Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is a fresh contribution, not new. Mrinal Chatterjee�s � Ganamadhyama O Sambadikata� (Mass Communication and Journalsim) was first published in 1998. On 18th August 2005 its second edition has come out.

Releasing the book, former Chief Secretary of Orissa, Sudhansu Mohan Mishra highlighted the role journalists play in nation building. But, it is journalism through which the world has come closer, he said, stressing that being a world phenomena, it has developed into a science of complete communication. He recommended Mrinal�s book for better understanding and use of this science.

Mrinal, a working journalist of yester years has switched over to didactics in the discipline and is working at present as an Associate Professor in Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

He has dealt with the subject in 14 chapters with specific emphasis on reporting. The modern avenues of journalism like Television and Internet are taken as subject matters of different chapters even as reporting rural scenario and developmental projects are dealt with in elaborate instructions.

Written in lucid Oriya, the book is a step-by-step guide to performing professionals.

But, if a general reader wants to know of the role of media in State building, he or she may stumble onto the fact that professionalism has not grown in the area of print journalism in Orissa. Most of the owners and/or editors of mainstream newspapers in the State are in active politics. Hence their respective media organizations are often addressed to suppress or manufacture or twist information in manners most suitable to their ambitions or designs. This is harming the media in two ways: firstly, majority of news space is spoiled in political hocus-pocus and secondly, but most regrettably, credibility of media is in sharp decline.

Mrinal Chatterjee�s book offers many such bona fide matters to ponder over.

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