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Bengalis have a tradition of serving non-Bengali masters to harm Orissa, suffer as most of them from inferiority complex or what an expert in psychology can best say. Archives are full of facts on how they were looting the resources of Orissa while serving and satisfying their British patrons.

In the matter of shifting of NISc from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata, the same Bengali character stands uncovered. This time, in place of the British masters, their patron is Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh.

History shall never accept that people of India had voted Congress to make Singh the Prime Minister of their beloved country. He has got this avatar out of the magnanimity or vulnerability of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, whatever might be the case or of success of a clandestine syndicate that wanted to control our affairs through him, his modus operandi found conducive to its purpose during his tenure as Finance Minister under Narasingh Rao. So history shall at best accept him as a Prime Minister who got the chair by chance and who thrived on mercy or motives of others. Bengalis know this and know that they are satisfying his thirst for power. And, what they were doing during the Britishraj, they have done the same during Manmohanraj. During the Britishraj they were hijacking Jamidaries of Orissa, to the extent of pimps becoming Jamidars overnight; during the Manmohanraj, they have hijacked the NISc.

Their crude and naked mischief had whipped up such a situation that the House of the People of India had to adjourn its proceedings on 20 December 2005. It had to adjourn as M.P.s from Orissa harped on the issue of NISc. The House had never before been made to adjourn due to any action of the representatives of Orissa. By orientation and inborn quality, Oriyas are composed, non-irritable and gentle. Their representatives had never before taken any aggressive stance in the House to the extent of precipitation of an adjournment, even though they had never neglected to put forth their concern for the motherland in democratic manner. This time was different. They had to concuss the conscience of the whole House, as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s patronization to the Bengali mischief was not in consonance with national integration. Had the Orissa M.P.s not done what they have done, the patriotism that they possess would never have excused them. Mr. Singh should take a note of it and try to understand as to where the Bengalis have dragged him in this case.

We have noted that neither he nor the HRD Minister, who is the member-in-charge, dared to defend the Government. It is only the Bengali members in the Council of Ministers who tried to defend the black deed.

First came Priyaranjan Dasmunsi to defend the conspiracy against people of Orissa. Then came Pranab Mukherjee. He trumpeted the tone of officers from the Gallery who must have instantly educated him through chits to say what to say, because he is not the HRD Minister and hence unaware of contents of the concerned file. Otherwise, he vomited whatever he and other Bengali co-lobbyists have made Man Mohan Singh to arrange on records in defense of the black deed. Whatever he said was exactly what the Union government has said before the Orissa High Court while seeking vacation of the stay on establishment of IISER in Kolkata. If Pranab Mukherjee did not follow the promptings from Officers’ gallery, then it is clear that he and his co-conspirators have coined the version of the Union Government placed before Orissa High Court with a malafide intention to mislead the court.

The falsehood that Manmohanraj has resorted to in the High Court has been repeated on the floor of Parliament. I have exposed this falsehood on the basis of official documents and relevant Laws in these pages in my earlier comment.

Hence there is no necessity of repeating the same.

But what is now important to note is that India has fallen in such hands that are no better than the tricksters.

Man Mohan Singh owes an explanation to the whole nation on the damage he has done to national integration by dancing to the tune of the Bengalis who are marked for regional chauvinism.

The Orissa M.P.s deserve thanks because their action has exposed the mischief so meticulously and so convincingly that in his defense Man Mohan Singh could not get any other voice than the two Bengalis in his cabinet.

But this should not be thought as enough. Our M.P.s must move privilege motions against Pranab Mukherjee for having made willfully wrong and misleading statements in the Lok Sabha. In my article referred to above I have discussed the provisions of Laws from which the falsehood of Mukherjee could be clearly established. If this is established, the legitimacy of Orissa’s claim over NISc/IISER will also be established. Hence Orissa M.P.s have this to do. This would put Speaker Somanath Chatterjee also to a test. Many things shall depend upon whether or not he allows the privilege motion against Mukherjee as and when it will be moved.


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