Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The worst ever Government that Orissa has the misfortune to endure has contrived a new way to embarrass creative peoples –artists and sculptures – of the State.

It has issued an advertisement inviting applications for the Dharmapada Award, the State’s highest award in the sector of applied arts.

This is being resented to by artists of Orissa.

They feel offended by being asked by the government to apply for an award. It is an affront to their self-esteem, they say.

Now unless the agents of the State Government meet different artists clandestinely and collect their signatures in so-called application papers, no artist of known caliber would be before the panel for consideration.

It is a misfortune for anybody who is proud of Orissa’s heritage of creativity to see how contemptuously the creative community is looked at by the State Government.

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