T-shirts on the Demand With Funny Quotations

By Kautuk Mitra

Gone are the days when people used to wear formal dress. Fashion change in every alternative day. During this year Dasahara and Dewali the funny quotation T-Shirts are in demands. The present generation which is known as the ‘Generation-Next’ or ‘Gen-X’ is more interested in these quotations T-shirts. The generations of yester years see such type of quotations on the T-shirts, somewhat different and unthinkable as they could not read the quotations with ease. They even don’t dare to because of that awkward feeling while reading such type of quotations. Humorous quotations which are being observed now days are not only humorous but also to certain extent unthinkable and vulgar meaning.
The quotation reads like this, “This Year I am Joining MBA- Master of Bad Activities class in your city.” or on the front side of one of the T-shirts, the quotation reads like this “99 percent of girls of the world are beautiful. Please look back side- to know about the remaining one percent”. And at the back side of the T-shirt, it reads like this “remaining one percent is my neighborhood girls. These T- shirts not only carry these types of message but also with mischievous pictures imprinted in the T-shirts have been seen. One such was bearing the line ‘mission impossible’ with a picture imprinted in it showing a man and women with big size bellies, facing each other or “OSAMA HIDES HERE….”With arrow mark to your lower body part. Now can anyone tell me how does you explain this to your younger sister or brother about where is the place this T-Shirts shows?
And some quotations which are not understood exactly and what kind of message leave the quotation like this one that reads for example ,” For Computer Engineers Insert The Hardware Into Software”. Can any one tell me what type of message this boy want to say by wearing these T- Shirts and what is the actual meaning writing on his chest. Another T-shirt that has been written with the quotation “My Father is an ATM”
According to Ranjeeta Swain, a P.G. Student says, “Funny T-Shirts always make you unique but all these quotation it should be written in a good way. After the demand from the market some of the manufacture company started printing vulgar or nude photographs in the T-shirts. Just like any printed materials these T-shirts also get approve by any Government department. Yesterday when I went to temple with my father, one girl also wearing such types T-shirts with a quotation “Press ……. To Enjoy” I also complain to police man who is on duty, but he is also helpless because there is no laws against this activates. She adds with an annoyance in her face.
According to Ranapratap Bose, who is a model by professionals says, “Now it is demand of the society. We must follow the modern fashion trends. In the current society if you not changes with the society you are backwards and no one like to be the backward.

“We don’t know who start these trends. Truly speaking this all team are demand of these seasons. Every one wants to look different & unique from others and by wearing these T-Shirts you can easily get notices.” Shakti Ranjan who is MBA student says with a smile on his face.

What ever the reason may be Though these type of T-shirts imprinted with such kind of quotations are found somewhat awkward by the older generation, the new generation guys find it so easy and enjoying the attention of others.

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