M.Tunga Samanta from Bangalore

The wonder boy Buddhia Singh, despite leg-pulling by Orissa Government, has made his presence registered in the hearts of appreciating people of Bangalore on 27 May 2006, by receiving felicitations from the Press Club of Bangalore.

The Press Club, according to its Secretary Sadashiva Shenoy, had invited Buddhia Singh to offer him the felicitation in recognition of his splendid world record.

Had Orissa Government not mislead the Karnatak Government in the name of Orissa High Court, Buddhia would have demonstrated a marathon from the State Assembly Building to the Governor’s House, for watching which the entire city was eagerly waiting, innumerable fans of the boy thronging the roadsides.

The second explanation the Police offered was that the boy had attracted so many admirers that it seemed impossible to manage traffic if the run was allowed.

A disheartened public had no words to condemn the Orissa Government conspiracy. However Secretary Shenoy said, the Press Club of Bangalore is not a sports organization. It was not going to offer Buddhia in manner of a sports event. The Club had invited him to accept felicitations for the amazing achievement he has made and Orissa Government cannot stop the felicitation.

In reciprocating people’s love, Buddhia offered a demonstration of his running style within the campus of the Club.

“MANA LAGE, ISILIYE MEYN DOUDTAHOON”(I run because I like to run), Buddhia told his Bangalore fans.

To the media he made it clear that if people want, he can run any distance in Bangalore. He was at a loss to understand as to why the Orissa Government is after him like a “Saitan” or evil spirit. I want to rise by running but they want to ruin me by banning, he lamented.

Answering the media, his foster father and mentor Biranchi Das described Orissa Government attitude as detrimental to development of talent and declared that he shall do every legal thing possible within his command to build up Buddhia as one who can earn Olympic Gold for India

He condemned the reactionary mindset of people in power. Because of this sort of leg pulling attitude, we have not yet had an Olympian marathoner, he said.

When reminded of P. T. Usha’s disapproval of Buddhia running long distance marathon, Das asked, “Is she a marathoner?”

In the evening of 27 May 2006, as reports reached this side, Buddhia accepted felicitation from Karnatak Chief Minister Mr. H. D. Kumaraswamy to reverberating applause from admirers in the packed to the capacity auditorium. Along with him, Master Kishan, recognised as the yougest cinema director, was also felicitated.

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