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The only partner of Chief Mnister Naveen Patnaik, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), also finds fault with him in the matter of the massacre that blood-bathed the Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex on January 02, 2006.

In its executive committee held at Jaypore, stratagem was brooded over how to show the people that BJP was not in agreement with the CM mingling with mine-grabbers.

Its provincial president Juel Oram told the Press that his party begs pardon of the people for the State perpetrated blood-flow in Kalinga Nagar. But, they were not responsible for the onslaught on the tribals. It is Naveen Patnaik and his followers in BJD who should be held responsible, he said.

Pointing at Naveen Patnaik he said, it is irksome on part of the CM not to have visited the victims despite the Assembly in session having witnessed unprecedented agony over the massacre. That neither Naveen nor any of his ministers belonging to BJD has visited the spot indicates that they are conscious of their guilt and lack courage to face the people, Oram revealed.

Even though funny by itself, inasmuch as neither the Revenue Minister nor the Industries Minister who belong to BJP and who are the only ministers directly linked to the industrial rehabilitation, have never gone to Kalinga Nagar after the incident, the BJP’s attempts to point the accusing finger at Naveen Patnaik do strongly suggest that the cloud that is to shroud over Orissa’s political sky in precipitated course, is bound to be dark and dense.

BJD is yet to react.

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