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Members of Orissa Legislative Assembly draw more money towards salary and allowances in comparison to MLAs of most other provinces in India.

An MLA in Orissa gets Rs.5,000/- as salary per month when in West Bengal as well as in Chatisgarh, the amount is only Rs.1,500/-; in Tamilnadu, Rs.2,000/-; in Andhra Pradesh, Rs.2,500/-; in Rajsthan as well as in Uttar Pradesh; Rs.3,000/-; in Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh as well as in Bihar, Rs.4,000/- per month.

The Orissa MLAs get each a consolidated allowance of Rs.3,000/- per month which, as per reply of Orissa’s Parliamentary affairs Minister in the Legislative Assembly on August 02, no other State excepting Tamilnadu gives to its legislators. Tamilnadu gives only Rs.2,000/-per month which evidently is lesser than what Orissa pays.

In Orissa, an MLA gets Rs.2,000/- as Conveyance Allowance every month whereas in States like West Bengal, Bihar, Chatisgarh, M.P., Andhra Pradesh, Karnatak, Rajstan, U,P, etc MLAs are not entitled to such an allowance.

Orissa gives Electricity consumption allowance to the tune of Rs.500/- every month to each of its MLAs. No other Province excepting Rajstan allows such a drawal.

MLAs in Orissa get Book and periodical allowance to the tune of Rs.200/- each per month. Excepting a lower amount granted in West Bengal and almost equal amount in Nagaland, this allowance doesn’t form a part of pay package in any other state.

However, Orissa gives an allowance that no other state gives. It gives a fixed allowance of Rs.4,000/- to every MLA which is not given in any other State.

Economically in the lower ladder, Orissa surpasses the advanced States in paying such higher amount of salary and allowances to her MLAs.

This is over and above the Laptop Computers permanently given to them as gifts!

The people in Orissa may be mostly poor, but their representatives are assured of high economic stature.

Nothing helps the exploiters better than pampered legislators.

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