Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Only two of the agents of TATA have sustained injuries, but Kalinga Nagar, not yet recovered from the injury this industrial house had inflicted upon it on 2nd January 2006, that had shocked the entire civilized world over brutal killing and brutalization of dead bodies of 12 members of the local tribes by the functionaries of Orissa Government acting as loyal dogs of the mines-grabbing industry, has been again spooked into violence yesterday by a design masterminded by the TATA set-up.

Defying prohibitory orders in force in the troubled zone, a team of TATA agents pressed by a hired firm identified as Eco-Design, rushed from Bhubaneswar to Kalimatia in Kalinga Nagar area on Jan. 17 and on reaching there in the early afternoon parked their TATA Sumo vehicle in a place attracting public attention and started provocative surveys on the adjacent land and commenced blasting activities oblivious of the huts nearby, transmitting thereby waves of alarm into the psyche of already tortured inhabitants of the locality.

Spooked, the affected and apprehensive people, under continuous turmoil as they are burning under a sense of insecurity generated by their own government in connivance with the capitalists, could no more be able to ignore the assault on their beloved soil and came gushing to the spot to save their eco-system from the unauthorized blasters. The tussle that ensued left two of the TATA agents injured and made others flee.

Now the question is, why has TATA Steel stooped to so malignant manners?

“I have strictly instructed Tata Steel not to send any of its employees or outside experts to the troublesome land after the Kalinga Nagar incident,” claims the Collector of the Jajpur district comprising the area. Then, why the TATA industry that tom-toms itself as a principled and law-abiding house, resorted to this most rash and illegal activity in Kalinga Nagar?

Commenting upon the 2nd January, 2006 mayhem perpetrated by TATA, we had speculated on its mens rea. Government, hand-in-glove with TATA, has not dared to act.

It is urgent that TATA’s motive and modus operandi be studied and the mens rea be ascertained and the agent provocateur be prosecuted against without loss of time.

It may be noted, notwithstanding they being the poorest of the poor people, the affected adivasis of the area have refused to accept the compensation offered by the Government even though the cash package is a lucrative amount of five lakhs of rupees per bereft family and have refused to lift the road blockade they have imposed in protest against the oppression they have been subjected to with such resolute demand for proper justice that the latest high court order against the blockade has not brought in any discernible result so far.

Governments run by political touts and Courts spangled with judges basking in robes of a different class may try their best to protect plutocracy, but the people in majority being exploited, cannot be kept befooled for all time to come.

And when that time will come the Ravi Sankars or the Ramadevs or the Sais or the Swamis or the Purusottamas or the Paramahamsas or any of those brain-washing machines in use by the crabs, who prey upon their quarries only under a cover and in a climate of peace for themselves, cannot be of any help.

Kaliamati incident of yesterday gives a glimpse of what is in store in the distant horizon. It portends mayhem.

Take note, all those, who cannot act now to save the soil.

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