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It is an interim order. But in it, people of Orissa find their stand substantiated.

The Orissa High Court has asked Union Government to refrain from establishing Indian Institute of Science for Education & Research (IISER) at Kolkata, acting on the PIL in hearing of which the Union as well as the State Governments are yet to participate.

It was decided in 2003 that a National Institute of Science should be established at Bhubaneswar, which was the number one choice amongst four such places listed in the plan, placed before the Parliamentary Consultative Committee and thus approved by the Parliament. But surreptitiously, behind back of the Parliament, with an eye on fetching electoral support in West Bengal in the Assembly election to be held a few months later, the Prime Minister ordered for its shift to Kolkata under the cover of a new name, i.e. IISER.

The Orissa High Court summoned the Central as well as the State Governments to put forth their versions with documents. But the response was not becoming of responsible Governments.

Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Sujit Burmon Roy and Justice M.M.Das today heard the case and issued the interim order prohibiting establishment of IISER at Kolkata till the final decision on the PIL.

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  1. Thanks for the piece of news. And I really liked the new look of Orissa matters. Good job Saswat.

  2. I am very glad to see this news for my motherland.
    We should fight now and forever and unite together to achieve the best.


  3. The decission of the Orissa High Court is really admirable. I hope Central Government should realise it’s wrong attitude. And at last the HRD ministry should take decission to establish a ISSER IN orissa

  4. This news is great but we have a lot more to do. But something is better than nothing. Justice shall prevail.

    Debasmita Misra
    Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

  5. Mahasaya,
    let us not believe that things will work out as we wish.Our efforts has just put a temporary stoppage to the injustice heaped on us.We need to campaign more and influence the people in power by lobbying more to get back the Institution,and the required beurocratic proactiveness should intensify in getting the central govt.realise its folly.
    Thanking you again & again!

  6. Good news to begin with. Howevrer,We shall not rest till we get NIS/ISSER is established in BBSR.

    Now it is time for our state Government/Leaders to
    pitch in strongly not to let the momentum go out of
    our hand.

    Thank you all
    Bikrant Panda

  7. The decision of the UPA government was quite unfortunate for a state which is already tottering with poverty and underdevelopment. No doubt the state is rich with talents but lacks in having number of Institutions of National and International repute comapred to other developed states in our country. Though late, but this is a good move by the Orissa High Court. Let’s hope for the best.
    Thanks a lot.

    With best wishes,
    Prasanjit Samal
    Ph. D. , I. I. T. Kanpur

  8. Glad to know the news,its an opportunity for ORISSA, now its time to prove ourself both at national and international level, and also an wake up call for oriyas.
    Thanking you,
    with best wishes and regards,
    Smita Pattjoshi,

  9. First of all ,from my deepest heart,i congratulate those respected persons whose sincere effort over last couple of months have yeilded this result.It is really a matter of great pleasure for me, individually and to all the oriyas,generally, as the things are proceeding in right direction.Now i see a ray of hope amidst a condition of hopelessness and frustation,not due to the fact that we are neglected but because of our selfish nature and divided stand.Except establishment of NIS/IISER in Orrissa we also have a lot of other issues where we should fight on a united front,atleast we should put a firm effort on intelletual and legal front. Wishing the best, i will be pleased if i would be able to contribute anything like time, momey, supprt for this movement.

    Nikunja Bihari Dash
    Editor,Kaling Samaj
    IIT Kharagpur
    Mobile no.09932293532

  10. Really a great news for all Odiya people.
    But still its not the begining, we have to strengthen
    our electronic campaign on this issue and finally to
    Shubhransu Nayak

  11. Looks like this will turn out to be a long fight :

    Reasons :

    1. The decesion to force a shift was taken under pressure from
    communist parties (like most of the decisions now). We need to fight on the
    political front, thts the biggest challenge.

    2. The orissa congress has to forget politics and put pressure on Arjun singh
    and Sonia to change the decision (hope they do so)

    3. People will have to fight thru different channels like press, using the
    influence of beaurocrats, and ofcourse courts.

    IBM global services

  12. It is great to see all Oriya people comming together to fight for the injustice
    to Orissa.We should not be keep quiet till ISSER is established in Orissa.And
    beurocrates from Orissa should guide us in this regard.

    Software Engineer

  13. Dear all oriya brothers and sisters,
    This is a very nice news and I would like to thank all the people who have put lots of effort to bring us till this. Lets not stop here and try to give positiove encourgement to all oriyas staying in and out.

    Thanking you all.

    Panakj Lochahn Khilar.

  14. Hi All,
    The fight for NISER is examplary in it’s own.

    Here i want to raise another problem we are facing.Though orissa is full of it’s natural resource still it is poor because of Center’s irrational mining policy.

    For example though coal mines belong to orissa it has no right to allocate to industries for it’s own intrest.It has to depend upon the Center which plays a nasty and stepmotherly attitude towards people of Orissa.Inspite of Orissa governmen’s repeated requests center is not allocating coal block to it but at the same time coal mines are being allocated for the intrest of other states at the behest of Center

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