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Discernible deterioration in law and order situation provoked the State Governor to summon the Home Secretary and the Director General of Police to Raj Bhawan on June 2, 2005 to know from them as to how have they addressed the issue.

Sources say that he reprimanded them for failure of administration in tackling the ever-increasing rise in crime in the State, which in outside perception stands synonymous with peacefulness.

The Governor, Rameshwar Thakur, summoned Home Secretary Santosh Kumar and D.G.P. Bipin Bihari Mishra seeking the administration’s version on the decline of public peace and tranquility. He expressed strong disapproval of police action against contact killers in the rise in the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar and asked them to pay concentrated attention to tackling of the ‘naxal’ menace.

It transpired that administration’s ruthless oppression on displaced people of Kaling Nagar industrial complex had not escaped the eyes of the Governor. He asked the Home secretary to expedite rehabilitation of the displaced people with all seriousness and the D.G.P. to ensure that police becomes more humane in dealing with people whose habitation is snatched away in the name of industrial development, putting them in emotional turmoil.

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