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With a thirty-year-old man trampled to death by a wild tusker within its territory on December 15, the capital city of Orissa has once again sunk into the question as to how long shall it have to bear with such rampages. Herds of elephants from the Chandaka forest are in habit of trespassing into the capital town. Many a casualties have occurred several times in the past. They have ravaged the Regional Plant Resources Center again and again, destroying rare plants and human habitats, injuring men and frightening pets.The trench around their sanctuary receiving no maintenance, they avail free roads to the Capital This time, a herd of six elephants penetrated into the Naharakanta area standing on the land-stretch between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and extensively damaged vegetable and other crops over acres of land. When locals tried to drive them away an irritated tusker killed Ramachandra Mallik (30) of Haridaspur and in the chase, three others got severely injured.

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