Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

After the entire day passed away in protracted labor to deliver a solution to the stalemate whipped up by harsh rulings and rash reaction of the Speaker, Orissa Assembly resumed its business at 5 P.M., at the summit of continuous adjournments promulgated by the Deputy Speaker from time to time, six times, on 16 February 2006, to take to records the regrets of Speaker Mahaswar Mohanty as well as two members of the Congress Party, Tara Prasad Bahinipati and Anup Sai, who assured the House that there should be no repetition of such agonizing manners in future.

Leader of Opposition lunched the House to normalcy by leaving the issue of the coins worth Rs.60, 000.00 deposited on the table before the Speaker in compliance of his ruling imposing cash penalty on three Congress Legislators, to the democratic conscience of the Speaker. He wanted the Speaker to help the House to resume as there are so many important issues to be taken up in interest of the people. Arun De of Orissa Gana Parishad expressed profound agony over the continuous stalemate. The Law and Order situation has so alarmingly declined and the relationship between the Government and its employees has so agonizingly deteriorated that it would be shameful on part of the Assembly to remain a mute witness. The House should be run with all seriousness and therefore the speaker should ster the House out of the stalemate, he said.

The Speaker, who had been refusing to accept the coins, instructed Assembly Secretariat to collect the coins from there and kept the House again adjourned for 15 minutes to facilitate the collection.

The House resumed.

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