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The evil design formulated against Oriya language and promulgated by the minister of higher education Samir De, whose mother tongue is Bengali, after exposed threadbare in ORISSA MATTERS, has been defeated and the people of Orissa have saved their mother tongue again from Bengali conspiracy.

A couple of hours after Samir Dey told the Press today that the decision to do away with Oriya as a subject in degree curriculum was based on marked absence of interest in Oriya amongst the students, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik took a meeting with top bureaucrats and sensing the sharp reaction against the minister’s decision, used his prerogative to nullify the irritating orders. The CM’s decision was communicated to the media.

S. Sanyal, a Bengali by birth, is the Secretary of higher education when Dey holds the portfolio. It is yet to be known as to who of these two cooked up the idea to scrap Oriya from the degree Colleges of Orissa. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s marked distance from the mother tongue of the state must have given them a congenial climate to contemplate this design. But the people of the State including the sycophants of Naveen rose in revolt against this offense immediately after the design was discovered. Naveen experienced for the first time in his life the wrath of the total citizenry of the state over this issue and that made him amend his government’s ways.

It is clearly a people’s victory. But the people have a right to know as to who first cooked up this conspiracy against their mother tongue.

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