Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Congress, a combine of Sonia sycophants, wants to plunge India into political anarchy.

It has a working committee where members “appointed” by Sonia pose like a democratic body and pass resolutions in the style of a democratically elected authority even though adoption of resolutions without a single note of descent makes it understood that the members put their signatures on dotted lines.

This working committee in its yesterday’s meeting has resolved to keep away from alliances with any other party in the national level whereas in the state level it will ally with any regional or national party that it would feel convenient.

Such stark opportunism will not strengthen democracy, but will in fact weaken it; because, the scenario that would emerge out of it must make compromises with its manifesto in a province on regional consideration and would sure lead to political contradictions.

Similarly, the party with which it will ally in a province must be having its own manifesto. But, alliance with the Congress shall sure usher in interventions.

So the Congress decision is designed to bed with parties having regional support bases by way of situational cohabitation sans commitment and continuity. The regional party, in this case, shall push the Congress candidate from the bottom to the Center but at the central level it shall have no consequential impact. What would be the scenario that then should emerge?

The congress under Sonia is clearly confused and it wants to confuse the country further.

There are many sharp brains in Congress. If they say that they have no ability to understand this, they must be telling the lie. If they have not been able to develop a distinct decision in the working committee, they have clearly not dared to go against the game plan formulated elsewhere even though that helps the factors of political anarchy.

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