Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The lady autocrat of the Congress party has “appointed” Sri K.P.Singhdeo as the Chief of Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee.

Reacting to the “appointment” KP (as some call him) has said, he is a soldier of Sonia Gandhi and will work sincerely in any job that she assigns to him.

He had begun his political career by fighting against the “corrupt” Congress in 1967 from Dhenkanal Loksabha Constituency.

But power corrupts the fighters against corruption.

And so, in course of time he joined the Congress and now has been “appointed” by its lady autocrat as her “soldier” (in-chief) in charge of Orissa.

But the lady autocrat is managing the Congress in such a fashion that after “appointing” K.P. as President, she has “appointed” three “working” Presidents. They are Chandra Sekhar Sahu, Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra and Bhakta Charan Das.

These three “working” Presidents, naturally therefore form a “Presidium” with KP. But in the constitution of the Congress there is no provision for such a “Presidium”.

This makes it clear that the Congress will contest the elections with a “Presidium” that its own constitution does not support.

The farce of Congress does not stop here. The lady autocrat has not empowered this “Presidium” to draw up stratagem for the elections. As if she knows that this gang of four that she has now clubbed up in the “Presidium” will have no impact on voters, she has “appointed” Srikant Jena as the “Chairman” of a committee to be formed for electioneering.

Time had given the Congress a great asset in the form of Narasingh Mishra. No body in this party during the entire period it has sat in Opposition to Navin has shown to be more suitable than him for the Chief Ministerial post. But the way the affairs are handled, he has resigned from the post of Deputy Leader of Opposition. And, now, obviously he is in the oblivion.

In democratic line of thinking, people keep in mind the Leader of Opposition to form the next government and prefer his party accordingly. Is Ram Chandra Ulaka “appointed” by the lady autocrat in the post of the Leader of Opposition going to inspire the voters or the “Presidium” appointed by her is going to project Ulaka as the prospective CM?

What the lady autocrat of the Congress is really interested for? We will look at that later.

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