Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

People of Orissa have observed June 22, the day of signing of Memoranda of Understanding with POSCO by the State Government, as the day of endangering freedom and have resolved to sharpen their fight against the mischief.

Thousands of inhabitants of Kujang, where POSCO is playing havoc with the lives of the people staged a mass demonstration of protest in front of the State Pollution Control Board at Bhubaneswar on Fri day and branded the SPCB as an anti-people wing of administration that runs under commission agents of polluting industries in blatant disregard to the Environment and Pollution Laws.

Environmental clearance to POSCO project is worst assault on Orissa’s eco-system perpetrated by the people who are supposed to be the official sentinels of environment, they charged. What other than bribe could have corrupted them to this necked extent? This question reverberates even till now.

Why should the SPCB and its high boss in the State Secretariat shy at this question and fail to answer? Dose silence help?

How can Naveen Patnaik and his acolytes say that they have not been purchased by POSCO if they fail to convince the people otherwise?

Satyrs procure prostitutes to fuck for pleasure; imperialists are selectively procuring our political leaders and bureaucrats to fuck for treasure.

Whosoever loves his Motherland, loves his fellow citizens, loves freedom of India, must cogitate the question raised by the people of Kujang.

Our freedom is really imperiled, as they have shown. They have correctly diagnosed that the day MoU was signed with POSCO was the day our freedom was dragged into danger.

Decide your own course of action, dear countrymen.

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