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Look at any member of Orissa Legislative Assembly who violates Law, you may easily find him in either of the two Parties in power, Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Police has formed four squads to nab the absconding MLA of Kamakshyanagar, Prafulla Mallick, who belong to BJD. He had severely beaten up the Inspecter-in-Charge of Police, last week, in the police station itself, after storming into it with about 50 fellow goons.

On May 18, only four days after the Kamakshyanagar incident, MLA of Binika, Niranjan Pujari, who belong also to BJD, has attacked and injured an old couple, Sundar Pujari (80) and his wife Mrs. Satyabhama Pujari (70) and also their grand son Kalinga Pujari (21) after trespassing into their residential house with a pack of rowdy followers. The cause of provocation was Kalinga’s failure in paying proper respect to the MLA’s pet person Ananta Narayan Pujari.

MLA of Junagarh, Himansu Meher, who belonged to BJP, staged an acrimonious demonstration last week before Junagarh Police Station in protest against arrest of two of his supporters namely Pramod Nimulia and Bijay Panda from his residence at Bhubaneswar, where they were hiding to escape police action. They, along with another absconder Rabindra Nayak, had dragged down the B. D. O. of Kalampur, Rudraprasanna Sahu, to the BJP Office at Junagarh, and thrashed him there mercilessly in presence of Mr. Meher on April 28. The BDO having filed F.I.R. seeking police action, they had escaped to Bhubaneswar where, while enjoying hospitality of Meher, they were trying to obtain anticipatory bell from the High Court.

Finance Minister Prafulla Ghadei, who belongs to BJD, admits that he is in a quagmire. An under-age tribal boy who was working as a pageboy in Ghadei’s Bhubaneswar residence, is not traceable for several months. His father is apprehensive when many others suspect that the poor child has been sacrificed in tantric rites performed by Ghadei, whom people of the locality look askance, linking him to the ill famed shenanigans in the temple of Goddess Viraja. Police, however, is in search of the boy. If it fails to locate him, no one can say, how Ghadei would escape the blame.
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