Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

After the last one of my pack of Dachshunds passed away at the age of 18, I have adopted Tommy, a female German Shepherd. She is around 18 months now.

When I am absent from my study, she guards it.

When I am busy in reading or writing, she delights in watching me.

I have a rooster called Badsah.

Tommy entertains me by playing with it.

When my grand daughter is in the garden, she guards her.

She gives me company during my daily morning walk from five to six A.M.

I do not put her on a lead. She walks obediently by my side. I of course carry a lead in my hand for use in emergencies. But seldom that occasion arises.

On return to my residence I wait for the hawkers to deliver me the morning newspapers.Tommy collects the newspapers from the hawkers at the gate and comes straight to me.

She deposits the papers in my hand.

When I browse through the first delivered newspaper,

she sits attentively by my side looking at the gate in anticipation of the next hawker.

She serves my purpose with dedication and in all her actions indicates that she is ever ready to render all the expected services.

Why should I be astonished if Arjun Singh barks aloud that Congress must project Rahul Gandhi as its Prime Ministerial candidate?

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