Dear residents of USA,

Please peruse the link relating to and its commerce.

If you are honest, condemn the designer and the seller of the panty that carry a picture of Lord Jagannath of Orissa as a cover of women’s sweet spots (as they claim) in the undergarments section under the Hindu segment.

Religion or no religion, Jagannath is the icon of national emotion and identity of the nation of the Oriyas.

If you are civilized, compel the designer and trader to withdraw the item and if your Laws have any provision against mischief, rise to the occasion and demand prosecution against the firm that has engineered and steered it. The protection given to creative artists in your first amendment must not be allowed to be misused by your unscrupulous traders to tarnish your identity as a civilized nation. Do not be a party to a commercial ploy that in its eagerness to fetch profit severely jeopardizes your sense of proportion as a leading people of the world. So, take the culprits into task and compel them to make amends.

Women everywhere are decent and peace loving and I am sure your women must not be different. Please don’t allow any designer or commercial firm to project them as vampires by making the world understand that they need Sri Jagannath of Orissa to cover their sweet spots.

I feel seek to say this, but it is you whose failure to stop this nuisance has provoked me to say this.
Subhas Chandra Pattanayak,
Mass Mind,

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