Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

When the general elections are not far away, the Orissa unit of the Congress Party is unable to rise to the occasion, as the lady autocrat, busy in enjoying the funniest show of sycophancy that her followers from Orissa are staging at New Delhi, has neither decided to change the provincial leadership nor has said ‘no’ to campaigners for the change.

Instead of building up united efforts to oust from power the BJD-BJP alliance that has ruined the State, packs of Congress members are busy in playing tricks at Delhi to oust their own State unit President even though that shatters the striking power of their organization at the general elections! Had there been an iota of internal democracy in this party, these fellows should have been taken to task for anti-party activities. But that never happens.

As it is, the Congress is presently a party of factotums of Sonia Gandhi. Every member thereof is eager to surpass the rest of the herd in displaying loyalty to Sonia. And, the lady obviously enjoys and encourages it.

The party is already in blacklist in public esteem as a party of American lobbyists. Peoples of this country have watched with horror how dishonestly Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh and Sonia-Pranab combine has destroyed our distinguished nuclear independence and clamped on our country a pernicious nuke deal that is designed to provide nuclear traders of USA a “bonanza” besides serving that country’s environmental interest at the cost of our own. Our peoples have also watched how horse trading was shamelessly resorted to by Man Mohan Singh in order to continue in power to further serve the American imperialistic design by destroying whatever little was left of socialism the Indian National Congress had earlier pledged itself to.

In the circumstances, the Congress under Sonia is not the Congress the peoples of Orissa are acquainted with and had supported in the past. Therefore they do not know the evil design Sonia has in stock against the Congress in Orissa.

Ever since emergence of Sonia as the supremo of the National Congress and of Navin Patnaik as Chief Minister of Orissa, the so-called Congress high command has created circumstances for defeat of Congress in the State in the general Elections, so that Navin, blue-eyed boy of USA cover POSCO could continue in power. Whoever watches dispassionately Orissa politics knows, Navin could never have won the last election. But deliberately winning candidates of Congress were denied party tickets at the last moment and in their places persons whom Navin had jettisoned from his party being convinced of their corruption, were planted as Congress candidates. Sonia set the Madhya Pradesh scrap Dig Vijay Singh as the controller of Orissa elections who emitted such signals that the voters understood that no leader of the party in the province enjoys the confidence of the “high-command” and none of them could be looked at as the prospective CM. Consequently it demoralized the contesting candidates so much that the party, which could sure have won, lost most pathetically.

Sonia is employing the same technique this time too. Her sycophants camping at New Delhi craving her “Darshan” are being encouraged to frequently appear before the media to announce that the provincial President shall soon be ousted along with the Leader of Opposition.

Nothing suits Navin more than this in this year of elections.

If Navin wins, who but the masks of America like the POSCO should benefit?

To American lobbyists who control the Congress, stay of Navin in power in Orissa is more desirable than any of Orissa Congress getting the position, as, no person, born and brought up in Orissa, can, sans qualms, handover her natural resources to non-Oriyas and non-Indians as Navin has done and does.

So, the curious reality that the Orissa provincial unit of Congress stands face to face is that the Indian National Congress under Sonia Gandhi is pushing it into defeat in the general elections that are almost at the doorsteps.

Till patriotic Oriyas rise against Navin, this agent of POSCO interest shall remain in power, it seems, as the Congress under Sonia and Singh combine will never allow the Congress to win in Orissa.

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