Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

President-Elect Barack Obama has ushered in a new dawn to US of America. This can safely be said without waiting to watch his actions as the President because his victory has made it clear that he has inspired his countrymen to end the anarchy that had shattered their economy. Over and above affecting financial stability, Bush, whose rule he has ended, had squandered away the nation’s exchequer in intimidating peoples of other countries, who did not allow themselves to be cowed down by his design. Obama’s victory portends end of that design. Therefore, his post-election utterances can be compressed to say that a new dawn has already touched US.

But his declaration to continue partnership with India is a matter to ponder over. The India with Man Mohan Singh as Prime minister that the outgoing US President had dragged into partnership is not the India, which the peoples of India had liberated from foreign yoke. Singh has cleverly sabotaged the India of Indians and has replaced democracy with plutocracy. Peoples of India will welcome Obama to have partnership with democratic India but will sure resist if he tries to continue partnership with the plutocratic India. Like peoples of USA ended the Bush misrule, patriotic Indians shall soon terminate the Singh misrule too.

Then, and only then, if democracy revives in India, peoples of this country may value partnership with Obama’s US; because by then, the new dawn might have blossomed there into day.

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