Bhubaneswar Bureau

Power to the people. In a leap toward this end, administration of as many as 29 subjects under 11 major heads are now placed under Panchayat jurisdiction in Orissa.

In the matters that affect rural life in general such as crop cultivation, both Kharif and Ravi, soil conservation, horticulture, pisciculture, diary, agricultural financing, non-formal education, adult education, primary education, public distribution, poverty eradication, drinking water and flowing water management, rural roadways and waterways, minor forest products, social security schemes, rural housing, health and family planning, and minor irrigation projects etc., the pachayats shall have supervising and controlling powers.

The executive wing in charge of these sectors shall prepare and place their plans before the jurisdictional panchayat bodies where they shall have to earn approval prior to execution.. Time to time monitoring of execution shall be in the domain of the said bodies who can review any work and press any suggestion and make any fairly felt adverse report on any functionary found deficient in discharge of duty. On any such report, the executive shall have to submit an action-taken- report to the panchayat body which is made mandatory to set execution of rural works in the right tract.

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