Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Election to Karnataka Assembly is indicative of what trend would take peoples’ verdict in the coming polls.

Voters of Karnataka having registered their wrath against JDS both the Congress and BJP have bagged more berths than what they had in the previous House. But nonetheless, it is a verdict against the Congress.

Congress is leading the Central Government. And the Central Government is bent upon to lead India into the trap of USA interest!

Our people are suffocated in absence of governmental protection against price rise. But imperialists have succeeded in cultivating consumerism in the country in such velocity of nymphomaniac orgasm that corresponding competition in building up black-market has left the common man clueless on how to manage his life.

Black money has become such a nasty reality that Banks are not relying upon the currency notes they themselves are issuing! Draw money from a counter in a Bank and present the same money in another counter of the same Bank for deposit, you may have to digest the ignominy of watching the currency notes presented by you being scanned for counterfeits, if any.

No body knows how and under what authority thousands of crores of brand new currency notes of higher denominations are being put everyday into the ATMs for withdrawal by the credit or debit card holders even as no money in circulation is being withdrawn. We draw used notes from the Bank counters; but we draw brand new notes from the ATMs. And, ATMs are rising in numbers every day! So, what are the amounts of currency notes that the Reserve Bank of India is creating for daily feeding to the innumerable ATMs? No body knows the amount of money that is in current circulation in the country vis-à-vis the money created so far under the monopoly of RBI. But everybody knows that for
every rise in the rates of consumer goods, the better-placed few have the money to pay.

What about the innumerable people who have no source of income to match the skyrocketing rise in the prices of consumer goods?

In attempt to find out its answer the voters of Karnataka must have stumbled upon the anti-people policy the Congress has been pursuing ever since it has adopted Dr. Man Mohan Singh, who, as the Finance Minister under Narasimha Rao had subjected India to USA hegemony by signing the GATT agreement behind back of Indian people. Following that, they must have found, assets of the nation are being handed over to foreigners even as they, specifically USA, use Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi to ensure “a bonanza” for their businessmen by nose-leading India to purchase overused and highly harmful nuclear reactors oblivious of how hazardous that would be to human health and natural environment of this country. They must have found that the pro-USA policies of Congress under Singh and Sonia are injurious not only to present day India, but also to the health of future generations of this land.

They must have found that due to Singh’s policy of free economy, natural resources of the country are grabbed by a handful of economic offenders who have now emerged as industrialists.

They must have found that unless the country is extricated from the agents of USA lobby, the people barring the mafia, the economic offenders turned industrialists, would further perish.

Therefore they have refused power to Congress in Karnataka.

This does not mean that they have given BJP the mandate to run a government. The result the BJP has bagged is the result of Hobson’s choice.

People have preferred the lesser evil to the greater evil.

We have predicted earlier, with Singh as Prime Minister Congress can never win a general election. And, our prediction has come true again in Karnataka.

But it certainly is the worst misfortune for the country that when the people dismiss the Congress, they find no alternative than the BJP.

I find a simile in Ramayana.

Ravana, famous for having ten heads of different shape and appearance that he was keeping concealed for use according to his convenience and necessity, either one after another or together, was keen to bag boons from Brahma to conquer invincible power. In order to convince Him that like good persons he was also capable of making any sacrifice, he cut off his discernible head at the alter of the sacrificial fire and offered the same to propitiate the Lord. The Lord Brahma was not moved as to him that head was not looking noble. He then brought out the next concealed head and showing Brahma that he was also sacrificing that ugly head, chopped that off and threw the same into the sacrificial fire. He went on changing heads and jettisoning the same till a head finally looked like blissful to the Lord. Brahma elected that head for the boons. And, we know, how misled was he.

One who does not believe in a phenomenon of ten heads on a single neck can take the word “head” as mask.

The modern Ravanas who exploit the people of our country have many such masks to hoodwink the voters.

One such mask is BJP. When in power, it had precipitated privatization and taken all steps to denude the Indian Society of its collective properties. It had played every tricks against our people that the Congress has been playing under Sonia-Singh combine only except lobbying for USA as nakedly as the Congress has been doing.

This role of lobbyists of USA has metamorphosed Congress into a more dangerous genre than the BJP.

So by preferring the BJP to Congress, voters of Karnataka have preferred the lesser evil to the greater evil in reality.

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