Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Chief Minister deserves all the thanks for having used his prerogative in a proper cause. In his timely decision, as if the entire State’s desire has ben honored.

Rourkela Steel Plant was actively considering bearing the expenses of the team of four students and their guide of the Ispat English Medium School, Rourkela, to visit National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) to proceed with further research on a project they had conceived, the blueprint of which has been adjudged to be the second most viable project juxtaposed with 200 contesting works from 96 countries. By declaring that all their expenses shall be born by the State, the Chief Minister has made it clear that Orissa cannot ignore the necessities of young talents when they need their motherland to stand with them.

The four students, Ullahs, Amitav, Asim and Soumya, under guidance of their teacher B. B. Mathur, had presented a 131-page thesis called Extra-terrestrial Domain for Eternity by Nations (Eden), wherein they have conceptualized that that ten thousand people can live initially in space with the help of ‘torus technology’, by which there can be an ‘orbiting space colony’. This idea has been highly appreciated by the Nasa that has invited the team to its research center to carry further research there, if they desire. Funds crunch was the impediment.

The impediment would have been removed eventually by the Steel Plant, in best interest of its own public image. But by pledging sponsorship, the Chief Minister has made the deserving students feel that their State supports them.

And, nothing is more satisfying than feeling that the motherland stands with the child.

Thank you, Mr. Naveen Patnaik, to have taken a correct decision as the Chief Minister. Thank you, despite all the nasty tricks your Government, specifically your Child Development Minister Ms. Pramila Mallik, has contrived and has been pressing against Buddhia Singh, the best youngest marathoner of the world our motherland has given birth to. If you could only leash your Minister….., if you could understand the phenomenon……

Anyway, thanks again for the timely and proper use of your prerogative for the Rourkela students.

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