Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Even as Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s political boss Sonia Gandhi is using her power to project her son Rahul as the future PM, Thekki of Patnagarh, daughter of Hanu nag, who had sold away her three year son Gurubari for Rs.3000/- is not happy even after getting him back, as, to her there is no avenue available to feed her child.

Whither is Mother India wandering?

Look at Thekki and search for the answer.

A mother of three children, she has been abandoned by her husband. Whether he has left her with deliberate intention or under unavoidable compulsion, she does not know. But she knows, abject poverty has played the tricks.

She has no source of income. She has no land. She has none in the family on whom she can depend. Starved, she is in a state of inanition. Her third child, the last gift of the husband now no more with her, is suckling. No avenue of income is available in the village or near about. How to live and how to keep her children alive?

In such a predicament she had sold away her second child Gurubari, a son aged three, for that seemed to be the instant life-support to her and the rest two children besides being the best way to save her second son from starvation death.

Media exposed this sordid event in order only to expose the misrule that has engulfed Orissa.

And Orissa government in order to stop further spread of the picture of its misrule, pressed the area Sub-Collector to force the purchaser of the boy to surrender him to avoid prosecution and thus the boy has come back to his mother.
Depositing the child on her lap, the Sub-Collector had ordered for supply of 20 Kgs of rice to her to preempt allegation of starvation death, if any occurs in future. The person who delivered the rice has perhaps misappropriated one kg thereof and thus, nineteen kg rice has been given to her.

She does not know what to do and how to live hereafter.

The swindlers who, headed by the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, had sold away our public assets to private profiteers by forming a specific ministry for that treacherous purpose, have already started their election campaign to register in public mind a hard core communalist as their Prime Ministerial candidate when the incumbent PM Dr. Man Mohan Singh is single-mindedly concentrated on contriving ways to serve the nuke interest of USA even though that would be sheer catastrophic for the peoples of India.

Trading between these two lurking dangers to our democracy, queen of cautious stratagem Sonia Gandhi has been building up her son Rahul to grab power.

When national politics is thus shrouded under the clouds of vested interests, Orissa, ethically averse to BJP and circumstantially to Congress, has embraced a bear that does not bother for the children of the soil when outsider industrialists warrant his services.

Where to shall go the Thekkis and their children? Whither Mother India is wandering?

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