Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Mr. Sanjiv Marik, supended Inspector General of Police-cum-Director of Orissa Police Academy, has filed two different cases of defamation against Dharitri and Praggativadi in a primary court in Bhubaneswar. About his nexus with Bihari underworld they have published wrong reports, he has alleged.

Director general of Police Amaranand Pattanaik, reexamining the report of Crime Branch against Marik, has recommended that a specific inquiry into the suspected nexus between the I.G. and the underworld be undertaken.

Government of Orissa that has suspended him on the DGP’s report has yet to initiate the specific inquiry.

The suspended IG has in the meantime appeared in a TV screen in self-defense even as gangsters have attacked a political party chief for his campaign against Marik.

Matters gets murkier day by day.

Unless expeditiously settled, the suspected nexus between an IG of Police and the underworld will play havoc with peoples’ faith in Police and casualty will be the sense of security.

In such a situation the administration should come out with details of the matter with honesty and make people know what really has come on records so far; so that play of imagination gets discouraged.

But the state government is intriguingly silent!

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