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The anti-people politicians have started venturing a new method to cover up the misdeeds of their masters when they had grabbed power so that voters may be again hoodwinked in the quickly approaching elections. Demand for award of Barat Ratna to Atal Behari Vajpayee as well as to Biju Patnaik by Advani and Navin, interpretable as the demand of BJP and BJD respectively, unfurls this evil design.

Both Vajpayee and Biju have a common identity. They are identifiable as persons thrown out of power by the people who resolutely refused them fresh mandates as in their cogent views they had misused their mandates when in power.

The fraud played on the peoples of India by Vajpayee in the name of Bharat Udaya was so conspicuous by its design against democracy that the Election Commission had to reprimand his government for misutilization of hundreds of crores of Rupees from public exchequer in his propaganda, which was politically pregnant to cover up his misrule and to deliver advantage for BJP by brainwashing the voters.

It is well on records that the EC had to order for removal of all the hoardings funded by the Central government, to highlight the achievements of his government as Vajpayee was seeking a fresh mandate in 2004. It is also well on records that the peoples of India had refused him a fresh mandate.

His tenure as Prime Minister was a tenure of mischief and conspiracy against our people.

He had a team comprising commission agents who were amassing personal wealth at the cost of the country. His blue-eyed boy Pramod Mahajan, son of a hand-to-mouth schoolteacher, amassing 2000 crores of Rupees and succumbing to family feud at a tender age under intoxicating impact of black money is a minor pointer to this.

Minor because in term of treachery against the country that Vajpayee had displayed in his solidarity with Fernandez in whose official residence collection of bribe for fixing weapon deals was exposed and whose tenure as Defense Minister had attracted scathing objections from the official auditors of defense expenditures, was so massive in mischief that Mahajan’s offense cannot but be minor in comparison.

His regime was absolutely anti-people.

Even as he was pushing the country into a denser debt-trap, he was destroying the factor of our stamina for clearing the debts by helping private profiteers usurp our nation’s sources of income, the public sector undertakings.

He was trying to destroy the relevance and desirability of all the industries and undertakings owned by our people in the public sector.

His game plan was disastrous inasmuch as thereby he was denuding the country of her national assets so that private profiteers could take over them for their own benefit. He had created a ministry of disinvestments to execute this game plan as expeditiously as possible.

What happens in personal life? Anybody of us can borrow money to improve financially by using that money in an enterprise. If that enterprise is sold away before repayment of the borrowed money, the financier takes over all other properties of the borrower to realize his claim.

As in personal life, so also is in a country’s life. The money borrowed from foreign countries and organizations can be repaid only if the means of productions in our country remain under ownership of the country. As a step towards this we had made investments in Public Sector. But Vajpayee made a disinvestments Ministry and sold away the Public Sector Units to private profiteers, oblivious of how India, unable to repay the loans sans her own sources of income, would remain vulnerable to transgression by the foreign investors.

His and the governments of the like of his had by their corrupt practices ruined our country’s economy and had made us dependant on loans from foreign countries including USA and World Bank. Instead of paying attention to development of agriculture and avenues for autonomous rural social forces that the British had deliberately ruined in order to keep us so weak that we may not gather strength to dethrone it, the post-independence power-grabbers, assisted by the elite civil servants inherited from British but retained in the new nomenclature of I.A.S., like a visitor to red-light district poses as an aristocrat on borrowed money, preferred to be projected as “Rulers” of independent India and in order to satisfy such recognition thirst, went on borrowing from foreign markets and basking with that borrowed money in the glamour of Indian rich by steering the country’s plans and programs into their profit pits in return for election funds most of which was going to their personal pockets. But none of them, except Vajpayee had created a Ministry of disinvestments and through it had sold away our Public Sector Industries and Undertakings to private profiteers.

His concentration in contributing to causes of the rich had pushed our rural population into a state of inanimation and people were succumbing to starvation. But instead of looking for remedies, he was adamant in denying starvation deaths even in the floor of the Parliament using Puppet Press for the nefarious purpose.

Therefore, his Bharat Udaya (India shining) slogan was taken by our people as a fraud played on them. They refused him a fresh mandate.

A negotiation with the search engine of this site as well as in would unfurl factual aspects of frauds played by Biju on our people. Without going into that, one can also know that when Biju died he was not in power. People of Orissa had refused him a fresh mandate to run the State so full of misdeeds was his administration when he was the Chief Minister.

By demanding Bharat Ratna for these rejected politicians who were refused fresh mandates by our people because of their anti-people activities Advani and Navin and for that matter BJP and BJD are trying to cover-up their misdeeds in order to play politics in their names again.

It would be an offense against our people if these censurable politicians are decorated, in case of Vajpayee alive and in case of Biju posthumously, with Bharat Ratna.

As we have earlier observed, the country’s civilian honors including Bharat Ratna, guided mostly by nepotism and favoritism, are not only Extra-Constitutional, but also are Anti-Constitution.

The individuals who have no respect for our Constitution have raised their demands for Bharat Ratna to Vajpayee and Biju.

What next!

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