All who worked for working of the National Institute of Science in Bhubaneswar would be happy to know that the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER), its improved incarnation, will be functional in 2007. According to Prof. Y.P.Viyogi, Director of IOP that shoulders the responsibility of its establishment, “a lot of ground work has already been done and the project report will be ready within about a week’s time. The standards within the DAE are very high and it is mandatory for the project report to be reviewed by a panel of experts. Such a panel has already been constituted by the Chairman of the IOP Governing Council, and consists of scientists and educationists from all the branches of science which may be taught at the NISER. The report will move further up for financial approval at the AEC and the Cabinet immediately after such a review and approval by the Governing Council, which is expected to be completed by the end of October”.

“The IOP is taking care of infrastructure needs to start the course in the academic year 2007” and keeping this in mind, it has started the hunt for faculty through informal channels both nationally and internationally. It is trying to attract the best of the faculty and is planning to provide the most conducive research environment for the faculty. “We do not want to copy any system but would pick up best ideas from all past experiences. We propose to emphasize both teaching and research simultaneously as the synergy between the two is essential for sustained excellence in either”, Prof. Viyogi has declared in a conversation.

The IOP has “also started dialogue with several superannuated scientists from various centers within DAE family and outside for the immediate needs of the coming academic season. Arrangements have already been made for the girls’ hostel within the IOP campus and the State Government is being prevailed upon for provision of a hostel for boys”, Prof. Viyogi has revealed.

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