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Chief Minister Navin Patnaik has risen to the occasion and shunted assertive IAS officer Hrushikesh Panda out of Orissa Milk-producers Federation (OMFED). He is placed under General Administration Department as an officer without specific duty.

This administrative action was necessitated after Panda’s audacity was discussed in these pages on December 13, 2008.

He had, in the matter of fixation of retail rate of milk, pooh-poohed the authority of the Chief Minister and his further continuance as Chief of OMFED would have put the government at a level to be laughed at.

But transfer of Panda is not enough. The government should institute an enquiry to determine as to what extent corruption has crippled the monopoly cooperative merchant of milk in the State.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    You are absolutely right. The design and admistration of OMFED itself carries the seeds for corruption. It is difficult to remove the same if the government does not let it to transact as an ordinary business. The word corruption is there everywhere, but if the governments name is attached to it then you can be 90% sure about it’s occurance.

    The accountability is lacking and every employ knows that they are dealing with some farmers who can not raise their voice and who ever raises, they are being convinced forciable or banned.

    OMFED floated unions where mostly elections are not held. The unions floated MPCS and the MPCS bought milk from the farmers and MCC, MCC collected from producers. OMFED has created all these things just to keep away from all legal probelms of owning employees. Further creation of independent legal entities, which are informally OMFED’s own entity but formally Independent legal entity creates a very good buck passing chain. (e.g. Milk unions, where the emplyees are there, no election is held and reporting to every body and nobody)

    One of the orginal purpose of OMFED is to develop and support the farmers by providing them a stable market. Today OMFED’s objective is to make OMFED sustainable by what ever means.

    No inquiry commision can germinate honesty in these employees mind only spreading the awareness can cultivate honesty. We have to make the farmers aware of their rights, but for what, since OMFED is not buying from the farmers.

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