Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is sad for India that a man like Narendra Modi who justifies communal killing has bagged a fresh mandate in Gujurat. But I would have been unhappy had he been defeated; because thereby the anti-Indian and pro-American steps Congress has taken with Dr. Man Mohan Singh as Prime Minister could have looked like approved by the people of at least a province.

Reacting to Congress defeat in Assembly polls in February this year, in an editorial on March 05, 2007 I had written:

“The people in two-third of the provinces that went to Assembly polls last month have refused to give a fresh mandate to the Congress.

It is not that the rejected provincial governments were not working for the benefit of their people. But they had to go because of their inability to save the people from the misrule of Dr. Man Mohan Singh that the Congress has imposed on the entire country.

The Congress should feel fortunate because the country as a whole had not gone to the polls. Otherwise it would have suffered a complete route.”

I had further noted:

“The Communists, who had not hesitated to question the timing of ‘Quit India call’ in 1942 as to them that call at that time was detrimental to the concentrated efforts against fascism, were not hesitant to extend their support to Dr. Singh if thereby the neo-fascists under the saffron color could be kept away from further polluting the motherland. But this finer thread of leftwing politics has failed to help the people as was expected. Singh has taken full advantage of communists’ obsessions against BJP and the pro-imperialism economic system that he has clamped on the country has been allowed to run relentless. Result is what the Congress President has partially comprehended after the poll debacle.

“Congress cannot change the track unless it gets rid of Man Mohan Singh. And unless it changes the track, people will change its government.”

I am happy that my prediction is proving correct.

Sonia and Singh have been playing havoc with India hand-in-glove with USA in the nuke deal.

Gujurat has shown that the wordy acrobatics they and their obedient acolytes like Pranab Mukherjee have played so far, despite their porters abundantly active in the media and amongst the intelligentsia, have failed to hoodwink the common Indian.

Voters of Gujurat would be mistaken if they are taken as supporters of Modi.

Silent majority of Gujurat is totally averse to him. Modi knows this. Therefore his body language during the first phase of the campaign was indicative of his lack of confidence. BJP also knows this; therefore its top brash was hesitant to campaign for him and was conspicuous by its absence during electioneering. As confusion had gripped the BJP camp, Advani, who had vainly tried time and again to replace Vajpayee in the chair of his dreams, succeeded in organizing a declaration in his own favor that he would be the Prime Minister if BJP wins the Loksabha. As an observer of BJP’s modus operandi, I can say, Advani must have gnawed upon the party predicament in order to catch the choice for the top post saying that if people of Gujurat are made to know that Modi’s patron saint may be the Prime Minister, they may vote for him. As such, and as Advani’s premature coronation in BJP’s imagined Prime Ministerial chair in the eve of Gujurat polls unambiguously suggests, majority of Gujurat voters was and therefore is against Modi.

Against this backdrop, it is positively significant that Congress has not succeeded in taking advantage of the BJP ordeals. This is because, it has been rejected by the people of India residing in Gujurat.

It is obvious that Congress has emerged as a greater danger to the country than the genre of Narendra Modi.

People of Gujurat have preferred to tolerate religious vandalism than tolerating subjugation of India to USA interests.

So, the spree of rejecting the Congress by people of India in silent protest against Dr. Singh’s pro-USA policies is continuing unabated.

Indians will never allow their independence to be jeopardized by pirates. They had rejected BJP because of Vajpayee’s capitalistic misrule. They will reject Congress entirely if Sonia-Singh combine continue their pro-USA campaign in India.

General members of Congress may take a note again.

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