Orissa in Transition: From Fiscal Turnaround to Rapid and Inclusive Growth is the caption of the World Bank study slated for release at Bhubaneswar on May 20 by Mr. V. J. Ravishankar, Lead Economist, South Asia Poverty Reduction & Economic Management, World Bank, its lead author.
According to Bank sources, the study “examines how and why Orissa was able to make an economic turnaround. It attempts to outline the dimensions of the challenge ahead, as Orissa marches forward into the second phase of policy and institutional reforms, building on its improved fiscal position to deliver rapid and inclusive growth. It highlights key issues and binding or soon-to-be binding constraints”.

The release would be followed by a symposium on this theme. Mr Mahesh Vyas, CMD, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy would make a presentation on
“Impact of Ongoing Investments on Future GSDP” in the symposium.

Professor Suresh D. Tendulkar, Chairman, National Statistical Commission would be the principal Discussant with Prof. B.Mishra, former vice president of State Planning Board in the Chair.

Prof. Sakti Padhi at is the contact point at Bhuabaneswar and Nandita Roy at at New Delhi. (SCP)

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