Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

I am ashamed to note that an officer of Indian Police Service in the rank of an Inspector General who is presenting himself as Radha, the lady love of Krushna, is an Oriya by birth.

He is Devendra Panda former IG of Uttarpradesh.

The communalists, who could not succeed in completely ruining the country’s unity in the name of Rama, have found in him a new ally to mislead the ignorant people in the name of Krushna for which Panda’s posing as Radha’s incarnation carries a lot of significance.

This therefore necessitates looking at Krushna in the light his creator Muni Vyasa had conceived of him.

Any one who thinks of how to make the world a better place to leave in has always gone beyond god.

God is the greatest obstacle on the path of universal brotherhood and peace. In the past, civilizations were destroyed in the name of god. The present world is threatened in the name of god. The future is doomed if the human society is not free from the belief in god.

God was created by man after invention of agriculture. Agriculture, discovered by mothers, was the first act of application of human mind to the issue of security. Assured of secured source of livelihood, man started speculating and conceptualized god. In every part of the world god got a name in the comprehensible primitive tongues of the locality and hence it is known in so many names.

Speculation, matching man’s avarice that was linked to the issue of security, transformed gods into guardian deities to perform one basic act: to eliminate every possibility of insecurity. And from this basic act, two branches of responsibility of god developed; one, to safeguard the livelihood interest(s) of man, personal or combine and two, to destroy his or their rival or rivals. Hence, from the beginning god is sectarian, linked with selfish motive of man.

Lest this limitation mars the design, highly motivated people play the game of hiding this aspect of god by contriving and spreading an imaginative aspect that he is omnipresent, benevolent and universal. They keep their design alive by subjugating human mind to the addiction of religions in different names and styles, in most of the cases, from day one of birth of a child, through every channel: societal, educational, orientational and professional. Human society remains fragmented on the grounds of religion. Societal fragmentation makes man weak. Those who gain from man’s weakness, the exploiters, contribute to the strengthening of religions.

Therefore, when the first revolutionary poet, Muni Vyasa, authored Mahabharat, in the mouth of his hero Krushna, he advised the society to relinquish all religions. “SARVA DHARMAAN PARITYAJYA MAAMEKAM SHARANAM VRAJA”. Relinquish all the religions, come to my fold, Krushna is told to have said.

Krushna was depicted as the embodiment of all the characters of the society in what is described as VISWARUPA.

But what does exactly this embodiment mean? What the expression “my fold” is used for? An annotation was needed.

This annotation came later in the DURGA SAPTASATI. Symbolizing Asoka’s defeat in Orissa’s famous Kalinga war which was a war between Vedic Imperialism and Orissa’s Buddist Tribal Communes of matriarchal character and in which Asoka had to save his life by tactfully embracing Buddhism (Sri Jayadevanka Baisi Pahacha, Bharat Barati, Cuttack, 2005, pp. 203-208), this thought provoking scripture of matriarchal social order gave a concrete definition of what Vyasa was intending to say.

Who was this to whose fold man was called upon to come, relinquishing all the religions? It was the classless Society, it said.

Wrath of the people, we see in the pages of this scripture, made them contribute their might to the DEVI, meaning the Chief of their respective matriarchal commune, who thus being strengthened, vanquished the ruthless autocrat Mahisaasura and in course of time, all the chiefs of matriarchal communes united together to eliminate the invader class comprising Chanda, Munda, Raktavija, Sumbha and Nisumbha and saved the society from their evil spell.

And, then the DEVI declared, “I am unity of the people, I am the classless society” (“AHAM RAASTRI SAMGAMANI”).

So saying the DEVI also declared that whenever Vedic class chauvinism shall try to gain ground she shall take shape to stop that nuisance. (“PUNARAPYATIROUDRENA RUPENA PRUTHIVITALE/AVATIRYA HANISHYAAMI VAIPRACHITTAANSTU DAANAVAAN”). By use of the term “VAIPRACHITTAANSTU DAANAVAAN” it has been made unambiguously clear that all of the above named demons were agents of Vedic imperialism or apartheid. Their arch enemies were the tribal communes as besides being Buddhist, they were matriarchal. Hence the body of matriarchal communes had resolved to defeat their design whenever they spread their class-tentacles.

This symbolically reflects the war between Asoka and the Kalinga Ganarajyas or matriarchal communes of Orissa. Therefore in Orissa, Devi Kaali who led the matriarchal army against the demons is held synonymous with Krushna of Mahabharata, who had fought against patriarchal monarchs to preserve the matriarchal culture. This is the cause behind the coinage, “KALOU KAALI KALOU KRUSHNA KALOU GOPAALA KAALIKAA”, meaning, in Kali Yug or the last phase, Krushna is synonym of Kaali.

Against this backdrop, Krushna is to be understood. He was created by Vyasa as symbol of revolution against oppression and exploitation. He fought against tyrants beginning from Kamsa and Jarasandha to Duryodhan and Visma. He fought for the tribes. In the context of those days he stood for the united working class. The VISWARUPA phenomenon has established that he was conceived as the entire society where the oppressed was in war against the oppressor. He was symbolic of a welfare country where everybody had a right to work and to be cared for by the state. This is established by the expression “KARMANYEBADHIKAARASTE MAA PHALESU KADAACHANA”.

Hindu religious propagandists have interpreted it as a call given by the God to his follower to perform the duties enjoined by the caste system without any question and without any expectation, because the Lord is to decide the result thereof, not he himself. This interpretation is incorrect.

Krushna being a synonym of Kaali is the name of the classless community. This community stands on and for collective ownership of all means of production. Hence, nobody can be denied by anybody to work. In fact everybody in the society should have every right to work according to his or her ability. KARMANYEBADHIKARSTE literally means this. It is Karmani-eba-adhikarah-te, literally meaning, “You have every right to work”. But it has denied any right on the result thereof; as that would lead to accumulation of private property and enhance avarice to the detriment of collective entity. Conversely it means, man shall work for the society to the extent he is capable of and the society shall look after him. Thousands of years after this Marx said the same thing in formulating “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. So Vyasa’s Krushna is the first proponent of the socialistic formulation that Marx made the crux of his manifesto. The communalists never cherish this. Therefore they need a physical witness to establish that Vyasa’s Krushna was not synonym or symbolic of a classless society, but was a God.

What more convincing a proof of Krushn being a god could be available than an IPS officer of Panda’s position voluntarily retiring from the lucrative job to become a full time Radha for cohabitation with Krushna after claiming that the same is a physical phenomenon?

Unfathomable is the game peoples of this category play.

Their single point programme is to ruin unity of the common man through revivalism, so that exploitation can go on unhindered. For them creation or propagation of god or religion to divide the society on communal line is essential. Panda’s transformation into Radha is a part of this game.

All progressive people, therefore, must rise to thwart this new mischief in order to save the motherland from the pernicious upsurge of revivalism.

Radha was created in Orissa by Sri Jaya Dev as the central character of his lyrics that he had authored in support of Kamavajrayana form of Buddhism. Unable to eliminate the Buddhist impact, activists of Vedic order had interpolated Jaya Dev’s lyrics with deliberately coined stanzas to usurp his Radha for Hinduism and legends were cooked up to transform her into a deity. So to accept that she has chosen Panda’s body as the medium for her manifestation in order to experience cohabitation with Krushna is to accept the harshest nuisance as genuine.

Constitution of India under Art.51A (h) enjoins every citizen “to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform”. Hence it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to go beyond god and to realize and show how fake is the so-called incarnation of Radha.

The Government, if responsible, must subject Panda to medico-legal actions so that our democracy does not degenerate any further.

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