rath forged the WILL of Gopabandhu; Both benefitted till their death; SoPS continues to Loot

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The Oriya daily SAMAJA founded by late Utkalmani Pandit Gopabandhu Das, to which, out of their love and reverence for the great humanitarian leader, the people of Orissa had and have been giving their financial and moral support, is in a menacing maze of forgery and loot.

Sadly, two of Gopabandhu’s trusted men – Lingaraj Mishra and Radhanath Rath – who, because of being known so, had the opportunity of becoming cabinet ministers in Orissa, were the masterminds and/or makers of the forgery from which the paper is yet to be salvaged.

Both of them – Lingaraj and Radhanath – had partnered with each other in forging the last WILL of Gopabandhu to grab the Samaja, which being Gopabandhu’s paper was of superb credibility and the greatest political instrument of the day. They had performed this crime behind the screen of and in nexus with Servants of the People Society (SoPS), of which, while breathing his last, Gopabandhu was the Vice-President. Read more →