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Not all that glitters is gold. So, not all the Non-Resident Oriyas (NRO) are what they look like. There are a few amongst them who emit aura of advancement in education and professions and specifically bask under the color of American link; but sometimes they give vent to such orientation that makes one see how misanthropic are they within.

One of them has posted a mail that reads as follows:

I am a bit confused. I in the following I read a lot of philosophy and a lot of good spirit-uplifting stories and how people are determined to change their fate amidst adversity, but did not get a prescription for “how to deal with naxalites”. Do we assume that all terrorists and hooligans use the same philosophy and methods? My question is why naxalite activities are strong in tribal areas but not in urban areas? Are police more corrupt in tribal areas than corrupt areas? I have answer to my own question: it is easier to hide in jungles than behind buildings. Just like tiger, elephant, bears and even snakes roam in the jungle so do the criminals, whether they exist in the name of naxalites or another violent group. USA realized this in the Vietnam war and used napam to burn down jungles. Still they lost the war eventhough they won a few battles.

Therefore, what Purna has suggested is a practical strategic approach. Men missing in the jungles of USA are searched through helicopter. Helicopter is an effective tool to search and estroy any moving object, be they animals or terrorists. We need to first accept the fact that naxalites and other violent groups are animals and have no place on the street or in the jungle. They need to be searched and destroyed physically. Those who try to study whey people become naxalite may find the reasons but have not yet found the solutions. If you arrest them and try them and imprison them, we need a lot of resources to build prisions, feed them, take care of their health and hire a lot of people to keep them behind bars. Simply destroying them is the most effective and efficient solution. The question of torture also does not arise in long-rage dissolution. The question of bribery does not arise because poeple flying in helicoptor can not be reached to be bribed. Their simple order should be “if you find any one carrying an assult weapon in a jungle, destroy them with the weapons”. I can not guarantee that any one has the guts to under take this search and destroy mission, but I do guarantee that if and when this can be done, jungle violence by human-animals will stop almost instantly.

As long as we chase them on foot, we will be just running around the circle with these human-animals throwing bullets, bribes and even brickbats at us from inside and outside the circle.
Civilized societies exist because they know how to control the uncivilized elements. Case in point: just two weeks back an Indian girl was chasing around her own mother and stabbing openly in front of every one terrorizing people in the town of Cary. Some one had the guts to call 911, Police came ordered the woman to stop, but she did not. Police gunned downed the lady instantly. Very appropriately, the police officer is being investigated for his use of force, but the criminal lady is no longer around to terrorize people. This will not be as easy for the naxalites and other violent groups, but it is doable. That is how Indian stopped Khalistan terrorists, is controlling violence in India-Pakistan border in Kashmir, and that exactly what is needed in Orissa and elsewhere. Mizoram is now prosperous because of the contribution of the Central Government Police Force and the Army. The smae thing is in the case of Nagaland. We need to send in the OMP (Orissa Military Police) for the search and destroy mission and put the local police where they belong: the police stations. Violence must be met with counter force”.

The writer of this mail lives in USA and heads a body that propagates American friendship. There are a lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes in his mail. But as I am quoting his mail, I have not touched them. They help catch a glimpse of his ultra mental excitement that made him write the mail. However he is a relation of my childhood teacher and is emotionally linked to my village Tigiria. By birth he is also a highlander, belonging to ex-princely state of Dhenkanal. When Tigiria is his maternal uncle’s place my maternal uncle’s place is Dhenkanal. Therefore to me he is a man residing in my heart.

Highlanders, specifically of Orissa, are simple in mind and magnanimous in heart. Therefore I shudder to see the misandry in his mail.

Is the streak of mental terrorism sic passim in his mail cited supra any less terrifying than the terror attributed by him to the Naxals?

Or stay in USA degrades our village born simple natured brethren so low that in order to ingratiate themselves to American imperialists they feel no qualms in posting such mails calling for “destruction” of revolutionaries so that plutocracy can engulf India without any obstacle?

Cry Mother Orissa, cry. You have given birth to such children who nestled in USA are so much eager to keep the Americans pleased that they are resorting to mental terrorism in order only to please your exploiters back home and their mentors abroad. Cry Mother Orissa, cry.

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